IEEE Transactions on "Industry Applications", Volume 40, Issue 3, May-June 2004.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Volume 40, Issue 3, May-June 2004.

Cité dans : [DIV398]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications et IEEE Industry Applications Society - IAS, novembre 2005.

Volume : 40
Issue : 3
Date : May-June 2004

Table of contents
Pages : c1- 709
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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications publication information
Pages : c2- c2
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Advanced SPICE Modeling of Large Power IGBT Modules
Azar, R.; Udrea, F.; DeSilva, M.; Amaratunga, G.; Ng, W.T.; Dawson, F.; Findlay, W.; Waind, P.
Pages : 710- 716
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Application of Bi-State Magnetic Material to Automotive Offset-Coupled IPM Starter/Alternator Machine
EL-Refaie, A.M.; Manzke, R.; Jahns, T.M.
Pages : 717- 725
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An Equivalent Internal Circuit of the Induction Machine for Advanced Spectral Analysis
Henao, H.; Martis, C.; Capolino, G.-A.
Pages : 726- 734
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Fault Classification and Fault Signature Production for Rolling Element Bearings in Electric Machines
Stack, J.R.; Habetler, T.G.; Harley, R.G.
Pages : 735- 739
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Bearing Fault Detection via Autoregressive Stator Current Modeling
Stack, J.R.; Habetler, T.G.; Harley, R.G.
Pages : 740- 747
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Young's Modulus for Laminated Machine Structures With Particular Reference to Switched Reluctance Motor Vibrations
Tang, Z.; Pillay, P.; Omekanda, A.M.; Li, C.; Cetinkaya, C.
Pages : 748- 754
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Design and Modeling of a Slotless and Homopolar Axial-Field Synchronous Machine for a Flywheel Accumulator
Bernard, N.; Ahmed, H.B.; Multon, B.
Pages : 755- 762
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Modeling and Numerical Simulation of a Brushless Permanent-Magnet DC Motor in Dynamic Conditions by Time-Stepping Technique
Jabbar, M.A.; Phyu, H.N.; Liu, Z.; Bi, C.
Pages : 763- 770
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Design and Parameter Effect Analysis of Dual-Rotor, Radial-Flux, Toroidally Wound, Permanent-Magnet Machines
Qu, R.; Lipo, T.A.
Pages : 771- 779
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Design of Pole-Change Single-Phase Induction Motor for Household Appliances
Nam, H.; Jung, S.-K.; Kang, G.-H.; Hong, J.-P.; Jung, T.-U.; Baek, S.-M.
Pages : 780- 788
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High-Efficiency Line-Start Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motors
Kurihara, K.; Rahman, M.A.
Pages : 789- 796
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Analysis of Single-Phase Line-Start Permanent-Magnet Motor Considering Iron Loss and Parameter Variation With Load Angle
Kang, G.-H.; Lee, B.-K.; Nam, H.; Hur, J.; Hong, J.-P.
Pages : 797- 805
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Mechanical Design Considerations for Conventionally Laminated, High-Speed, Interior PM Synchronous Machine Rotors
Lovelace, E.C.; Jahns, T.M.; Keim, T.A.; Lang, J.H.
Pages : 806- 812
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Issues in Reducing the Cogging Torque of Mass-Produced Permanent-Magnet Brushless DC Motor
Islam, M.S.; Mir, S.; Sebastian, T.
Pages : 813- 820
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An Electronic Throttle Control Strategy Including Compensation of Friction and Limp-Home Effects
Deur, J.; Pavkovic, D.; Peric, N.; Jansz, M.; Hrovat, D.
Pages : 821- 834
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (464 KB)]

Dead-Time Issues in Predictive Current Control
Summers, T.J.; Betz, R.E.
Pages : 835- 844
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (656 KB)]

A Novel Output Filter Topology to Reduce Motor Overvoltage
Hanigovszki, N.; Poulsen, J.; Blaabjerg, F.
Pages : 845- 852
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (592 KB)]

Trends in Advanced Motor Protection and Monitoring
Robinson, J.; Whelan, C.D.; Haggerty, N.K.
Pages : 853- 860
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A Controlled PWM AC/DC Converter for a High-Speed Brushless Generator for Minimum kVA Rating
Ochije, K.N.; Pollock, C.
Pages : 861- 868
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Summary of IEEE Standard 1459: Definitions for the Measurement of Electric Power Quantities Under Sinusoidal, Nonsinusoidal, Balanced, or Unbalanced Conditions
Emanuel, A.E.
Pages : 869- 876
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Using a Microprocessor-Based Instrument to Predict the Incident Energy From Arc-Flash Hazards
Baldwin, T.L.; Hittel, M.J.; Saunders, L.F.; Renovich, F., Jr.
Pages : 877- 886
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (448 KB)]

Reliability Block Diagram Simulation Techniques Applied to the IEEE Std. 493 Standard Network
Wang, W.; Loman, J.M.; Arno, R.G.; Vassiliou, P.; Furlong, E.R.; Ogden, D.
Pages : 887- 895
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (712 KB)]

Arc-Fault Protection of Branch Circuits, Cords, and Connected Equipment
Parise, G.; Martirano, L.; Nabours, R.E.
Pages : 896- 899
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Innovative Electrode Designs for Electrohydrodynamic Conduction Pumping
Jeong, S.I.; Seyed-Yagoobi, J.
Pages : 900- 904
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High-Voltage Electrode Position: A Key Factor of Electrostatic Separation Efficiency
Aman, F.; Morar, R.; Kohnlechner, R.; Samuila, A.; Dascalescu, L.
Pages : 905- 910
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (256 KB)]

Multiple-Spark Discharge Occurring Between a Charged Conductive Plate and a Grounded Sphere Electrode
Sugimoto, T.; Yumita, Y.; Higashiyama, Y.
Pages : 911- 916
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (224 KB)]

Control Strategies for Active Power Sharing in a Fuel-Cell-Powered Battery-Charging Station
Jiang, Z.; Dougal, R.A.
Pages : 917- 924
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IEEE Industry Applications Society Information
Pages : c3- c3
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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications information for authors
Pages : c4- c4
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