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8th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications




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Abed A. Baghli L. Razik H. Rezzoug A.

Modelling Induction Motors for Diagnostic Purposes
Abrahamsen Flemming Pedersen John K. Blaabjerg Frede Birk Jens

Comparison of Induction Motor and Sinewave PM Synchronous Motor Efficiency in HVAC Applications
Acarnley P P da Silva W G Finch J W

On-line Tuning of Electric Drive Speed Controllers Using Genetic Algorithms
Adler S. Machost D. Petzoldt J. Rafoth A. Schluß A.
Generation of Harmonics in Voltage- and Current-source-rectifiers
Akhbari M. Schanen J.L. Leturcq Ph. Berraies M.

Accurate Modeling of Commutation Cell for Loss Calculation and EMC Performance Prediction in Power Converters
Albach M. Sauerländer G.

Reduction of Magnetic Field Strength Generated by a Switched Mode Power Supply
Aldabas Rubira Emiliano Romeral Martinez José Luis Bedord Guaus David Arias i Pujol Antoni

A Vector Control Hysteresis Current Controller for Three Phase Loads
Alexa D. Six J.P. Sirbu A. Lazar A. Gatlan L.
Resonant DC-AC Converter with Low Pulsed Output Voltage
Alexa D. Ionescu F. Sirbu A. Lazar Gatlan L.
Filtering System Composed of a Passive Filters with the Capacitors connected in Parallel with the Diodes
Allard Bruno Ghedira Sami Ammous Anis Morel Hervé Renault Denise Ehlinger René Identification of the Technological Parameters of the Power Diode
Allard Bruno Morel Hervé Lin-Shi Xuefang Retif Jean-marie

Averaged Model of the 3-Phase Inverter for Control Design
Alou P. Cobos J.A. Uceda Javier Rascon M. de la Cruz E.
Trens in Low Power Low Voltage DC/DC Converters
Anders Markus Andresen Egon-Christian Binder Andreas

Determination of Thrust Force Ripple of a Spherical Linear PM Motor for a Direct Telescope Drive
Andersen G.K. Rasmussen P.O. Helle L.

An Integrated Single-Phase Power-Factor-Controlled Switched Reluctance Motor Drive with Minimum of Passive Components
Andersson Christian Alaküla Mats

A Matlab/Simulink Simulation Model of a Hybrid Electric Bus
Andersson Svante Alaküla Mats

Optimisation of a Servo Motor for an Industrial Robot Application
Ando Takeshi Suzuki M. Nakata K. Kaneko T. Ito K. Horie A. Advanced Anti-Slip Control for Rail Vehicles Based on Re-Adhesion Point Detection and Running Tests Results on Wheel-Rail Adhesion
Andreassen Pål Undeland Tore M. Norum Lars Nilssen Robert

Compact Design of a Low Loss 3-Phase PWM Inverter for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive With Battery Supply
Andreesn Gheorghe Daniel

Position and Speed Sensorless Control of PMSM Drives Based on Adaptive Observer
Arias A. Gonzalez D. Bedford D. Romeral J.L. Balcells J.
Improvement Possibilities of PWM voltage Inverter EMI Effects Using Different Modulation Methods
Arnaud Olivier

High Voltage Amplifier for Study Optimal Waveform of Power Supply on Ozone Production
Asher G.M. Ohyama K. Sumner M.

A Comparison of the Practical Performance and Operating Limits of Sensorless Induction Motor Drives Using a Closed Loop Flux Observer and a Full Order Flux Observer
Asher Greg Cilia J. Teske N. Sumner M. Bradley K.J.
Sensorless Rotor Position Estimation for Multiple Salient Induction Motors under Full Load Conditions
Ashraf Imtiaz

Energy Auditing of an Experimental 100kW (Peak) Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plant
Asztalos Tibor Isar Dorina Isar Alexandru

Adaptive Capturing Transient Signals Using Wavelets
Atkinson D.J. Hopfensperger B. Lakin R.A.

Field Oriented Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Machine using Coupled Microcontrollers
Attaianese Ciro Perfetto A. Tomasso G.

Position Control of Induction Motor by Means of Vectorial Torque Control (VTC) Strategy

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 name7 paper title
Ba-thunya A. S. Pillai S. K. Prasad D.

A New Clamping Circuit for Synchronous Quadi-Resonant DC-Link PWM Inverter with Minimum Voltage Stress Across the Switches
Ba-thunya A. S.

