Topic 1 

MAGLEV - World Wide High Speed Industrial Developments and Projects

Failure Mode and Endurance Tests of the CHSST 100L System L.K. Siu
David Chan

High-Speed Surface Transport System : Nagoya East Hillside Line and the Operational Testing for 3-Car Vehicle Prototype Masaaki Fujino PP01102 Japan
Maglev Program in Korea Cho Hung-Je PP01103 Korea
Passive Damping in EDS Maglev Systems Donald M. Rote PP01104 USA
Transrapid Shanghai – Demonstration Line. German High Technology with Chinese Boundary Conditions Eberhard Grossert PP01105 Germany
Transrapid Operation Control System - Technical Prerequisites for Short Headways Siegfried Burkert
Peter Hamann
PP01108 Germany
The Status of the developments and the running tests of JR-Maglev Akio Seki
Hitoshi Tsuruga
Akihiko Inoue
Kan-ichiro Kaminishi
Haruo Ikeda
Tsutomu Furuki
PP01109 Japan
Risk Assessment of High Speed Transport Jürg Liechti
Christian Leuenberger
PP01110 Switzerland
The Hybrid Guideway Girder Development and first application in Shanghai Jürgen Feix
Roman Brylka
PP01111 Germany
On the Development Strategy of the High-Speed MAGLEV In China Yan Luguang PP01112 China
System Features and Application Projects of the Transrapid Maglev System Wackers Manfred PP01201 Germany
Operator Requirements for the Maglev High-Speed Train in Regional Transport Thomas Rühl
Hartmut Albert
PP01202 Germany
Programme of the Federal government to ensure the future of German Maglev technology Wolfgang Dörries PP01203 Germany
Construction of Shanghai Transrapid Demonstration Line Wu Xiangming PP01204 China
Swissmetro : development stages that lead from a project to a marketing product Michele Mossi PP01205 Switzerland
Swissmetro : high-speed corridors and possible pilot line Michele Mossi
Nicolas Macabrey
PP01206 Switzerland
Swissmetro : Basle-Zurich inter-airport and intercity connections Michele Mossi
Léna Poschet
PP01207 Switzerland
Environmental Evaluation Of Future Transport Technologies Michael Spielmann PP01301 Switzerland
Energetic and Environmental Assessment of a Eurometro Jens Geisel
Christian Leuenberger
PP01302 Switzerland
Energy and Environmental Assessment of a Eurometro Demand and Network - Influential Factors Daniel Schöbi PP01303 Switzerland
Swissmetro : Ecobalance and sustainability Michael Spielmann PP01304 Switzerland
Technical And Economical Aspects Of The Transrapid Compared To Traditional HSR Systems K. Köncke PP01401 Germany
Ways of increase of efficiency of Maglev-transport with the purpose of acceleration of its introduction. Mark Umanov
Arkadij Lasher
A. Taturevich
PP01402 Ukraina
High Speed Transport and Climate Change - a new Challenge Walter Ernst
Renat Heuberger
Michael Jenny
Dieter Imboden
PP01404 Switzerland

  Topic 2 

MAGLEV - New Ideas

Dual Mode, The AVT and Maglev Frank Randak PP02101 USA
The current state of the brazilian project for a superconducting magnetic levitation train R. Nicolsky
R. Stephan
A.C. Ferreira
R. de Andrade Jr.
M. A. Cruz Moreira
L. G. Rolim
M. A. Neves
M. A. Rosário
PP02102 Brasil
A Vision For The Development Scenario Of The Maglev Highways Minakami Motoyuki PP02103 Japan
Contact Free Static Stable Equilibrium In The Ground And Space Systems S.S. Zub PP02105 Ukraina
Maglev System Maintenance Strategy Edmund Haindl
Klaus Wegerer
Chunguang Xu
PP02106 Germany
New Development in Transrapid Vehicle Technology Luitpold Miller
Friedrich Löser
PP02108 Germany
New Maglev transport concept and its acceptability to Swissmetro Oleksander Kozoriz
Vasyl' Kozoriz
Vladimir Kristov
Vjitchelsay Baguslaev
Fjodor Muravchenko
PP02109 Ukraina
AMLEV: a new alternative of Maglev Oleg V. Tozoni PP02111 USA
Swissmetro : a metasystem engineering view to the project Vincent Bourquin
Dériaz D.
Macabrey N.
Weatherill A.
PP02112 Switzerland
Management and Decision-making in projects with strong technological rupture
Case of High Speed Ground Transportation Systems
Guillaume de Tilière
Vincent Bourquin
PP02201 Switzerland
Autoshuttle Feasibility, Financial and Environmental Analysis Andreas Steingröver
Rasmus Krevet
PP02203 Germany
Swissmetro : management of complex large-scale innovation projects Vincent Bourquin
Barbal A.
Badir Y.
Chevroulet T.
PP02204 Switzerland
Swissmetro - On our Way to Documenting an 'External' Rate of Return (ERR) Pierre Rossel PP02205 Switzerland

