> regarding sending the electronics copy, i was wondering if it is possible
to send the file via internet.
> my word file (3 megs even when zipped) does not fit into a std floppy disk
and i do not have access to any other type of
> disks. the instructions only show a mailing address, not an email address,
but my file size requires 3 floppies and
> i do not know how to chop the file into three pieces w/o risking a file
corruption upon re-combining.
Use irps@twcny.rr.com and/or vze2k395@verizon.net for email. 
If your file size gets too big you may have problems sending it as an attachment.
The email services say the limit is 2MB but files greater than 5 MB have been received. 

If you are using Win95 or 98, 
use pkzip in DOS mode with the "-&" option to span multiple floppies. 
Make sure you label each disk #1, 2, etc and your paper number (4D.2) 
with felt pen, so the correct order is maintained and start out with blank disks.
In DOS in your directory with the WORD document of your paper type:

x:>\pkzip -& a:\4D2.zip 4D2.doc 

Here is an extract from the pkzip manual:
-& Create multi-volume archive

When this option is specified PKZIP will create a .ZIP file which is larger
than a single floppy disk.  This option may only be specified when creating
a .ZIP file on removable media (i.e. a floppy disk or high capacity cartridge
If PKZIP encounters an unformatted floppy disk it will format it before it
continues. This means that you will not need to anticipate the exact number
of floppies that will be needed ahead of time. For complete information on
the use of this and related options, please see the PKZIP Backup Guide.

Another option is to use FTP to upload your file to ftp.irps.org /pub/irps/incoming
The incoming directory permissions have been set so you can write to it but 
not read it.  Just upload your file and send email to irps@twcny.rr.com so 
we can verify that it came in ok. Warning do not upload any directory structure. 
It will not be readable.

Don't forget to send hard copies by Feb 4.  You can send your biographies
via email (due January 28th) but the copyright forms (need hard copy) can 
come with the hard copy of the paper if you email us that you are doing this.