"A low energy drive for high power 300 A-1000 V IGBT"
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Titre : A low energy drive for high power 300 A-1000 V IGBT

Auteurs : Jaafari, A.; Bergogne, D., Equipe d'Electron. de Puissance, Univ. Blaise Pascal, Aubiere, France


This Paper Appears in : Industrial Electronics Society, 1990. IECON '90., 16th Annual Conference of IEEE
on Pages : 1090 - 1099 vol.2

This Conference was Held : 27-30 Nov. 1990
1990 ISBN: 0-87942-600-4
Total Pages: 2 vol. 1343
References Cited: 4
Accession Number: 4096823


Abstract :

A new concept for the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor)
drive circuit is described. This driver requires few components
and draws little power. It is totally insulated, making it very
interesting for building inverter legs. The driver performs well
over the 50 Hz to 500 kHz range (more than is needed for
IGBT-based power converters). Bistable operation allows for a
very small pulse transformer even in the bottom end frequencies.
The driving energy is transferred to the IGBT input capacity in a
resonant mode. A prototype was built, and circuit operation is
shown on oscilloscope plots.<>


Subject Terms :

insulated gate bipolar transistors; invertors; power convertors;
power transistors; power transistors; IGBT; insulated gate
bipolar transistor; drive circuit; inverter legs; power
converters; pulse transformer; resonant mode; 300 A; 1000 V; 50
Hz to 500 kHz

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