J.N. KHAN, "Optocouplers for Variable Speed Motor Control Electronics in Consumer Home Appliances", Agilent Technologie.
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Titre : J.N. KHAN, Optocouplers for Variable Speed Motor Control Electronics in Consumer Home Appliances, Agilent Technologie.

Cité dans : [DIV126]  T. LEQUEU, Librairie des fichiers PDF de composants, janvier 2019.
Auteur : Jamshed N. Khan - Optocoupler Applications Engineer - Agilent Technologies

Pages : 1 - 22
Lien : private/KHAN1.pdf - 22 pages, 283 Ko.

Abstract :
In addition to industrial applications of variable-speed motor drives, home appliances is another major area where three-phase PWM motor control drives are finding increasing applications. Innumerable motors can be found in a typical home.
Indeed, one can claim that the quality of life one enjoys today is directly attributable to the existence of the electric motors.
Thus, the design of a low-cost, reliable, efficient, variable speed three-phase motor has become a prime focus for both appliance designers and electronic component manufacturers.
The components needed for the three-phase motor electronics include IGBTs, gate drivers, inverters, microcontroller units, analog current and voltage sensors among others.
It is in the area of optically isolated gate drivers and optically isolated analog current and voltage sensors that modern, state of the art, low cost, and reliable optocouplers (optoisolators) are becoming the component of first preference among the designers.



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