  Topic 3 

URBAN TRANSPORTS (Linear Propulsion) - Industrial Developments and Projects

Technology Development For US Urban Maglev In-Kum Kim
Robert Kratz
David Doll
PP03101 USA
Urban Maglev Development In USA Tony Yen PP03102 USA
Overview Of The General Atomics Urban Maglev Program Sam Gurol
Robert Baldi
Richard F. Post
PP03103 USA
Evaluation Method Of Maglev For Introducing Urban Transport In Japan Takeshi Mizuma
Yasuhiro Sato
PP03104 Japan
Air Suspended And LIM Propulsion Transit System And Nect Generation PRT Ryo Shindoh
Takeshi Mizuma
Atsushi Deguchi
Manabu Suganuma
PP03105 Japan
Booster concepts for increase of tractive effort Th. Werle
M. Hofmann
a. Binder
PP03106 Germany
Comparison between Short-stator and Long-stator Linear Drives of Maglev System for Regional Transport Eisuke Masada
Tony Eastham
Takeshi Mizuma
PP03107 Japan
A New Elevator System and its Implementation Thomas Dünser
Romeo Delplazes
PP03108 Switzerland
The Aesthetics of Superlight Design Christian Harbeke
Gregor Huhn
PP03201 Switzerland
The Correction Of The Functional State Of Crews Of Magnitolevitative Vehicles V.A.Dzenzersky
PP03301 Ukraina

  Topic 4 

MAGLEV - Power Supply Strategy

Novel Feeding System for Maglev aiming at Cost Reduction Hidenori Shigeeda
Hisao Ohtsuki
PP04301 Japan
Power Supply and Propulsion System for Transrapid Commercial Lines Rolf Hellinger
Jürgen Nothhaft
Makus Engel
PP04302 Germany
Sensorless Control System of Superconducting Maglev Shunsaku Koga
Jun-ichi Kitano
Shikeo Kaga
PP04303 Japan
The Effect Analysis of MAGLEV on the Voltage of Power System Zhang Ruihua
Yan Luguang
Xu Shangang
Zuo Zhenyu
PP04304 Japan
Swissmetro : Energy balance of the Basle-Zurich link Alain Cassat
Nicolas Macabrey
Vincent Bourquin
PP04401 Switzerland

