"A simple adaptive fuzzy logic controller for three-phase PWM boost rectifiers"
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Article : [PAP211]

Titre : A simple adaptive fuzzy logic controller for three-phase PWM boost rectifiers

Cité dans : [PAP183]  R.P. BURGOS, F.F. ZAPATA, E.P. WIECHMANN, L.D. SALAZAR, Power converter analysis and design using Matlab: A transfer function approach, ISIE'98, july 1998, pp. 552-557.
Auteur : Burgos, R.P.
Auteur : Wiechmann, E.P.
Auteur : Rodriguez, J.R - Dept. of Electr. Eng., Univ. of Concepcion, Chile

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Lien : private/BURGOS1.pdf - 507 Ko, 6 pages.
Source : Industrial Electronics, 1998. Proceedings. ISIE '98. IEEE International Symposium on
Pages : 321 - 326 vol.1
Date : 7-10 July 1998
Volume : 1
ISBN : 0-7803-4756-0
Info : IEEE Catalog Number: 98TH8357
Info : Total Pages : 2 vol. xvii+736
References : 18
Accession_Number : 6027544

Abstract :
Fuzzy logic controllers (FC) have been implemented and studied on
various types of static power converters. However, their
improvement of converters' performance is not clear compared to
classical control theory controllers. This is especially true in
systems where precise models exist, such as in the PWM boost
rectifier (PWM-BR). Another use of FC has been to tune and adapt
controllers synthesized by classical control theory, where they
have achieved good results. This paper takes advantage of these
trends and proposes a simple adaptive fuzzy controller (AFC)
which offers an improved dynamic response when compared to
conventional FC. The AFC adaptive nature is achieved by modifying
its normalizing factors and gains, and by using an inner loop
which adapts the output normalizing gain. Thus, the AFC is
capable of reducing the PWM-BR overvoltage and settling time by
75% and 90% compared to a conventional FC. Consequently improving
the switches' voltage utilization factor by 11.3%. The
converter's fast response is attained by using a space vectors
modulation which also improves the converter's voltage
utilization by presenting a unity AC-DC gain. The paper presents
a complete analysis and design procedure of the AFC and PWM-BR
system, together with an extensive evaluation under transient
conditions. All these show the feasibility of the proposed
control scheme.

Subject_terms :
PWM power convertors; adaptive fuzzy logic controller;
three-phase PWM boost rectifiers; PWM boost rectifier; improved
dynamic response; normalizing factors modification; gains
normalisation; inner loop; output normalizing gain; switch
voltage utilization factor; space vectors modulation; unity AC-DC
gain; transient conditions; converter transfer function

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