A Novel Clamping Circuit for High Frequency Transformer Assisted ZVS Quasi-Resonant DC-Link PWM INverter with Low Voltage Stress Across the Switches
Bäckström Thomas Sadarangani Chandur Östlund Stefan

Experimental Results and Improved Design of the Integrated energy Transducer for Hybrid Electrric Vehicle Drives
Baghli L. Abed A. Razik H. Rezzoug A.

Neuro-Fuzzy Vector Control of a Broken-Bar Induction Motor
Bagnoli P.E. Casarosa C. Dallago E. Venchi G.

Thermal Analysis of Packaged Power Devices
Balara D. Timko J.

Estimation of Mechanical Parameters of Induction Motor Using Neural Networks Principles
Balcells J. Lamich M. Gonzalez D.

Parallel Active Filter Based on Three Level Inverter
Balcells J. Gago J. Gonzalez D.

Effectiveness of Supply Decoupling Capacitors for Digital Circuits
Balcells J. Rodriguez P. Aldabas E. Bedord D.

Analysis of Power Factor Compensation Techniques in Three Phase Wire Systems Using the abc and aß0 Reference Axes
Bängtsson Hans Alaküla Mats

Compensation of Non Ideal Output Voltage Components From a 2-Level PWM VSI
Bannack A. Nguyen H. Riefenstahl U.

Tensile Force and Angular Synchronism Control for Flexibly Coupled Drives by the Example of a Cage-Stranding Machine
Barrero F. Millan R. Sanchez P.G. Sanchez M. Franquelo L.G.

XSIM: Software Package for Simulation of Induction Machines Suitable for Computed Assisted Education
Barrero F. Galvan E. Millan R. Torrellas J.V. Franquelo L.G.

FPGA Implementation of a Digital Tachometer for Angular Position ans Speed Measurement
Bartholomeus P. Le Moigne P. François M.

Interest and Limits of Quantum Resonant Series Converter for MultiKW AC/DC Power Supply
Bauer P. de Haan S.W.H.

Critical design Aspects of Electronic Tap Changer for 500 kVA Transformer
Bech Michael M. Pedersen John K. Blaabjerg Frede

Field-Oriented Control of an Induction Motor using Random Pulse Width Modulation
Bedford Guaus David Romeral Martinez José Luis Arias i Pujol Antoni Aldabas Rubira Emiliano

Fuzzy Adaptive Speed Controller Without Reference Model
Beer A. Okayama H. Stemmler H.

Transformerless Reactive Series Compensator for Power Flow Control
Belacheheb K. Saadate S.

The Use of UPFC for Unbalance Compensation of Electrical System
Belhadj J. Pietrzak-David M. Ghazel A. Slama-Belkhodja I. de Fornel B.

Sliding Mode Observer for the Direct Torque Control With An Optimised Switching Table
Bellini Alberto Filippetti Fiorenzo Franceschini Giovanni Tassoni Carla

Self-Commissioning Schemes for Field Oriented Induction Motor Drives
Belloy E. Gijs M.A.M.

New Etching - Electroplating Technology for Quality Factor Enhancement of Inductive Devices
Benzi Francesco Bassi Ezio

Performance Analysis of a Low-Level Fieldbus Protocol for Electrical Drives Systems
Bergogne Dominique Morel Hervé

Electro-Thermal Simulation of Power Devices and Modules
Bernard N. Multon B. Ben Ahmed H.

Open Loop Position with Current Control of a Synchronous Motor / Generator for Flywheel Accumulator
Bernet S. Steimer P.K.

IGCTs in Soft Switching Power Converters
Bester D. D. Mouton H. T. Enslin J. H. R.

Evaluation of Power-Ratings for Active Power Quality Compensators
Betin Franck Pinchon Daniel

High Precision Control of a Stepping Motor Drive Using Sliding Modes
Betz R.E. Jovanovic M.G.

Control Aspects of brushless Doubly Fed Reluctance Machines
Beuermann M. Barthelmeß R. Winter N.

New Diodes With Pressure Contact for Hard-Switched High Power Converters
Beuschel Michael Schröder Dierk

Identification and Compensation of Combustional Torque Pulsation by an ISAD-system Using a Harmonic Activiation Neural Network
Bianchi N. Bolognani S. Parasiliti F. Villani M.

