L. RISTIC, "Sensor technology and devices", Artech House, Boston - London.
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Titre : L. RISTIC, Sensor technology and devices, Artech House, Boston - London.

Auteur : Ljubisa Ristic

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Site : http://www.artech-house.com
Année : avril 1994
ISBN : 0-89006-532-2
Pages : 1 524 pp.
Vers : Contents


Measurement Science and Technology, 2000


This books deals with a subject that is highly important and
has many technological implications and industrial
applications...the book is a suitable reference for all those
interested in silicon microsensors, complementing in some
aspects the extensive literature on the topic. The book is by a
group of authors with much experience, not only in academic
areas but also in manufacturing and application of sensing devices. The
contribution of professionals from an important semiconductor company
is remarkable, giving many details about the technology involved in the
fabrication of the devices. The authors succeed in their attempt to help the
reader to understand the basic methodology employed to manufacture the
most popular silicon sensors...At the same time, these chapters consitute a
good starting point for people who are preparing for their future work in
the field.

Sensors Magazine


"A results-oriented book. Quality line drawings, lucid photography, and
informative graphs are used generously in support of the book. The
theoretical rigor of each chapter amply supports the real-world design
examples that follow."

IEEE Electrical Insulation, Jan/Feb 1996


"One of the few sources to offer such comprehensive coverage."



Modeling and Simulation of Microsensors and Actuators.
Bulk Micromachining Technology.
Surface Micromachining Technology.
Silicon Direct Wafer Bonding.
Packaging for Sensors.
Magnetic Field Sensors Based on Lateral Magnetotransistors.
Thermal Sensors.
Planar Silicon Photosensors.
Charged Coupled Devices.
Sensors for the Automotive Industry.
Signal Processing for Micromachined Sensors.
Controlled Oscillators and their Applicability to Sensors.

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