It is the most efficient way of transportation to travel across the country (in 3-4 hours, you can reach almost any part of Switzerland). The major train transport authority in Switzerland is the CFF (Chemin de Fer Fédéraux). Most Swiss train stations have information counters where the traveler can find all the help he needs regarding the train schedule and special discount information. There are many regional trains that may be used for local transportation in the vicinity of Lausanne ; just check for details at Lausanne main train station.



Two lines :

From downtown to the train station and to Ouchy (Lausanne harbour on Lake Geneva);

From downtown to Renens (town west of Lausanne) train station, taking you across the University of Lausanne and EPFL campus. This means of transportation is the most efficient way to get to the conference location. Metro trains are normally scheduled every 10 minutes.


   TL : Public transportation in Lausanne (Bus)

A pass for the whole week is available at the desk of the conference (included in the full registration fees). To travel with TL transportation and metro lines before being registered at the conference desk, please use your confirmation of registration as ticket (valid for your first trip to the conference).



Current daytime rate is 5.60 SFR (initial charge) + 2.30 SFR / km. Some extra charges may apply for night or weekend transportation.


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