Prediction of Overload and Flux-Weakening Performance of a IPM Motor Drive: Analytical and Finite Element Approach
Bianchi N. Bolgnani S.

Iron Saturation Effects on Parameters and Volt-ampere Ratings of an Interior PM Motor Drive for Flux-weakening Applications
Binder Andreas Jöckel Andreas Körner Olaf Pfeiffer Rudolf

Optimum Torque Transmission for High-Speed Locomotives: Cardan Hollow Shaft of Axle-Hung Drive
Birca-Galateanu Serban Bogus Cristian

New Synthesis Method for PWM Control Strategies
Blaabjerg Frede Kazmierkowski Marian P. Pedersen John K. Thoegersen Paul Toennes Michael

The Danfoss Professor Programme: A Highly Linked Industry-University Programme for a New Curriculum in Power Electronics and Drives
Bodson J-M. Bou Saada J. Colasse A. Delporte L. Masselus J-E. Mathys Pierre Osée M. ONIX 3000: an IGBT Propulsion Drive Directly Coupled to the 3kV Catenary for Railway Application
Bodson J-M. Bou Saada J. Colasse A. Colignon P. Delporte L. Masselus J-E. Mathys Pierre Study of Direct Series Connection of IGBT for a 3kV Chopper
Böhm P. Sigg J. Wachutka G.

Investigation of High Power Bus Bars by Transient Numberical Analysis
Bojrup Martin Karlsson Per Alaküla Mats Gertmar Lars

A Multiple Rotating Itegrator Controller for Active Filters
Bollen Math Svensson Jan Lidong Zhang

Testing of grid-connecte power-electronics converters for the effects of short circuits in the grid
Bolognesi P. Carrara G. Taponecco L.

Actual Solution of the General Harmonic Families Elimination Problem
Bolton Hugh

A Low Cost Method to Provide Bi-directional Starting Torque From a Single Phase Switched Reluctance Drive
Bonvin F. Perriard Y.

Low Cost Sensorless Position Detection for Brushless DC Motor
Bor-Ren Lin Yuen-Chou Hsieh

Dimming Control for High Intensity Discharge Lamp with Power Factor Correction
Bor-Ren Lin Hsin-Hung Lu

Single-Phase High Power Factor Pregulator wiht Multilevel PWM
Bor-Ren Lin Hsin-Hung Lu

Three-Phase AC/DC/AC Converter with Random Pulse Position PWM
Bor-Ren Lin Hsin-Hung Lu Ming-Ta Yang

Simulation and Implementation of Three-Phase Active Power filter with Simple Control Algorithms
Bosga Sjoerd Zelaya de la Parra Hector

Field-weakening Control of an Interior Permanent Magnet Motor for Application in Electric Vehicles
Bou Saada J. Colignon P. Delporte L. Thomas P. Mathys Pierre Osée M.
High Power Factor High Efficiency Bidrectional GTO Rectifier for Locomotive Application (2nd part)
Bouzourene A. Rojat G. Viverge P-J. Grellet G.

Long-term Evolution of Power MOS Component - Experiment and Theory
Bowes S.R. Grewal S.

Novel PWM Strategy for Single-phase Inverters
Brackley Mark Pollock Charles

Electronic Cancellation of Acoustic Noise in a Fan System Driven by a Switched Reluctance Motor
Brazhnikov A.V. Lyublinsky A.Y.

control Potentials and Advantages of Multihase AC Drives
Brenner Eberhard

Virtual Instruments for Measuring tasks on Power Electronics
Brock Stefan Deskur Jan Zawirski Krzysztof

Robust Speed and Position control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Sliding Mode Controller with fuzzy Interference
Brockmeyer A. Reinert J.

A Novel Method for the Prediction of Remagnetization Losses in Ferro- and ferrimagnetic Material
Brogan P. Yacamini R.

Stability of an active Filter Based on Voltage Feedback
Büchner Peter Habil Haenelt Dirk

Superposition of Power Converter Interferrences - A Simulation and Measurement Approach

Design Optimisation of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) Feedback Control
Burzanowska Halina

Direct Torque Controlled (DTC) Induction Motor Drive Simulation with Saber
Buso S. Capuano A. Mattavelli P.

Interactions Between Dead-Beat Controlled High-Quality Rectifiers and Input Filters
Butakov G.O. Pryymak B.I.

