Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

my paper has been accepted for publication on IRPS. I would prefer to use latex for writing the paper, since I have to write a lot of formulars. Is it possible to use the IEEE latex style therefore?

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Hi Franz,

We will accept just your hard copy to the correct margins as a last resort and you can generate it anyway you can but....
If you use Latex to generate a good-quality, high-resolution pdf, its ok. But you need to use distiller 5.0 (or 4.0) in press optimized (not print optimized) mode or equivalent to generate a good quality pdf. Latex is notorious for giving bad screen images for reading from the CD but printing is usually good if the print density is set high otherwise ascenders and descenders tend to be very faint. I believe the first, fourth (pg17), and someother papers in IRPS 2001 were done in Latex and they did not print or look good on the cdrom. Last year's author kit (go to 2001 IRPS >authorkit on web)has some discussion about Latex and preparing files for the CDROM but these instructions were carried over from previous years and we are not sure what they mean. At one time we had Latex on one of our machines but we never used it but a couple of times. We refer problems with Latex to our daughter, Dr Jennifer Siders ( and our son-in-law, Dr Craig Siders ( but only if we get desperate. If you must use Latex and can't make a good quality pdf we might resort to just scanning to pdf from the hard copy you supply for the printed proceedings (it will be printed from press-optimized pdf's that we generate from the submitted Word documents) and for the CDROM which would not allow for searching on your paper's contents. I'm not sure the IEEE LaTeX style is exactly to the IRPS format but it is probably close.

Roy Walker
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Dad - Craig just updated Latex on my machine and now I can make a beautiful pdf from latex by pushing one button. Looks good on the screen and printed. I'l ask him what version of what he installed. -Jenny


Hi Franz-

This is Craig. This issue is becoming less of a problem as the recent versions of major TeX and DVI to PostScript converters are sensitive to this issue. Even better, using PDFLaTeX can produce PDF without the bad screen fonts and does an excellent job of hyperlinking all the usual LaTeX "counter based" things - for example in the text you might say "See Eq. 3" and in the PDF file would be a hyperlink there to take you to the equation (or figure, table, page, etc.).

I highly recommend the MikTeX installation for Windows ( as it's default install has never given me problems with the PDF files. Also, WinEDT ( is a tex editor I recommend, but it's not free as MikTeX is. It can be used as shareware with some nagging, though.

Finally, Adobe used to have several articles on their website concerning this issue, but they seem to have been removed. I'm guessing this may be because DVIps and such have corrected the problem in the recent versions.

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Prof. C.W. Siders
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