Elsevier Science, "Microelectronics Reliability", Vol. 40, Issue 6, pp. 897-1067, June 2000.
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Titre : Elsevier Science, Microelectronics Reliability, Vol. 40, Issue 6, pp. 897-1067, June 2000.

Cité dans : [DATA197] Les revues Microelectronics Reliability et Microelectronics Journal, ELSEVIER, décembre 2004.

[1] : Current reliability issues and future technologies for systems on silicon processes, circuits, chip architecture, and design, Pages 897-908
Eiji Takeda, Takao Watanabe, Shinichiro Kimura, Jiro Yugami, Keiichi Haraguchi, Kei Suzuki and Katsuro Sasaki
Lien : private/Takeda.pdf - 12 pages, 1898 Ko.

[2] : Dealing with hot-carrier aging in nMOS and DMOS, models, simulations and characterizations, Pages 909-917
A. J. Mouthaan, C. Salm, M. M. Lunenborg, M. A. R. C de Wolf and F. G. Kuper

[3] : Mechanisms of noise sources in microelectromechanical systems, Pages 919-932
Zoran Djuri[Image]

[4] : Electrical stress and plasma-induced traps in SiO2, Pages 933-940
A. Paskaleva and E. Atanassova

[5] : Validation of bulk-charge effect parameter extraction in MOSFETs, Pages 941-945
F. J. García Sánchez, A. Ortiz-Conde, J. A. Salcedo, J. Muci, M. Estrada, A. Cerdeira, J. J. Liou and Y. Yue

[6] : High performance a-Si:H thin film transistors based on aluminum gate metallization, Pages 947-953
A. Nathan, R. V. R. Murthy, B. Park and S. G. Chamberlain

[7] : Second-layer polysilicon structures for gate end-around leakage-current compensation in bulk CMOS ICs, Pages 955-963
Douglas J. Fouts, Gary R. McKerrow, Gary K. Lum, Sidney S. Noe and Andrew S. Lambley

[8] : New challenges to the modelling and electrical characterisation of ohmic contacts for ULSI devices, Pages 965-971
A. S. Holland and G. K. Reeves

[9] : Characterization of high-density current stressed IGBTs and simulation with an adapted SPICE sub-circuit, Pages 973-979
A. Maouad, A. Hoffmann, A. Khoury and J. -P. Charles

[10] : The evolution of the resistance of aluminum interconnects during electromigration, Pages 981-990
Jonathan C. Doan, John C. Bravman, Paul A. Flinn and Thomas N. Marieb

[11] : Modeling early failure in integrated circuit interconnect, Pages 991-996
Daniel Tekleab, K. F. Poole, R. Singh, D. L. Carroll and W. R. Harrell

[12] : Backside probing of flip¯chip circuits using electrostatic force sampling, Pages 997-1003
R. Qi, D. J. Thomson and G. E. Bridges

[13] : Properties of laser cut LTCC heaters, Pages 1005-1010
Jaroslaw Kita, Andrzej Dziedzic, Leszek J. Golonka and Andrzej Bochenek

[14] : Module allocation for on-line testing, Pages 1011-1021
A. A. Ismaeel, R. Mathew and R. Bhatnagar

[15] : Computationally efficient large-change statistical analysis of linear electronic circuits, Pages 1023-1038
T. Ili, V. B. Litovski, I. V. Litovski and S. Stojiljkovi

[16] : A new method of studying on the dynamic parameters of bulk traps in thin SiO2 layer of MOS structures, Pages 1039-1043
Xie Bing, He Yandong, Xu Mingzhen and Tan Changhua

[17] : An efficient approach to the measurement and characterization of MOSFET capacitances, Pages 1045-1049
M. Sadowski and D. Tomaszewski

[18] : Predictive densities for the lognormal distribution and their applications, Pages 1051-1059
Zhenlin Yang

[19] : Comments on "Reliability and component importance of a consecutive-k-out-of-n system" by Zuo, Pages 1061-1063
Frank K. Hwang, Lirong Cui, Jen-Chun Chang and Wen-Dar Lin

[20] : Design-for-test for Digital ICs and Embedded Core Systems; Alfred L. Crouch. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 07458,
hardcover, p. 349, CD ROM included, ISBN: 0-13-084827-1, $80,50., Page 1065
M. Stojcev

[21] : Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals; 2 ed.; Morris Mans, Charles Kime. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ, 07458,
2000, paperbound, p. 652, CD ROMs included, ISBN: 0-13-016176-4, $48.99., Pages 1065-1066
M. Stojcev

[22] : High Performance Cluster Computing vol. I & II; Rajkumar Buyya ed. Prentice Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458, 1999, Hardcover,
vol. I. p. 849, $55.50, vol. II, p. 664, $55.50, ISBN: 0-13-013784-7 for vol. I, 0-13-013785-5 for vol. II, Pages 1066-1067
M. Stojcev

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