  Topic 5 

MAGLEV - Vehicle - Guideway - Infrastructure

MAGLEV Vehicle Design for Permanent Magnet Levitation Electro- Dynamic Suspension (EDS) System Karoly Kehrer
Volus McKenna
Wesley Shumaker
PP05102 USA
New development of mild steel with improved magnetic properties at low field Philippe Harlet
Peggy Schouller
P. Cantinieaux
Nathalie Petit
PP05103 Belgium
New type of vehicles for Yamanashi Maglev Test Line Noriyuki Shirakuni
Yasukazu Endo
Kiyoshi Takahashi
Katsuya Yamamoto
PP05104 Japan
Durability Verification of the Practical Ground Coil for Propulsion Masao Suzuki
Tsuyoshi Fujimoto
Hiromori Ishihara
PP05105 Japan
The Development of the New-Type Guideway in the Yamanashi Test Line Satoru Kato
Takaaki Nagaosa
Masaaki Miyamoto
PP05106 Japan
Experimental research for the liners of the Swissmetro tunnels M. Badoux PP05107 Switzerland
Swissmetro - Gas permeability of cracked concrete slabs M. Badoux PP05108 Switzerland
Geological Aspects of Swissmetro, a Long Distance High Speed Transport System David Estoppey
Björn Oddsson
C. Shindler
Dr Streiff 
PP05109 Switzerland
Swissmetro: structure of a tunnel under partial vaccum Peter Bucher
Roland Mantilleri
PP05110 Switzerland
On the Aerodynamic Calculation of High-Speed Ground Transport Vehicles O.Prykhodko
PP05201 Ukraina
Swissmetro : the alleviation of aerodynamic drag and wave effects of high-speed trains in very long tunnels Michele Mossi
Stefano Sibilla
Arturo Baron
PP05202 Switzerland
Swissmetro : overview of experimental approaches to control aerodynamic effects associated with maglev systems Bourquin V.
Monkewitz P.A.
Grégoire R.
PP05203 Switzerland
Numerical Analysis of the Vehicle Dynamics of the Superconducting Maglev System at the Yamanashi Test Line Robert Early
Hiroyuki Ohsaki
Yoshitomo Abe
PP05301 Japan
Ride Dynamics of an Urban Maglev David W. Doll
Robert D. Blevins
Dilip Bhadra
PP05302 USA
Semi-active Suspension System for the Yamanashi Maglev Vehicles Hideyuki Takizawa
Hironori Hoshino
Hajime Takami
Ken Watanabe
Kimiaki Sasaki
Yasushi Karino
PP05303 Japan
The stable suspension of the bodies in dynamic potential wells. Gorsky O.
Dzenzersky V.
Zeldina E.
PP05305 Ukraina
Analysis of dynamics and stability of a high-speed vehicle with electrodynamics levitation and guidance V.A.Dzenzersky
PP05306 Ukraina
Route Alignment and Riding quality considerations of Guideways for the Maglev Transrapid Gerd Jansen
Andreas Trunk
Hans-Jürgen Marx
PP05309 Germany
Swissmetro : guideways for high-speed applications - from HISTaR to Swissmetro Bourquin V.
Mischler S.
Fervel V.
Schorderet A.
PP05310 Switzerland

  Topic 6 

MAGLEV And HSTS - Safety And Operation Control

Safety Evaluation and Assessment of Materials and Assembly Technologies for Vehicle TR 08 Steinert Winfried
Keller Uwe
PP06101 Germany
Swissmetro : Safety aspects related to the low pressure environment David Vernez PP06102 Switzerland
Radiowave Informative - Control System For Magnitolevitated Vehicles With Electromagnetic Suspension V.A.Dzenzersky
PP06201 Ukraina

  Topic 7 

Propulsion And Linear Motors: Motors And Controls

Control of a Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using Multiple Reference Frame Theory Jawad Faiz
B. Rezaei-Alam
PP07101 Iran
LIM: Optimization of Secondary Width respect to the Thrust Giovanni Lanzara
Gino D’Ovidio
Francesco Crisi
Aurelio Navarra
Marco Villani
PP07103 Italy
Advanced converter and control components for Transpapid U. Henning
R. Hoffmann
J. Hochleitner
PP07104 Germany
Linear Synchronous Motor With Travelling Vawe-Excitation Ferenc Tóth
Norbert Szabó
PP07105 Hungary
4 Poles 3 Degrees of Freedom Magnetic Levitation Control And Its Coordination With Two-Dimensional Linear Motor Jiangheng Liu
Takafumi Koseki
PP07107 Japan
Development of a Maglev Space Transport System C. Ham
J. Flores
R. Johnson
PP07108 USA
Principle and Analysis of a Novel Linear Synchronous Motor with Half-Wave Rectified Self Excitation Jun Oyama
Tsuyoshi Higuchi
Takashi Abe
Shotaro Kubota
Tadashi Hirayama
PP07109 Japan
Approaching the Analysis of Linear Machines via Artificial Neural Networks Luciana Cambraia Leite
Carlos Rodrigues de Souza
Gilio Aluisio Simone
PP07110 Brasil
Experimental Design Method applied to the Optimisation of a Linear Eddy Current Brake Hecquet Michel
S. Vivier
Brochet Pascal
PP07112 France
Performance estimation of linear tubular actuators L. El Amraoui
F. Gillon
P. Brochet
M. Benrejeb
PP07113 Tunisia
Design and Simulation of an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System D. J. Patterson
A. Monti
T. Bertoncelli
C. Brice
R. Dougal
PP07115 USA
Demo-Track using a Linear Inducton Motor J.-M. Strubin
M. Veenstra
A. Rufer
PP07116 Switzerland
Linear Electric Motors for Aerospace Launch Assist M. Caprio
S. Pratap
W. Walls
R. Zowarka
PP07117 USA
Linear Motor Propulsion for Urban Transit Kurt Vollenwyder
P. Eng
PP07202 kurt.vollenwyder
Control of a 2.4MW Linear Synchronous Motor for launching roller-coasters A. Veltman
P. van der Hulst
M.C.P. Jonker
J.P. van Gur
PP07301 Netherlands
Electrical performance of two different types of permanent magnet linear synchronous machines with vector control G. Martinez
J. Atencia
A. Garcia Rico
J. Flórez
PP07302 Spain
Fundamental Study on Alternating Magnetic Field MHD Thruster J. Han
C.W. Sha
Y. Peng
PP07401 China

