IEEE Transactions on "Industry Applications", Volume 39, Issue 5, September-October 2003.
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Titre : IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Volume 39, Issue 5, September-October 2003.

Cité dans : [DIV398]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications et IEEE Industry Applications Society - IAS, novembre 2005.

Volume : 39
Issue : 5
Date : Sept.-Oct. 2003

Void-induced thermal impedance in power semiconductor modules: Some
transient temperature effects
Katsis, D.C.; van Wyk, J.D.
Pages : 1239- 1246
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1153 KB)]

A new experimental application of least-squares techniques for the
estimation of the induction motor parameters
Cirrincione, M.; Pucci, M.; Cirrincione, G.; Capolino, G.-A.
Pages : 1247- 1256
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (836 KB)]

A novel method for measuring induction machine magnetizing
Stankovic, A.V.; Benedict, E.L.; John, V.; Lipo, T.A.
Pages : 1257- 1263
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (429 KB)]

Evaluation of saturation and cross-magnetization effects in interior
permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Stumberger, B.; Stumberger, G.; Dolinar, D.; Hamler, A.; Trlep, M.
Pages : 1264- 1271
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (664 KB)]

A frequency-domain detection of stator winding faults in induction
machines using an external flux sensor
Henao, H.; Demian, C.; Capolino, G.-A.
Pages : 1272- 1279
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (576 KB)]

A vector control scheme for a PM linear synchronous motor in
extended region
Bon-Gwan Gu; Kwanghee Nam
Pages : 1280- 1286
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (715 KB)]

A 4-kW 42-V induction-machine-based automotive power generation
system with a diode bridge rectifier and a PWM inverter
Naidu, M.; Walters, J.
Pages : 1287- 1293
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (503 KB)]

Circuit model for shaft voltage prediction in induction motors fed
by PWM-based AC drives
Naik, R.; Nondahl, T.A.; Melfi, M.J.; Schiferl, R.; Jian-She Wang
Pages : 1294- 1299
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (464 KB)]

Revolving-field polygon technique for performance prediction of
single-phase induction motors
Rasmussen, C.B.; Miller, T.J.E.
Pages : 1300- 1306
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (446 KB)]

Analysis of a synchronous reluctance machine with an auxiliary
single-phase winding
Olorunfemi Ojo; Gan Dong; Omoigui, M.O.
Pages : 1307- 1313
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (767 KB)]

BLDC motor stator and rotor iron losses and thermal behavior based
on lumped schemes and 3-D FEM analysis
Cassat, A.; Espanet, C.; Wavre, N.
Pages : 1314- 1322
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1131 KB)]

A remote and sensorless thermal protection scheme for small
line-connected AC machines
Sang-Bin Lee; Habetler, T.G.
Pages : 1323- 1332
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (615 KB)]

AC motor drive systems with a reduced-switch-count converter
Brandao Jacobina, C.; de Rossiter Correa, M.B.; Nogueira Lima, A.M.;
Cabral da Silva, E.R.
Pages : 1333- 1342
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (725 KB)]

Four-quadrant and zero-speed sensorless control of a switched
reluctance motor
Hossain, S.A.; Husain, I.; Klode, H.; Lequesne, B.; Omekanda, A.M.;
Gopalakrishnan, S.
Pages : 1343- 1349
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (506 KB)]

Position control of linear switched reluctance motors for
high-precision applications
Wai-Chuen Gan; Cheung, N.C.; Li Qiu
Pages : 1350- 1362
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1254 KB)]

Control and operation of a new 8/6-pole doubly salient
permanent-magnet motor drive
Ming Cheng; Chau, K.T.; Chan, C.C.; Qiang Sun
Pages : 1363- 1371
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (831 KB)]

Flux position estimation in cage induction machines using
synchronous HF injection and Kalman filtering
Caruana, C.; Asher, G.M.; Bradley, K.J.; Woolfson, M.
Pages : 1372- 1378
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (480 KB)]

Control of multiple single-phase PFC modules with a single low-cost
Sangsun Kim; Enjeti, P.N.
Pages : 1379- 1385
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (604 KB)]

Reduced common-mode modulation strategies for cascaded multilevel
Poh Chiang Loh; Holmes, D.G.; Fukuta, Y.; Lipo, T.A.
Pages : 1386- 1395
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1115 KB)]

