GaAs-Based HBT Reliability

Tim Henderson, TriQuint Semiconductor

GaAs-Based HBT Reliability First, we will discuss the different failure modes and mechanisms responsible for HBT degradation. Next, we will cover a physics-based model that qualitatively and quantitatively describes GaAs HBT degradation. Finally, we will discuss the key parameters that affect reliability, through a description of recent results on InGaP-emitter HBTs.

Tim Henderson

Tim Henderson received the B.S., M.S.,and electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Immediately following graduation, he joined Texas Instruments Corporate R&D. He has worked in GaAs epi growth, material and device characterization and device design since 1983. He is presently manager of the HBT R&D group at TriQuint Semiconductor.