PCIM Europe, "Power Electronics - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems", no 05/2002.
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Titre : PCIM Europe, Power Electronics - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems, no 05/2002.

Cité dans : [DIV039]  Liste de revues diverses en électronique, avril 2016.
Auteur : Cahners Europe, http://www.cahnerseurope.com
Site : http://www.pcim-info.com
Date : May 2002
Stockage : Bibliothèque LMP

Vers : New Products
Vers : PCIM 2002

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Viewpoint 2
Viewpoint 2



Fairchild sells aerospace discrete product line to IR 4
Nat Semi revenues up 4
Aistom awards £1.5 million contract to Dynex 4
Alcatel chose ON 4

New Products


A selection of products at the show 49 -58

PCIM 2002


PCIM EUROPE 2002 Conference and show
Introduction to the show 6
Exhibitors list 8
Seminar programme 12
How to travel to PCIM Europe 2002 14
Technical advisory boards for the event 16
Toshiba industry perspective 18
Fairchild industry perspective 19
International Rectifier perspective 20



Environmentally Friendly Production of Semiconductors.
Plasma EPOS stands for Etched and Protected On Slice. The quality of the chips can be checked before assembly. Higher yield, less waste and lower costs are the result of less processes. 26
Next generation thermal management solutions for the telecom market 30
Higher power is the playground of modules.
Advanced semiconductors packaged in optimised mounting technology allows more efficient modules in power supply and drives applications. 36
Fast mounting systems of Low Power IGBT Modules.
Power Integrated modules allow an optimum inverter design with reduced space demand. Following these advantages, there are different possibilities for mounting such baseplateless power modules. 40
Integrated solution for induction motor control.
We look at a fuzzy-logic based controller. 44

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