J. LIN-KWANG, S. RAMEY, J.M. REYNES, R.J. HILLARD, T. THIEME, "The role of spreading resistance profiling in manufacturing control and technology development", ESREF'2000.
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Titre : J. LIN-KWANG, S. RAMEY, J.M. REYNES, R.J. HILLARD, T. THIEME, The role of spreading resistance profiling in manufacturing control and technology development, ESREF'2000.

Cité dans : [DATA126] ESREF'2000, 11th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis, Dresden, Germany, 2-6 octobre 2000.
Cité dans :[CONF058]
Auteur : J. Lin-Kwang - (a)
Auteur : S. Ramey - (b)
Auteur : J. M. Reynes - (a)
Auteur : R.J. Hillard - (b)
Auteur : T. Thieme - (c)

(a) : Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, 134 Av. Général Eisenhower, Le Mirail-B.P.1029, F-31023 Toulouse Cedex - France
(b) : Solid State Measurement Inc, 110 Technology Dr., Pittsburgh, PA, 15275 USA
(c) : Solid State Measurements GmbH, Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring 20 Haus F, D-01099 Dresden, Germany

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Abstract :
Spreading resistance profiling (SRP) has the unique ability to measure doping profiles through multiple
junctions, to essentially unlimited depths and over a range of densities from 10 10 to 10 21 /cm 3 . This range and
flexibility makes the technique ideally suited to find various device failure mechanisms that can arise during
dopant processing, as well as aid New Technology Development (NTD).
We show through case studies how SRP can reveal various failure mechanisms and illustrate its use in the
development of new MOS technologies.



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