R.D. MIDDLEBROOK, S. CUK, "Modelling and analysis methods for dc-to-dc switching converters", IAS 1977, pp. 90-111.
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Article : [PAP189]

Info : ANSWER 161, le 29/01/2001.

Titre : R.D. MIDDLEBROOK, S. CUK, Modelling and analysis methods for dc-to-dc switching converters, IAS 1977, pp. 90-111.

Cité dans : [DIV175]  Recherche sur les mots clés DESIGN et STATIC et CONVERTER.
Cité dans :[99DIV108] Recherche sur les auteurs CUK et MIDDLEBROOK, juillet 2004.
Cité dans : [CONF017] IAS, World Conference on Industrial Applications of Electrical Energy, octobre 2003.
Auteur : Middlebrook, R.D. - Calif Inst of Technol, Pasadena
Auteur : Cuk, Slobodan

Source : Conf Rec of Pap Presented at the IEEE/IAS (Ind Appl Soc) Int Semicond Power Converter Conf, Lake Buena Vista, Fla,
Date : Mar 28-31 1977
Info : Publ by IEEE (Cat n 77CH1183-3 1A), New York, NY, 1977.
Pages : 90 - 111
Année : 1977
Language : English
Stockage : Thierry LEQUEU, le 14 février 2001.

Abstract :
Modelling and analysis methods are reviewed for both static (dc) and
dynamic (ac small-signal) properties of dc-to-dc switching
converters, which are inherently nonlinear. The methods range from
discrete z-domain or continuous s-domain description in terms of
classical control block diagrams, to electronic equivalent circuit
descriptions of the linearized converter model. An in-depth
treatment of the simplicity versus accuracy trade-off in analysis is
also included. Special emphasis is given to the design-oriented
analysis approach and, in particular, to the state-space averaging
method developed by the authors for both continuous and
discontinuous conduction modes of converter operation. A summary of
the results obtained by this method is given in terms of a canonical
equivalent circuit for each conduction mode, whose element values
are tabulated for the three basic converters, the buck, boost, and

Accession_Number : 1978(7):6127 COMPENDEX



References : 32 refs.
  [1] : [THESE098] S. CUK, Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Switching Converters, PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology, November 1976.

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