"Use of the MOSFET channel reverse conduction in an inverter for suppression of the integral diode recovery current"
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Titre : Use of the MOSFET channel reverse conduction in an inverter for suppression of the integral diode recovery current

Auteurs : Huselstein, J.-J.; Gauthier, C.; Glaize, C. (Lab. d'Electrotech. de Montpellier, France)

Info : recherche du 4 juin 1998, STN - INSPEC

Publication Source :
Fifth European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (Conf. Publ. No.377)
London, UK: IEE, 1993. p.431-6 vol.2 of 8 vol.
(cx+232+xvi436+xiv+343+xvi483+xxii512+xxii+166+x+205+xii+281) pp. 6 refs
Conference Brighton, UK, 13-16 Sept 1993
Sponsor(s) : IEE

Abstract :
If the integral diodes are used as free-wheeling diodes of a MOSFET
half-bridge inverter, the reverse recovery current can be high
during the transistor integral diode turn-off. It generates
important switching losses and can be induced a transistor failure.
This paper shows how to take advantage of the negative channel
conduction in a MOSFET to prevent the integral diode conduction and
suppress the reverse recovery current. The current is transferred
directly from a transistor channel to the opposite one, avoiding the
limitation imposed by the diode conduction. This method requires a
very fine adjustment of the delay time between the gate drive
signals applied to the two transistors to obtain an optimal
switching. So the authors propose a method to measure the current
during the switching which allows the design of a regulation acting
on the transistor gate drive signals, so that they can have
switching with a minimal overcurrent transient. The current
measurement, when it is integrated into the converter, must be
economical, with a large bandwidth. Experimental results showing the
reverse recovery current variations and the behaviour of the
measurement device integrated into the converter are presented.

Accession Number : 93:4553627

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