EPE Journal, "European Power Electronics and Drives", Volume 6, N° 3-4, 1996.
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Titre : EPE Journal, European Power Electronics and Drives, Volume 6, N° 3-4, 1996.

Cité dans : [DIV007]  Classement par type de Congrés et de revues IEEE, avril 2003.
Cité dans : [DIV039]  Liste de revues diverses en électronique, avril 2016.
Volume : 6
Numero : 3-4
Date : 1996
Lien : vol6-34.jpg

Editorial - 5 seconds for a better future
B. Sneyers, editor

Products and Applications


Motion solutions: a new performant design platform for motion systems and electrical drives, L. Antognini, Portescap
Addressing global environmental issues, Mitsubishi Electric Europe
Increased production of electric vehicles to provide new market potential for high power semiconductors, Frost & Sullivan
Capacitors for power electronics related applications, Siemens Matsushita Components



Protection concepts for rugged IGBT modules
S. Konrad, I. Zverev, Technical University of Ilmenau
Optimization of the short-circuit behaviour of NPT-IGBT by the gate drive
H.-G. Eckel, L. Sack, University of Erlangen



A multilevel rectifier with unity power factor and sinusoidal input current for high voltage applications
N. Aouda, L. Prisse, T. A. Meynard, H. Foch, LEEI, Toulouse and GEC Alsthom
Analysis, design and evaluation of a high performance PWM a.c./d.c. converter providing sinusoidal current with unity power factor
I. Fatouh El-Sayed, Helwan University, Cairo
Power factor correction using zero-current-switched quasi-resonant converters with voltage-follower and multiplier approach control
J. Sebastian, J. A. Martinet, M. M. Hernando, J. A. Cobos, F. Aldana, Universidad de Oviedo and Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
A three-phase four-wire shunt active filter employing a conventional three-leg converter
M. Aredes, K. Heumann, J. Häfner, Technische Universität Berlin



Vector control of a variable speed doubly-fed induction machine for wind generation systems
R. S. Pena, J. C. Clare, G. M. Asher, The University of Nottingham
A refined detection of a reference signal for converter controls under distortion and frequency excursion
M. E. Abdel-Karim, A. I. Taalab, Menoufia University, Egypt



Development of an expert system for design purposes in Power Electronics
D. Fezzani, H. Piquet, LEEI, Toulouse, France
  [1] :  [PAP239]  D. FEZZANI, H. PIQUET, Development of an expert system for design purposes in Power Electronics, EPE Journal,

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