N. RINALDI, "A simple analytical approach for the thermal modeling of power devices and circuits", EPE'2001.
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Titre : N. RINALDI, A simple analytical approach for the thermal modeling of power devices and circuits, EPE'2001.

Cité dans : [DIV174]  EPE'2001, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Graz, Autriche, 27-28 août 2001.
Auteur : Rinaldi Niccolò, University of Naples, Italy

Congrés : 9th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
Date : du 25 au 29 août 2001
Lien : private/PP00736.pdf - 109 Ko, 8 pages
Adresse :
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
University of Naples - Federico II
Via Claudio 21, 80125, Naples, Italy
Tel. : +39-(0)81 7683517
Fax. : +39 (0)81 5934448
Lien : "mailto:nirinald@unina.it

Résumé :
A new analytical thermal model of multilayer substrates is presented. Based on the integration of the temperature field generated by a point source and on a generalization of the method of images, the model is straightforward to implement and computationally efficient. Approximate expressions for the thermal resistance in multilayer substrates are derived for the first time.

Keywords : Modelling, Thermal design

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