For the EPFL Laboratory Visits and for the CERN Geneva, the attendees must register at the MAGLEV'2002 Front Desk during the conference

September 6, morning

EPFL-STI-ISE-LEI, Prof. A. Rufer
Laboratory of Industrial Electronic

EPFL-STI-ISE-LME, Prof. J.-J. Simond
Laboratory of Electrical Machines

EPFL-STI-IPR-LAI, Prof. M. Jufer, MER Y. Perriard
Laboratory of Integrated Actuators

EPFL-STI-IPR-LSR, Prof. A. Bleuler
Laboratory of Robotic Systems

EPFL-SB-CRPP, Prof. Tran Minh Quang
Plasma Physics Reserch Center
TCV tokamak

Cern - Geneva
September 6, afternoon

European Organisation for Nuclear Research
Three hour visit: introduction conference and visit of a site

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