IEEE Transactions on "Industry Applications", Volume 39, Issue 6, November-December 2003.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Volume 39, Issue 6, November-December 2003.

Cité dans : [DIV398]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications et IEEE Industry Applications Society - IAS, novembre 2005.

Volume : 39
Issue : 6
Date : Nov.-Dec. 2003

On-site safety evaluation for earth fault in mining power systems
Zeng Xiangjun; Li, K.K.; Chan, W.L.; Yin Xianggen
Pages : 1563- 1569
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (412 KB)]

Electrical accidents in the mining industry, 1990-1999
Cawley, J.C.
Pages : 1570- 1577
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (557 KB)]

Bearings for IEEE 841 motors
Bogh, D.; Crowell, J.R.; Stark, D.
Pages : 1578- 1583
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (333 KB)]

How design influences the temperature rise of motors on inverter
Stranges, N.; Dymond, J.H.
Pages : 1584- 1591
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (870 KB)]

Reliability of standby generators in Hong Kong buildings
Du, P.Y.; Burnett, J.; Chan, S.M.
Pages : 1592- 1595
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (266 KB)]

DC distribution for industrial systems: opportunities and challenges
Baran, M.E.; Mahajan, N.R.
Pages : 1596- 1601
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (447 KB)]

Three-dimensional ionic wind and electrohydrodynamics of tuft/point
corona electrostatic precipitator
Yamamoto, T.; Okuda, M.; Okubo, M.
Pages : 1602- 1607
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1306 KB)]

Performance evaluation of nonthermal plasma reactors for NO
oxidation in diesel engine exhaust gas treatment
Yamamoto, T.; Rajanikanth, B.S.; Okubo, M.; Kuroki, T.; Nishino, M.
Pages : 1608- 1613
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (424 KB)]

The effect of ring electrodes attachment to a corona gun on control
of free ion concentration and back corona for improving powder paint
Biris, A.S.; Mazumder, M.K.; Sims, R.A.; Yurteri, C.U.; Farmer, S.;
Snodgrass, J.
Pages : 1614- 1621
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (815 KB)]

A novel neural network controller and its efficient dsp
implementation for vector-controlled induction motor drives
Mohamadian, M.; Nowicki, E.; Ashrafzadeh, F.; Chu, A.; Sachdeva, R.;
Evanik, E.
Pages : 1622- 1629
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (505 KB)]

Initial rotor position estimation method for PM motors
Tursini, M.; Petrella, R.; Parasiliti, F.
Pages : 1630- 1640
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (788 KB)]

Multicell circuit model for high-power thyristor-type semiconductor
Schroder, S.; Detjen, D.; De Doncker, R.W.A.A.
Pages : 1641- 1647
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (513 KB)]

Design of planar integrated passive module for zero-voltage-switched
asymmetrical half-bridge PWM converter
Rengang Chen; Strydom, J.T.; van Wyk, J.D.
Pages : 1648- 1655
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (870 KB)]

A planar multicell structure for advanced integrated reactive power
Lingyin Zhao; Strydom, J.T.; van Wyk, J.D.
Pages : 1656- 1664
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1054 KB)]

Dual-rotor, radial-flux, toroidally wound, permanent-magnet machines
Ronghai Qu; Lipo, T.A.
Pages : 1665- 1673
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (793 KB)]

Analysis of the effect of inter-bar currents on the performance of
polyphase cage-induction motors
Carlson, R.; da Silva, C.A.; Sadowski, N.; Lefevre, Y.;
Lajoie-Mazenc, M.
Pages : 1674- 1680
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (769 KB)]

Modeling of a linear pm machine including magnetic saturation and
end effects: maximum force-to-current ratio
Polinder, H.; Slootweg, J.G.; Hoeijmakers, M.J.; Compter, J.C.
Pages : 1681- 1688
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (627 KB)]

Torque-ripple minimization in modular permanent-magnet brushless
Atallah, K.; Jiabin Wang; Howe, D.
Pages : 1689- 1695
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (568 KB)]

Comparative study of 3-D flux electrical machines with soft magnetic
composite cores
YouGuang Guo; Jian Guo Zhu; Watterson, P.A.; Wei Wu
Pages : 1696- 1703
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (636 KB)]

Consequent-pole permanent-magnet machine with extended
field-weakening capability
Tapia, J.A.; Leonardi, F.; Lipo, T.A.
Pages : 1704- 1709
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (630 KB)]

An integrated flywheel energy storage system with homopolar inductor
motor/generator and high-frequency drive
Tsao, P.; Senesky, M.; Sanders, S.R.
Pages : 1710- 1725
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1396 KB)]

Sensorless control of interior permanent-magnet machine drives with
zero-phase lag position estimation
Hyunbae Kim; Harke, M.C.; Lorenz, R.D.
Pages : 1726- 1733
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (499 KB)]

A novel microcontroller-based sensorless brushless DC (BLDC) motor
drive for automotive fuel pumps
Jianwen Shao; Nolan, D.; Teissier, M.; Swanson, D.
Pages : 1734- 1740
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (761 KB)]

Extended kalman filter tuning in sensorless PMSM drives
Bolognani, S.; Tubiana, L.; Zigliotto, M.
Pages : 1741- 1747
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (613 KB)]

A novel direct torque control for interior permanent-magnet
synchronous machine drive with low ripple in torque and flux-a
speed-sensorless approach
Lixin Tang; Limin Zhong; Rahman, M.F.; Yuwen Hu
Pages : 1748- 1756
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (889 KB)]

An advanced low-cost sensorless induction motor drive
Guzinski, J.; Abu-Rub, H.; Toliyat, H.A.
Pages : 1757- 1764
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (604 KB)]

Engine torque ripple cancellation with an integrated starter
alternator in a hybrid electric vehicle: implementation and control
Davis, R.I.; Lorenz, R.D.
Pages : 1765- 1774
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (659 KB)]

A new soft-switching technique for buck, boost, and buck~boost converters
Yingqi Zhang; Sen, P.C.
Pages : 1775- 1782
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (496 KB)]

Design of resonant circuit for zero-current-transition techniques in 100-kW PEBB applications
Solero, L.; Boroyevich, D.; Li, Y.P.; Lee, F.C.
Pages : 1783- 1794
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1779 KB)]

Isolated interleaved-phase-shift-PWM DC-DC ZVS converter
Baggio, J.E.; Hey, H.L.; Grundling, H.A.; Pinheiro, H.; Pinheiro,
Pages : 1795- 1802
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1042 KB)]

Synergetic control for DC-DC boost converter: implementation options
Santi, E.; Monti, A.; Donghong Li; Proddutur, K.; Dougal, R.A.
Pages : 1803- 1813
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (567 KB)]

Digital control of an integrated series active filter and diode rectifier with voltage regulation
le Roux, A.D.; du T. Mouton, H.; Akagi, H.
Pages : 1814- 1820
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (436 KB)]

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