M. Marchesoni, P. Tenca, "Theoretical and practical limits in mpc multilevel inverters", EPE'2001.
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Article : [PAP323]

Titre : M. Marchesoni, P. Tenca, Theoretical and practical limits in mpc multilevel inverters, EPE'2001.

Cité dans : [DIV174]  EPE'2001, European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, Graz, Autriche, 27-28 août 2001.
Auteur : Marchesoni Mario
Auteur : Tenca Pierluigi, Università di Genova, Italy

Congrés : 9th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
Date : du 25 au 29 août 2001
Lien : private/PP00972.pdf - 351 Ko, 12 pages

Keywords :
Multilevel converters, Emerging topologies, Modulation strategies, Converter control

Abstract :
DC-link capacitor voltages in Multi-Point-Clamped (MPC) converters must be actively controlled to
achieve a correct voltage sharing. This works demonstrates that no balancing strategy does exist that is
able to guarantee a correct functioning in all the operating conditions, if single MPC inverters or
rectifiers are considered. The analytical work that has been done to determine the theoretical limits
related to a correct converter behaviour is presented. In addition, a balancing control strategy that has
been based on the developed theory is described and a lot of almost theoretical and practical results are

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