Hae-Ryong Choi, Hyung-Soo Mok , Gyu-Ha Choe, Ju-Yup Choi, Chung Yun Won, Kyu Sik.Kim, "Power Factor & Dynamics Analysis of PFC Converter for High Performance Inverter Arc Welding Machine", EPE'99.
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Article : [PAP491]

Titre : Hae-Ryong Choi, Hyung-Soo Mok , Gyu-Ha Choe, Ju-Yup Choi, Chung Yun Won, Kyu Sik.Kim, Power Factor & Dynamics Analysis of PFC Converter for High Performance Inverter Arc Welding Machine, EPE'99.

Cité dans :[99DIV076] EPE'99, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Lausanne, Suisse, 7-9 septembre 1999.
Cité dans : [DIV292]  T. LEQUEU, Informations diverses sur la simulation et conception en électronique de puissance, novembre 2019.
Auteur : Hae-Ryong Choi - (1)
Auteur : Hyung-Soo Mok -(1)
Auteur : Gyu-Ha Choe - (1)
Auteur : Ju-Yup Choi - (2)
Auteur : Chung Yun Won (3)
Auteur : Kyu Sik.Kim (4)

Adresse :
(1) Department of Electrical Engineering Kon-Kuk University
(2) Korea Institute of Science & Technology Intelligent System Control Research Center
(3) Department of Electrical Engineering Sung-Kyun Kwan University
(4) Department of Electrical Engineering Seoul City University
93-1 Mo-Jin Dong, Kwang-Jin Gu, Seoul, KOREA - 82-2-450-3486 / 82-2-447-9186
Lien : mailto:ghchoe@konkuk.ac.kr
Acknowledgments : This work was supported by a grant No. 97-01-01-01-01-3 from Korean Science and Engineering Foundation
Lien : private/99PP592.pdf - 263 Kb, 7 pages.
Source : EPE'99 Laussanne
Date : 7-9 septembre 1999
Pages : 1 - 7
Info : Simulation analysis is accomplished by PSIM (Power Simulation) which has rapid calculation speed using ideal and simplified model and that is verified theoretical propriety.

Keywords : Power Factor Correction, Inverter Arc Welding, Machine, PWM

Abstract :
An inverter arc welding machine applying single switch PFC converter is presented in this
paper. First, the basic operation and priciple is reviewed. Controller design is intended to force
voltage ripple to minimize, and dynamic response to enhance. Feed-forward scheme for
arc welding machine is developted, and that is verified by simulation. The improved power
factor characteristics of inverter arc welding machine with nonlinear load property, are
shown and evaluated compared to conventional one by experiment.



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