Elsevier Science, "Microelectronics Reliability", Volume 41, Issue 11, Pages 1737-1913, November 2001.
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Titre : Elsevier Science, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 41, Issue 11, Pages 1737-1913, November 2001.

Cité dans : [DATA197] Les revues Microelectronics Reliability et Microelectronics Journal, ELSEVIER, décembre 2004.
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Auteur : Elsevier Science

Volume : 41
Issue : 11
Pages : 1737 - 1913
Date : November 2001

[1] : , Page 1737
Markus P. J. Mergens
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[2] : Novel fully silicided ballasting and MFT design techniques for ESD protection in advanced deep sub-micron CMOS technologies, Pages 1739-1749
Koen G. Verhaege and Christian C. Russ
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[3] : Layout and bias options for maximizing Vt1 in cascoded NMOS output buffers, Pages 1751-1760
James W. Miller, Michael G. Khazhinsky and James C. Weldon
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[4] : Advanced 2D/3D ESD device simulation ¯ a powerful tool already used in a pre-Si phase, Pages 1761-1770
K. Esmark, W. Stadler, M. Wendel, H. Goßner, X. Guggenmos and W. Fichtner
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[5] : Breakdown and latent damage of ultra-thin gate oxides under ESD stress conditions, Pages 1771-1779
J. Wu, P. Juliano and E. Rosenbaum
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[6] : Electrothermal model for simulation of bulk-Si and SOI diodes in ESD protection circuits, Pages 1781-1787
Yu Wang, Patrick Juliano, Sopan Joshi and Elyse Rosenbaum
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[7] : The importance of standardizing CDM ESD test head parameters to obtain data correlation, Pages 1789-1800
Leo G. Henry, Mark A. Kelly, Tom Diep and Jon Barth
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[8] : Tools for contactless testing and simulation of CMOS circuits, Pages 1801-1808
F. Stellari, F. Zappa, S. Cova and L. Vendrame
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[9] : Electrical degradation and recovery of dielectrics in n++-poly-Si/SiOx/SiO2/p-sub structures designed for application in low-voltage non-volatile memories, Pages 1809-1813
Fernanda Irrera
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[10] : Effects of thermomechanical cycling on lead and lead-free (SnPb and SnAgCu) surface mount solder joints, Pages 1815-1822
F. A. Stam and E. Davitt
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[11] : An assessment of the value of added screening of electronic components for commercial aerospace applications, Pages 1823-1828
Kendall D. Hester, Matthew P. Koehler, Hanna Kanciak-Chwialkowski and Brian H. Jones
Lien : vide.pdf -

[12] : Lead-free plastic area array BGAs and polymer stud grid arraysTM package reliability, Pages 1829-1839
Dominique Wojciechowski, Moses Chan and Fabrizio Martone
Lien : private/Wojciechowski.pdf - 838 Ko, 11 page

  [1] :  [PAP462]  D. Wojciechowski, Moses Chan, Fabrizio Martone, Lead-free plastic area array BGAs and polymer stud grid arraysTM package reliability, Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 41, Issue 11, November 2001, pp. 1829-1839.

[13] : Influence of device geometry on SOI single-hole transistor characteristics, Pages 1841-1846
X. Tang, X. Baie, J. P. Colinge, P. Loumaye, C. Renaux and V. Bayot
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[14] : The development of poled polyimide dielectric layers for simultaneous testing and light guiding applications in MCM-Ds, Pages 1847-1855
D. M. Mechtel, H. K. Charles Jr. and A. S. Francomacaro
Lien : vide.pdf -

[15] : Distributed control based on distributed electronic circuits: application to vibration control, Pages 1857-1866
Mahamane Kader, Michel Lenczner and Zeljko Mrcarica
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[16] : Study of the self-alignment of no-flow underfill for micro-BGA assembly, Pages : 1867-1875
Y. C. Chan, P. L. Tu and K. C. Hung
Lien : vide.pdf -

[17] : A method of thermal testing of microsystems, Pages 1877-1887
Piotr Bratek and Andrzej Kos
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[18] : Impact of interface nature on deep sub-micron Al-plug resistance, Pages 1889-1896
Bing-Yue Tsui, Tsung-Ju Yang and Tzu-Kun Ku
Lien : vide.pdf -

[19] : On the InGaP/InxGa1-xAs pseudomorphic high electron-mobility transistors for high-temperature operations, Pages 1897-1902
Kun-Wei Lin, Kuo-Hui Yu, Wen-Lung Chang, Chih-Kai Wang, Wen-Huei Chiou and Wen-Chau Liu
Lien : vide.pdf -

[20] : Effect of SiO2/Si interface roughness on gate current, Pages 1903-1907
Ling-Feng Mao, Yao Yang, Jian-Lin Wei, Heqiu Zhang, Ming-Zhen Xu and Chang-Hua Tan
Lien : vide.pdf -

[21] : A new lifetime prediction method for hot-carrier degradation in n-MOSFETs with ultrathin gate oxides under Vg=Vd, Pages 1909-1913
Fuchen Mu, Mingzhen Xu, Changhua Tan and Xiaorong Duan
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