Synthesis of a Digital Following System of a Welding Manipulator with a Laser Range Finder within the Position Contour
Butt David Sumner Mark Clare Jon

Harmonic Compensation in Active Shunt Filters Using Controllers Employing Harmonic Rotating Frames of Reference

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 name7 paper title
Cacciato Mario Consoli Alfio Scarcella Giuseppe Testa Antonio

Conducted EMI Optimization by Variable Frequency Pulsewidth Modulation Techniques
Cakir Bekir Abut Nurettin

Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller for DC-dC Chopper Fed Traction Motor Drives
Camera A. Crovetto C. Fasce F. Pasqualetti M. Portesine M. Scicolone R. Zani P.E. Electrical and thermal Characterization of High Power Press-Packed IGBT
Cano J.M. Orcajo G.A. Cabanas M.F. Melero M.G.

TCR Based Reactive Power Compensator with Low Harmonic Injection
Càrdenas Roberto Pena Rubén Blasco Ramònaa

Flywheel Energy Storage System Using a Vector Controlled Induction Machine
Cardenas Victor Nunez Ciro Oliver Marco Ramirez Sinhue Visairo Nancy Sira-Ramirez Herbert
Non-linear Passivity Approach Applied to a Three Phase Active Shunt Power Filter
Cardesin J. Alonso J.M. Sebastian J. Kechmire M. Havez P.

Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost High-Power-Factor Battery-Charger Family for Lead-Acid Batteries
Carlsson A. Alaküla Mats Gertmar Lars

On Output Capacitor Size in Boost-Type Power-Converters with Constant Power
Carlton Dan Dunford William G. Edmunds Mark

Continuous Conduction Mode Operation of a Three-phase Three-level Power Factor Correction Circuit with Quasi Tri-directional Switches
Carmeli Stefania Castelli Dezza F. Monti A.

A New Approach to Fuzzy Rules Extraction for Electrical Drive Control
Carriero C. Raina F. Volpi G.F.

Comparison Between Hard and Soft Switched Topologies for Low Voltage Low Power DC-DC Converter in Space Application
Carter D.R.H. Rajamani H.-S. McMahon R.A.

The Design of Three Phase Induction Motors for High Speed Drives in Domestic Appliances
Casadei D. Grandi G. Reggiani U. Rossi C.

Active AC Line Conditioner for a Cogeneration System
Casadei Domenico Serra G. Tani A. Zarri L.

Analysis of the Current Ripple in Induction Motor Drives Controlled by SVM Technique
Castilla Manuel Borras Dolores Moreno Narcisco Montano Juan-Carlos

Wavelet and Neural Network Structure for Analyzing and Classifying Power System Disturbances
Castilla Miguel Garcia de Vicuna Luis Lopez Mariano Matas José Lopez Oscar

Electronic Transformer Using a Current-source Resonant Converter
Cataliotti A. Cirrincione M. Flaccomio A.

Neural Network Based Estimation of the Flux Space Vector Angle for a Rotor Resistance Independent Indirect Field Oriented Control
Chandrasekaran Sriram Lindner Douglas K. Louganski Konstantin Boroyevich Dushan

Sybsystem Interaction Analysis in Power Distribution Systems of Next Generation Airlifters
Chatroux Daniel Lausenaz Y. Villard J.F. Garnier L. Lafore D. Li J.M.
High Reliability High Voltage Fast Switches
Chatterjee T.K. Mittra D.K. Chandra D.

Microcomputer Based Fault Diagnosis of Double-Cage Flame-Proof Induction Motors Used for Shearers in Underground Coal Mines
Chaudhari B. N. Chaudhari Kirtimalini Wekhande S. S. Nankar Mahesh

An Integrated Laboratory Model for Experimentation on PWM Techniques at Undergraduate Level
Chaves M. Perro Luis Roque Antonio Prata Daniel Maia José Verdelho Pedro Esteves Jorge Control of an Electrical Kart With Two Independent Motors
Chen Y.S. Zhu Z.Q. Howe D.

Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Field-Weakening Performance of Permanent Magnet Brushless AC Drives
Cheng K.W.E. Chan H.L. Sutanto D.

Air-Core Transformer for High Frequency Power Conversion
Cheng K.W.E. Wang H.Y.

Three Phase Power Factor Correction Converter for Aerospace Application
Cheng K.W.E. Chan H.L. Sutanto D.

A Bi-Directional Phase-shift Resonant DC/DC Converter
Choe G-H. Chae Y-M. Kang B-H. Gho J-S. Shin W-S.

