PCIM Europe, "Power Electronics - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems", no 03/2002.
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Titre : PCIM Europe, Power Electronics - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems, no 03/2002.

Cité dans : [DIV039]  Liste de revues diverses en électronique, avril 2016.
Auteur : Cahners Europe, http://www.cahnerseurope.com
Date : March 2002
Stockage : Bibliothèque LMP

Vers : New Products

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Viewpoint 2



Powec prop foc infineon's financials 5
ON Semi's ordeer book starts to put on weight 5
All systems go for the inaugural PCIM China event Shanghai 6

New Products


A selection of the latest products and systems to be launched 42



Ericsson's green machine. Making the right design decisions for high efficiency DC-DC power modules 36

What is electric power?
We look at some answers 8

Ideal switching is the designers'dream
The improvement in semiconductors combined with better packaging, improved magnetics and mounting technology leads the way to more efficient power supplies 12

Synchronous buck converter simplifies power management
In today's low voltage FPGA, microprocessor and DSP applications as weil as for high density notebook PCs and networking and optical communications systems 16

Keeping the chips cool
We look at how the thermal resistance of power semiconductor modules can be
improved by replacing conventional copper baseplates with micro-channelled air or water-cooled copper plate with the same dimensions 27

1700V IGBT 3 modules for higher converter efficiency.
How the IGBT 3 generation makes the most of Trench technology 32

Product feature


New packaging design claims to be the world's first to offer in a surface mount, SO-8 footprint efficient top-side cooling 41

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