  Topic 8 

Magnetic Levitation and Guidance: Transducers And Controls

Improved magnetic modelling of EMS Maglev levitators Castelli Dezza Francesco
Di Gerlando Antonino
Foglia GianMaria
PP08101 Italy
Design of scaled prototypes of EMS Maglev levitators, based on an improved magnetic modelling Castelli Dezza Francesco
Di Gerlando Antonino
Foglia GianMaria
PP08102 Italy
Fuzzy Control of a Magnetic Levitation System for a Linear Drive and Comparison with a State Control J. Van Goethem
F. Weber
G. Henneberger
PP08103 Germany
Design of EMS-Magnetically Levitated System Based on Genetic Algorithm Shinichi Kusagawa
Jumpei Baba
Katuhiko Shutoh
Eisuke Masada
PP08104 kusagawa@
Towards Self - Sensing EMS Levitation Systems Kent R. Davey PP08106 USA
Repulsive Permanent Magnets Transportation System G. Gianolio
S. Zanolli
PP08107 Italy
Magnetic levitation control of thin steel plate with reduced number of gap sensors using real-time finite element vibration analysis Masanori Sase
Susumu Torii
PP08108 Japan
The Magnetic Levitation System with Two Desired Values to Suppress the Elastic Vibration of the Thin Steel Sheets Gen Uchimido
Susumu Torii
PP08109 Japan
Improvement of the damping using the active damper coils system in the superconducting magnetically levitated bogie Shunsuke Ohashi PP08201 Japan
Optimized design of 8-figure null-flux coils in EDS Maglev Murai Toshiaki
Yoshioka Hiroshi
Iwamatsu Masaru
Sawada Kazuo
PP08202 Japan
Levitation property of magnetically levitated spinning top on a PM and a bulk HTS M. Tsuchimoto
M. Tomita
H. Murakami
PP08301 Japan

  Topic 9 

Transfer Of Energy To A Vehicle And On Board Energy Supply

Optimisation of Inductive Energy Transmission System with an extraordinarily large Air Gap Rudolf Mecke PP09101 Germany
High Speed Maglev Conveyor for Bulk Materials E.G. Knolle PP09201 USA
Development of a Distributed-type Linear Generator Takamitsu Yamamoto
Hitoshi Matsue
Shigehisa Kusada
Hitoshi Hasegawa
Takashi Sano
Tomoo Shiba
PP09202 Japan
Swissmetro : design methods for ironless linear transformer Nicolas Macabrey PP09203 Switzerland
Fuel Cell Systems for Electrical Vehicles : Solutions, Modelling and Test benches design S. Bocus
D. Hissel
S. Hamandi
J.-M. Kauffmann
PP09501 France
A new design for an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) by associating Supercapacitors and a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell L. Bertoni
H. Gualous
D. Hissel
D. Bouquain
S. Bocus
J.M. Kauffmann
PP09502 France
Thermal study of supercapacitor serial resistance H. Gualous
D. Bouquain
A. Berthon
J.M. Kauffmann
PP09503 France
Considerations on the Energy Efficiency of a Supercapacitive Tank P. Barrade
A. Rufer
PP09504 Switzerland

  Topic 10 

Magnetic Bearings - Typical Industrial Applications

Electrodynamic passive magnetic bearing using reluctance forces Jan Sandtner
Hannes Bleuler
PP10101 Switzerland
Optimization of two-dimensional permanent magnet arrays for diamagnetic levitation Roland Moser
François Barrot
Hannes Bleuler
PP10102 Switzerland
A New Approach for Controlling Active Magnetic Levitation Systems Kent R. Davey PP10202 USA
Magnetic levitation and rotation of sub-millimetric spherical rotors A. Boletis
L. Sache
H. Bleuler
S. Menot
PP10203 Switzerland
Results on Self-sensing Active Magnetic Bearings Alexandre Schammass
Hannes Bleuler
PP10204 Switzerland
Stability Suspension And Dynamics of The Rotor With Superconducting Magnetic Bearing Slavko Gennadiy PP10301 Ukraina



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