IRW Guidelines Restricting Concurrent Commercial Activities

The IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop (IRW) is held annually at the Stanford Sierra Camp (South Lake Tahoe, California) and is located at the far end of Fallen Leaf Lake. The goal of the workshop is to provide attendees with a unique learning and networking experience where reliability topics can be explored, discussed, and developed. This is done in a non-threatening environment where opportunities for interacting with fellow attendees are promoted, distractions of work and business routines are minimized, and commercial interests are set aside.

The following guidelines have been developed to maximize workshop benefits to attendees.

  1. Attendees are expected to participate in both the formal and informal activities of the workshop.
  2. The workshop is considered to be active on a 24 hour basis.
  3. Attendees shall not solicit, promote, or attempt to sell a commercial product or service at the Stanford Sierra Camp. On the other hand, making business acquaintances and arranging meetings to be held after the workshop are encouraged.
  4. Commercial activities that are directed at IRW attendees shall not be scheduled at any time during the workshop.
  5. Any such non-concurrent commercial activities shall be held away from the populated area associated with Fallen Leaf Lake, which extends to the point of access from Highway 89. This guideline is also in congruence with local restrictions; lots in this area are limited to residential use only.
  6. Equivalent guidelines apply to commercial activities directed at attendees of the JEDEC Committee JC14.2 meeting that is held at the Camp immediately after IRW.