PCIM Europe, "Power Electronic - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems", no 1-2/2001.
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Titre : PCIM Europe, Power Electronic - Components - Technology - Applications - Systems, no 1-2/2001.

Cité dans : [DIV039]  Liste de revues diverses en électronique, avril 2016.
Auteur : Cahners Europe, http://www.cahnerseurope.com
Date : january-february 2000
Stockage : Bibliothèque LMP

Vers : New Products
Vers : Power points
Vers : Insight

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Comment :
Happy New Year and welcome to the new look PCIM Europe 2



Fairchild buys Intersil's discrete power business 4
International Rectifier moves into analogue 4
Infineon and Toshiba get together on non volatile memory technology 6
Vicor puts design system onto the Web 6
C and D Technologies buys Newport Components 8
Phycomp get ready for a busy 2001 8
New HO for Infineon 8
Infra-red breakthrough for Agilent 8
Free 'phone US disty 10
Siliconix slashes on resistance 10
PFC solution meets Euro standards 11
Nat Semi revenues up but future bookings are down 12

New Products


What's new on the market. A digest of the latest products available. 44-46

Power points


Technology trends for 2001. Alfred Borsig and Zacharie Parker of Toshiba Electronics give us their points of view. 10



Gerd E Zieroth, President of PCIM Exhibition and Conference organisers, ZM Communications, explains his power perspective for 2001. 14



Adding a design dimension How
Niobium capacitors will create design opportunities on performance that will need less space. 16

IGBTs for the next decade's motor drive systems
Technology levels that will be needed to achieve future design parameters. 20

Reliability of LoPak with SPT IGBTs
SPT IGBT's offer more actual usable current per rated amp enabling designers to make smaller and more cost effective equipment. 24

Packaging points the way to systems improvements
PCIM Europe's consultant technology editor, Bodo Arlt, gives us his view on how packaging
and mounting technology is providing the way forward to more efficient power supply systems. 30

Controlling the cost on power supply design
A careful choice of switching device is required to avoid the final total cost of the power supply rising significantly. 36

Hexfet reaches new junction temperature limit
Some like it hot but not all, especially when it comes to automotive applications. We look at the World's first "plastic" packaged power MOSFET from International Rectifier to operate at a junction temperature of 200°C. 41

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