Message From The International Steering Committee Chairman

After three decades of developments, the Maglev transportation systems are going to be practically utilized in Europe, U.S.A. and Japan in the forthcoming century, as the high-speed, friendly to environment and comfortable mean. MAGLEV 2002 in Lausanne is aimed to present the existing industrialization status, the marketing and social aspects, and evaluations as a high-speed transportation system on the MAGLEV system, as well as its component technologies and partially realized systems. The exchange of information, technical and sociological views, and opinions on the strategies of industrialization and marketing, between worldwide specialists will promote and develop a way to introduce practical applications.

As the first MAGLEV conference in the 21st century, I strongly expect participation of experts from authorities and operating companies of transportation systems, as well as specialists who have been engaged with the MAGLEV technology and its developments, to MAGLEV 2002 for the animated discussion on practical utilization.

Prof. E. Masada
Science University, Tokyo, Japan


Message From The Conference Chairman

After Germany MAGLEV 1995, Japan MAGLEV 1998 and Brazil MAGLEV 2000, Europe and more particularly, Lausanne on the Geneva Lake is proud to organize MAGLEV 2002, which will be held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Approximately 4700 students, including more than 600 doctoral candidates and over 300 participants in postgraduate courses, are studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. 210 professors and 2400 scientific, technical and administrative staff are committed to 12 teaching and research disciplines: civil engineering, rural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics, material sciences and engineering, architecture, computer science, micro-engineering and communication systems. The Swiss Federal Institute can offer facilities to organize symposium up to 1000 people.

Lausanne, city of Europe, town of culture and leisure, has many assets to attract the visitor. We are thus delighted to welcome you in Lausanne and make you discover its attraction. We are sure that you will let yourselves conquer by its charm and its beauty and that you will like it as we like it more each day.

I am looking forward to see you at the MAGLEV 2002 conference and I shall hope you will enjoy the conference and the country encouraging you to stay some time longer.

Prof. M. Jufer
Vice President, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne


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