IEEE "Transactions on Power Electronics", Volume 14, Issue 3, May 1999.
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Revue : [REVUE401]

Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 14, Issue 3, May 1999.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 14
Issue : 3
Date : May 1999

An analysis of three-phase low-harmonic rectifiers applying the third-harmonic current injection
Pejovic, P.; Janda, Z.
Page(s): 397-407
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (256)]

Design of integrated magnetic elements using thick-film technology
Lopera, J.M.; Prieto, M.J.; Pernia, A.M.; Nuno, F.; De Graaf,
M.J.M.; Waanders, J.W.; Barcia, L.A.
Page(s): 408-414
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (244)]

Analytical and experimental approach to high-frequency transformer simulation
Dallago, E.; Venchi, G.
Page(s): 415-421
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (148)]

Coreless printed circuit board (PCB) transformers for power MOSFET/IGBT gate drive circuits
Hui, S.Y.; Henry Shu-Hung Chung; Tang, S.C.
Page(s): 422-430
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (248)]

Coreless printed circuit board (PCB) transformers with multiple secondary windings for complementary gate drive circuits
Tang, S.C.; Hui, S.Y.; Henry Shu-Hung Chung
Page(s): 431-437
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (188)]

Monitoring of paralleled IGBT/diode modules
Hofer-Noser, P.; Karrer, N.
Page(s): 438-444
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (236)]

A buck quadratic PWM soft-switching converter using a single active switch
dos Reis Barbosa, L.; Vieira, J.B., Jr.; de Freitas, L.C.; da Silva
Vilela, M.; Farias, V.J.
Page(s): 445-453
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (344)]

Analysis of a new high-efficiency DC-to-AC inverter
Edelmoser, K.H.; Himmelstoss, F.A.
Page(s): 454-460
Lien : private/EDELMOSER1.pdf - 7 pages, 147 Ko.

  [1] :  [ART400]  K.H. Edelmoser, F.A. Himmelstoss, Analysis of a new high-efficiency DC-to-AC inverter, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 14, No. 3, May 1999, pp. 454-460.

Charge pump power-factor-correction dimming electronic ballast
Jinrong Qian; Lee, F.C.; Yamauchi, T.
Page(s): 461-468
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (184)]

Steady-state analysis of the series resonant DC-DC converter in conjunction with loosely coupled transformer-above resonance operation
Hai-Jiang Jiang; Maggetto, G.; Lataire, P.
Page(s): 469-480
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (300)]

Efficient simulation of switched networks using reduced unification matrix
Huang-Jin Wu; Wu-Shiung Feng
Page(s): 481-494
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (248)]

A high-performance ZVS full-bridge DC-DC 0-50-V/0-10-A power supply with phase-shift control
Brunoro, M.; Vieira, J.L.F.
Page(s): 495-505
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (400)]

Optimal operation of coreless PCB transformer-isolated gate drive circuits with wide switching frequency range
Hui, S.Y.; Tang, S.C.; Henry Shu-Hung Chung
Page(s): 506-514
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (248)]

An RC load model of parallel and series-parallel resonant DC-DC converters with capacitive output filter
Ivensky, G.; Kats, A.; Ben-Yaakov, S.
Page(s): 515-521
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (232)]

Design and implementation of an FPGA-based control IC for AC-voltage regulation
Shih-Liang Jung; Meng-Yueh Chang; Jin-Yi Jyang; Li-Chia Yeh; Ying-Yu Tzou
Pages : 522-532
Lien : private/JUNG1.pdf - 254 Ko, 11 pages.

  [1] :  [ART410]  S.-L. Jung, M.-Y. Chang, J.-Y. Jyang, L.-C. Yeh, Y.-Y. Tzou ,Design and implementation of an FPGA-based control IC for AC-voltage regulation, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 14, No. 3, May 1999, pp. 522-532.

Analysis of the self-oscillating series resonant inverter for electronic ballasts
Chin Chang; Chang, J.; Bruning, G.W.
Page(s): 533-540
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (212)]

A sliding mode current control scheme for PWM brushless DC motor drives
Jessen Chen; Pei-Chong Tang
Page(s): 541-551
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (232)]

Experimental comparison of motor bearing currents with PWM hard and soft-switched voltage-source inverters
Bhattacharya, S.; Resta, L.; Divan, D.M.; Novotny, D.W.
Page(s): 552-562
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (336)]

Improved digital current control methods in switched reluctance motor drives
Blaabjerg, F.; Kjaer, P.C.; Rasmussen, P.O.; Cossar, C.
Page(s): 563-572
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (212)]

Improved large-signal performance of paralleled DC-DC converters current sharing
Tomescu, B.; Vanlandingham, H.F.
Page(s): 573-577
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (112)]

A methodology for true comparison of analytical and measured frequency domain spectra in random PWM converters
Bech, M.M.; Pedersen, J.K.; Blaabjerg, F.; Trzynadlowski, A.M.
Page(s): 578-586
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (192)]

Three-phase series VAr compensation based on a voltage-controlled current source inverter with supplemental modulation index control
Joos, G.; Espinoza, J.R.
Page(s): 587-598
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (292)]

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