H. S. NALWA, "Hanbook of low and high dielectric constant materials and their applications - Vol. 2 : phenomena, properties and applications", Academic Press, 1999.
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Titre : H. S. NALWA, Hanbook of low and high dielectric constant materials and their applications - Vol. 2 : phenomena, properties and applications, Academic Press, 1999.

Cité dans :[LIVRE148] H. S. NALWA, Hanbook of low and high dielectric constant materials and their applications - Vol. 1 : materials and processing, Academic Press, 1999.
Editeur : Hari Singh NALWA

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Date : Published on August 1999
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Handbook of Low and High Dielectric Constant Materials and Their Applications brings together into two volumes all low and high dielectric
constant materials currently studied in academic and industrial research. It covers all aspects of inorganic and organic materials, from their
synthetic chemistry, processing techniques, physic, structure-property relationship, and solid-state physics, to applications in IC devices.
This Handbook summarizes the current status of the field, covering important scientific developments made over the past decade, with
contributions from internationally recognized experts from all over the world. Fully cross-referenced, this book has clear, precise, and wide
appeal as an essential reference source for all those interested in low and high dielectric constant material.

Volume 1


Volume 1 of the Handbook combines the most recent knowledge of the dielectric materials into the one focused reference source - from low
dielectric constant polymers, glasses and ceramics for interlayer dielectrics to low-k amorphous carbon films for interconnections of
submicron-scale devices; chemical mechanical polishing of organic polymer materials for IC applications.

Volume 2


Volume 2 of the Handbook incorporates the forerunning knowledge of the phenomena, properties and applications of low and high dielectric
constant materials into one focused reference work - from rapid photothermal processing to physical and metallorganic chemical vapor
deposition of ferroelectric thin films for non-volatile memories, electrical aging and breakdown in dielectric materials, to polymer laminate
structures, piezocomposites and capacitors.

With over 2300 bibliographic citations and more than 1000 drawings, tables, photographs, and equations, this handbook is a valuable source
for polymer scientists, physicists, material scientists, chemical and electrical engineers, ceramists, chemists; as well as upper-level
undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

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