Comparative investigation of PWM techniques for a new drive for
electric vehicles
Trzynadlowski, A.M.; Zhiqiang Wang; Nagashima, J.M.; Stancu, C.;
Zelechowski, M.H.
Pages : 1396- 1403
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (875 KB)]

A passivity-based multilevel active rectifier with adaptive
compensation for traction applications
Cecati, C.; Dell'Aquila, A.; Liserre, M.; Giuseppe Monopoli, V.
Pages : 1404- 1413
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (877 KB)]

Three-phase active harmonic rectifier (AHR) to improve utility input
current THD in telecommunication power distribution system
Sangsun Kim; Todorovic, M.H.; Enjeti, P.N.
Pages : 1414- 1421
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (661 KB)]

Compensation method for tension disturbance due to an unknown roll
shape in a web transport system
Kee-Hyun Shin; Jeung-In Jang; Hyun-Kyoo Kang; Seung-Ho Song
Pages : 1422- 1428
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (636 KB)]

Blower drive system based on synchronous motor with solid
salient-pole rotor: Performance under starting and voltage sag
Silva, S.M.; Cardoso, B.J.; Cardoso, M.M.G.; Rocha Braga, M.
Pages : 1429- 1435
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (632 KB)]

Transient stability study of the large synchronous motors starting
and operating for the isolated integrated steel-making facility
Hsu, C.-T.
Pages : 1436- 1441
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (318 KB)]

Magnetohydrodynamic stability in pulse electromagnetic casting
Fujisaki, K.
Pages : 1442- 1447
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1307 KB)]

Magnetic damping of steel sheet
Gerber, H.L.
Pages : 1448- 1453
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (371 KB)]

Rail defect diagnosis using wavelet packet decomposition
Toliyat, H.A.; Abbaszadeh, K.; Rahimian, M.M.; Olson, L.E.
Pages : 1454- 1461
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (924 KB)]

Analysis for arctic valve heat tracing requirements
Chet Sandberg; King, R.M.; Nguyen, H.; Foster, M.R.
Pages : 1462- 1466
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (527 KB)]

Motor primer. III
Donner, G.; Oakes, B.K.; Evon, S.T.
Pages : 1467- 1474
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (762 KB)]

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Industry Applications, IEEE Transactions on
Volume: 39, Issue: 5, Year: Sept.-Oct. 2003
Grounding practices - A system-wide systematic approach
Kosc, D.; Hamer, P.S.
Pages : 1475- 1485
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (633 KB)]

Cogeneration system design for a high-tech science-based industrial
Cheng-Ting Hsu
Pages : 1486- 1492
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (439 KB)]

Reliability modeling of distributed generation in conventional
distribution systems planning and analysis
Chowdhury, A.A.; Agarwal, S.K.; Koval, D.O.
Pages : 1493- 1498
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (287 KB)]

Feasibility of a DC network for commercial facilities
Sannino, A.; Postiglione, G.; Bollen, M.H.J.
Pages : 1499- 1507
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (757 KB)]

A 4H-SiC high-power-density VJFET as controlled current limiter
Tournier, D.; Godignon, P.; Montserrat, J.; Planson, D.; Raynaud,
C.; Chante, J.P.; de Palma, J.-F.; Sarrus, F.
Pages : 1508- 1513
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1020 KB)]

Dielectrophoretic filter for separation and recovery of biological
cells in water
Suehiro, J.; Guangbin Zhou; Imamura, M.; Hara, M.
Pages : 1514- 1521
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (701 KB)]

Simultaneous measurement of particle size and electrostatic charge
distribution in DC electric field using phase doppler anemometry
Kulon, J.; Malyan, B.E.; Balachandran, W.
Pages : 1522- 1528
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (758 KB)]

Adaptive-critic-based optimal neurocontrol for synchronous
generators in a power system using MLP/RBF neural networks
Jung-Wook Park; Harley, R.G.; Venayagamoorthy, G.K.
Pages : 1529- 1540
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (759 KB)]

Design of H-bridge multilevel active rectifier for traction systems
Cecati, C.; Dell'Aquila, A.; Liserre, M.; Giuseppe Monopoli, V.
Pages : 1541- 1550
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (1890 KB)]

Parametric CMAC networks: Fundamentals and applications of a fast
convergence neural structure
Almeida, P.E.M.; Simoes, M.G.
Pages : 1551- 1557
Lien : vide.pdf [PDF Full-Text (432 KB)]

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