B. MURARI, D. ROSSI, "Power Ics in motor control", ISPD'96
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Titre : B. MURARI, D. ROSSI, Power Ics in motor control, ISPD'96

Cité dans :[PAP001]
Auteur : Murari, B.
Auteur : Rossi, D
Editors : Salama, C.A.T., Williams, R.K. SGS-Thomson Microelectron., Milan, Italy

Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU
Lien : private/MURARI1.pdf - 496 Ko, 4 pages.
Source : Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs, 1996. ISPSD '96 Proceedings., 8th International Symposium on
Pages : 29 - 32
Date : 20-23 May 1996
ISBN : 0-7803-3106-0
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 96CH35883
Info : Total Pages : 362
References : 6
Accession_Number : 5391960

Abstract :
This paper reviews the latest trends in the use of integrated
circuits in motor control and the consequences of recent
integrated circuit technology developments on the designs of
motor control subsystems. Three segments are analyzed in detail:
portable equipment, domestic appliances and automotive
electronics. In addition, new device packaging concepts for motor
driving ICs are described.

Subject_terms :
motor drives; power integrated circuits; small electric machines;
domestic appliances; automotive electronics; integrated circuit
packaging; driver circuits; motor control; power integrated
circuits; integrated circuit technology developments; control
subsystems; portable equipment; domestic appliances; automotive
electronics; device packaging concepts; driving ICs

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