S. COLTON, "A Simple Series Battery/Ultracapacitor Drive System for Light Vehicles and Educational Demonstration", EVER Monaco, 2009, 6 pages.
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Titre : S. COLTON, A Simple Series Battery/Ultracapacitor Drive System for Light Vehicles and Educational Demonstration, EVER Monaco, 2009, 6 pages.

Cité dans : [CONF086] EVER, Conférence et Exposition Internationales de Véhicules Ecologiques et Energies Renouvelables, mars 2015.
Cité dans : [PAP639]  J.-P. BECAR, T. LEQUEU, S. COLTON, An Electrical Go-Kart For Project Based Learning Platform, EVER Monaco, 2011, 6 pages.
Auteur : Shane Colton

Adresse : Edgerton Center Summer Engineering Workshop - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
Lien : mailto:scolton@mit.edu

Source : EVER Monaco
Date : 2011
Lien : http://cmrt.centrale-marseille.fr/cpi/ever09/documents/papers/ev1/EVER09-paper-104.pdf
Lien : private/COLTON-01.pdf - 655 ko, 10 pages.
Pages : 1 - 6
Lien : private/COLTON-01b.pdf - 1380 ko, 34 pages, Oral presentation.
Lien : http://web.mit.edu/first/kart/everpres.pdf
Site : http://web.mit.edu/first/kart/

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Abstract :
This paper presents a simple configuration for a combined battery/ultracapacitor motor drive system, developed during a student engineering workshop.
The ultracapacitor, placed in series with the battery and DC/DC converter, instead of in parallel, still serves to reduce periods of high current demand on the battery during acceleration and braking.
Though this configuration limits the available power transfer paths, it can be simpler, lighter, and more cost effective, especially for light DC-drive vehicles.
It is also more intuitive, making it an ideal educational demonstration of the technology.
We built and tested an experimental vehicle, based on a go-kart with a separately-excited DC motor, to evaluate this configuration.
The vehicle achieves effective kinetic energy recovery of higher than 30%, with selectable improvements in power, speed, and/or range.

Keywords : battery, ultracapacitor, series configuration, separately-excited DC motor, regenerative braking, launch assist, light vehicles, education



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