Errors and Reliability

Kristof Croes, XPEQT and Luc Tielemans

Standard reliability testing is done using the „time to failure„ test methodology. Over the error budget, the problems of this method and the influences of the inaccuracy of e.g. stress conditions and the influences of sample differences will be demonstrated. Optimisation of the “time to failure” methodology and alternative techniques and possibilities will be discussed.

Luc Tielemans

Luc Tielemans received his Ph.D. in physics in 1984 at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). He was the initiator and manager of DESTIN, a company specialised in high resolution reliability equipment. After merging these product lines into the product lines of XPEQT last year, he is now looking for new challenges in the field of reliability.

Kristof Croes

Kristof Croes received his M.S. (1993) in physics from the KUL, Belgium. In 1995, he got a master in biostatistics from the LUC, Belgium. In 1999 he obtained a Ph.D. about planning of reliability experiments. From 1999- 2001 he worked on a post-doc. Currently, he works for the company XPEQT, a company that builds test equipment for the micro-electronics industry.