IEEE Transactions on "Power Electronics", Volume 18, Issue 1, January 2003.
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Revue : [REVUE395]

Titre : IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 18, Issue 1, January 2003.

Cité dans : [DIV367]  Les revues IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, août 2013.

Volume : 18
Issue : 1
Date : Jan 2003

van Wyk, J.D.
Page(s): 1- 1
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (176)]

Small-signal modeling and control of ZVT-PWM boost converters
Jong-Lick Lin; Chin-Hua Chang
Page(s): 2- 10
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1296)]

Input-output linearization and zero-dynamics control of three-phase AC/DC voltage-source converters
Tzann-Shin Lee
Page(s): 11- 22
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (673)]

Why is fast recovery diode plasma-engineering with ion-irradiation superior to that with emitter efficiency reduction?
Humbel, O.; Galster, N.; Dalibor, T.; Wikstrom, T.; Bauer, F.D.; Fichtner, W.
Page(s): 23- 29
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (620)]

Analysis of the snubberless operation of the emitter turn-off thyristor (ETO)
Yuxin Li; Huang, A.Q.; Motto, K.
Page(s): 30- 37
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (534)]

A structural approach to synthesizing soft switching PWM converters
Tsai-Fu Wu; Shih-An Liang; Yu-Kai Chen
Page(s): 38- 43
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (508)]

An improved CCM single-stage PFC converter with a low frequency auxiliary switch
Jindong Zhang; Lee, F.C.; Jovanovic, M.M.
Page(s): 44- 50
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (675)]

Steady-state analysis of hard and soft switching DC-to-DC regulators
Femia, N.; Spagnuolo, G.; Vitelli, M.
Page(s): 51- 64
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (989)]

High-efficiency, high step-up DC-DC converters
Qun Zhao; Lee, F.C.
Page(s): 65- 73
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (696)]

Multiphase coupled-buck converter-a novel high efficient 12 V voltage regulator module
Peng Xu; Jia Wei; Lee, F.C.
Page(s): 74- 82
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1128)]

Asymmetrical operation of dual channel resonant Dc-DC converters
Hamar, J.; Nagy, I.
Page(s): 83- 94
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1289)]

New zero-current-transition PWM DC/DC converters without current stress
Dong-Yun Lee; Min-Kwang Lee; Dong-Seok Hyun; Ick Choy
Page(s): 95- 104
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (750)]

Positive output super-lift converters
Fang Lin Luo; Hong Ye
Page(s): 105- 113
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (983)]

A predictive switching modulator for current mode control of high power factor boost rectifier
Chattopadhyay, S.; Ramanarayanan, V.; Jayashankar, V.
Page(s): 114- 123
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (804)]

Controlling multiple motors utilizing a single DSP controller
Shireen, W.; Arefeen, M.S.; Figoli, D.
Page(s): 124- 130
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (488)]

Investigation of influences of various losses on electromagnetic torque for surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors
Urasaki, N.; Senjyu, T.; Uezato, K.
Page(s): 131- 139
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (643)]

Effects of parasitics on the control of voltage source inverters
Kerkman, R.J.; Leggate, D.; Schlegel, D.W.; Winterhalter, C.
Page(s): 140- 150
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1650)]

Theoretical and experimental comparison of indirect field-oriented controllers for induction motors
Peresada, S.; Tilli, A.; Tonielli, A.
Page(s): 151- 163
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1007)]

On the feasibility of four-switch three-phase BLDC motor drives for low cost commercial applications: topology and control
Byoung-Kuk Lee; Tae-Hyung Kim; Ehsani, M.
Page(s): 164- 172
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (860)]

Parallel-connected five-level PWM inverters
Mori, H.; Matsui, K.; Kondo, K.; Yamamoto, I.; Hasegawa, M.
Page(s): 173- 179
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (694)]

An improved carrier-based SVPWM method using leg voltage redundancies in generalized cascaded multilevel inverter topology
Dae-Wook Kang; Yo-Han Lee; Bum-Seok Suh; Chang-Ho Choi; Dong-Seok Hyun
Page(s): 180- 187
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (590)]

Implementation of programmed modulated carrier HCC based on analytical solution for uniform switching of voltage source inverters
Rahman, K.M.; Khan, M.R.; Choudhury, M.A.
Page(s): 188- 197
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (886)]

Natural balancing of series-stacked power quality conditioners
du T. Mouton, H.; Enslin, J.H.R.; Akagi, H.
Page(s): 198- 207
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (744)]

Cylindrical coordinate control of three-dimensional PWM technique in three-phase four-wired trilevel inverter
Man-Chung Wong; Jing Tang; Ying-Duo Han
Page(s): 208- 220
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1313)]

Pulsed power generation by means of transmission lines
Shmilovitz, D.; Singer, S.
Page(s): 221- 230
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (873)]

Physically based models of high power semiconductors including transient thermal behavior
Schroder, S.; De Doncker, R.W.
Page(s): 231- 235
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (369)]

Volumetric limits of planar integrated resonant transformers: a 1 MHz case study
Strydom, J.T.; van Wyk, J.D.
Page(s): 236- 247
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (2113)]

Quasi-active power factor correction with a variable inductive filter: theory, design and practice
Wolfle, W.H.; Hurley, W.G.
Page(s): 248- 255
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (621)]

Modeling and analysis of wound integrated LCT structure for single stage resonant PFC rectifier
Laouamri, K.; Ferrieux, J.; Catellani, S.; Barbaroux, J.
Page(s): 256- 269
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (1513)]

Combined PWM and PFM control for universal line voltage of a piezoelectric transformer off-line converter
Hamamura, S.; Ninomiya, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Katsuno, M.
Page(s): 270- 277
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (679)]

Performance of a self-commutated BTB HVDC link system under a single-line-to-ground fault condition
Hagiwara, M.; Fujita, H.; Akagi, H.
Page(s): 278- 285
[Abstract] [PDF Full-Text (537)]

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