Discussion Groups

The evening discussion group program is regarded as a favorite highlight of the workshop experience. Attendees will have a choice of four topics on both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The same four topics will be discussed for 90 minutes each night. This year's topics are:

1. Interconnect Reliability - with a focus on copper

Moderators: Tim Sullivan (IBM) and Carl Thompson (MIT)

To meet anticipated requirements over the next 15 years, the U.S. National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (NTRS) charts an aggressive path for evolution of current interconnect technology. Insertion of new interconnect materials (Cu as the primary conductor, with refractory metal liners) is already underway, and, to stay on the NTRS timeline, insertion of new dielectric materials will be required in the near future. With interconnect lengths of kilometers per circuit, minimum line widths shrinking below 100nm, the number of metallization levels moving toward 10, and the use of an interconnect metal which must be fully isolated from the dielectric, enormous reliability challenges must be met during a period of rapid development of new materials and processes. The goals of this discussion group will be to identify areas of greatest concern, and share lessons learned, and anticipated needs.

Specific discussion topics will include: