N. TSUDA, K. NASU, A. FUJIMORI, K. SIRATORI, "Electronic Conduction in Oxides", Springer, 2000, 365 pages.
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Titre : N. TSUDA, K. NASU, A. FUJIMORI, K. SIRATORI, Electronic Conduction in Oxides, Springer, 2000, 365 pages.

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Auteur : Tsuda, N., Science University of Tokyo, Japan
Auteur : Nasu, K., Institute for Materials Structure Science, Ibaraki, Japan
Auteur : Atsushi, F., The University of Tokyo, Japan
Auteur : Siratori, K., Tudanuma, Japan

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Référence : 2001 xx / LMP
Date_d'achat : 12/02/2001
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Site : http://www.springer.de/
Lien : TSUDA.pdf - 734 Ko, 11 pages, Table of Contents.
Fields : Low Temperatures and Superconductors; Lattice Dynamics and Statistical Physics of Solids
Info : 2nd, rev. and enlarged ed. 2000. XI, 365 pp. 199 figs., 13 tabs. Hardcover
ISBN : 3-540-66956-6
Vers : Informations

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This book is intended for postgraduate students, researchers and engineers engaged in research into
oxide conductors. It presents an overview of electronic transport phenomena, including a discussion of
high-Tc superconductivity and colossal magnetoresistance in two chapters, one of which reviews all the
conducting oxides. In another nine chapters representative oxides are discussed in detail. Since
electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions greatly influence conducting properties, two
chapters are devoted to their explanation. More than 1200 references will serve as a useful guide to
those entering into this vast field of research.

Keywords : Electronic conduction in oxides, Electron-electron interaction in oxides, Electron-phonon
interaction in oxides, Metal-to-insulator transition, High-Tc superconductivity

Series : Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences.VOL. 94

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