Wire Feeding Speed Control for Improving Welding Performances in Inverter Arc Welding Machine
Choe Gyu-Ha Lee Seung-Yo Choi Hae-Ryong Mok Hyung-Soo

Analysis and Design of Active Series Voltage Compensator with Harmonic Current Compensation
Choi Hae-Ryong Kim Hong-Sung Choe Gyu-Ha Mok Hyung-Soo

Power Factor and Dynamics Analysis in Arc Welding System Applying Single Switched Boost Converter
Choi J.Y. Choy I. Song J.H. Lee S.C.

A Neural Network-based Current Control Scheme for a 3-level Inverter
Chomat M. Schreier L. Bendl J.

Numerical Model of Adjustable-Speed Power Unit Using doubly Fed Machine with Cycloconverter in Rotor Circuit
Chrzan P.J. Szczesny R.

Teaching of AC Motor Field orientation Principles Enhanced with the TCAD circuit Simulator
Cincotti S. Marchesi M. Serri A.

A LabVIEW-based Experimental Example of Chaotic Transition in a Simple PWM Converter
Cocquerelle J.L. Pasquier C. Levron P.

Fields Radiation of an Elementary Power Electronic Converter
Coillot Patin Y. Forest F. Chantrenne P.

Analytic Modelling of the Thermal Behaviour of an Air-cored Coil Inductor
Comnac Vasile Cernat Mihai Moldoveanu Florin

The Control of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using a Gopinath Observer
Conraths Hermann-Josef Gießler Folke Heining Hans-Dieter

Shaft Voltages and Bearing Currents - New Phenomena in Inverter Driven Induction-Machines
Consoli A. Gennaro F. Testa A.

Analysis of Different Buck Topologies for High Efficiency Low Voltage Applications
Coquery G. Lallemand R. Wagner D. Piton M. Berg H. Sommer K.
Reliability Improvement of the Soldering Thermal Fatigue with AISiC Technology on Traction High Power IGBT Modules
Corda J. Al-Tayie J. K.

Dynamic Model of Linear Position Transducer Based on Reluctance Variation
Costa François Wilmot F. Forest F. Reby F. Bausière R.

An Innovative Gate Drive to Control Electromagnetic Perturbations Emitted by a MOSFET Chopper
Coulibaly P. Iturriz F. Meynard T. Bordry F. Dupaquier A.

Novel Topology for Four Quadrant Converter
Courault J. Lapierre O. Pouliquen J.L.

Multilevel Converters Industrial Interest
Cova Paolo Menozzi R. Pasqualetti M. Portesine M. Scicolone R. Zerbinati B.
Anomalous Overvoltage Oscillations in the Reverse Recovery of Power p-i-n Diodes: Experiments and Simulations
Crappe Michel Trécat J. Renglet M. Bacha S. Besenger Y. Coutois C. Talibart A. High Voltage Booster for Railways
Crebier Jean Christophe Buzon Didier Brunello Marc Ferrieux Jean-Paul

The Three-Phase Interleaved Boost Rectifier: Study and Comparison
Crebier Jean Christophe Brunello Marc Ferrieux Jean-Paul

EMI Forecast Method for PFC Rectifiers Operating in CCM
Crebier Jean Christophe Brunello Marc Ferrieux Jean-Paul

Differential Mode Current Harmonics Forecast for DCM Boost Rectifiers Design
Crivii M. Jufer M.

DC to AC Converters for Piezoelectric Motors
Cross A. Forsyth A. J.

Control of DC-Side Active Filter for Three-Phase Inverters in Aerospace Applications
Croulard V. Boichot Jérome Godoy Emmanuel Aymard Nicolas

An Output Feedback Design for Series-Parallel Resonant Converters
Cuadros C. Chandrasekaran S. Wang K. Boroyevich D. Lee F.C.

Modeling and Comparison of Two Modified Vector Modulation Schemes with Feed-forward Compensation for the Quasi-Single Stage Three-ohase Zero-voltage Zero-current Switched Buck Rectifier
Cupertino Francesco Salvatore Luigi Stasi Silvio

Soft Computation of Induction Motor State Variables Using Neural Observer
Cussac P. Bordry Frédérick Dupaquier A.

High Precision and High Frequency Four Quadrant Power Converter (+/- 600A, +/-12V)

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 paper title
D’Arrigo Aldo Rufer Alfred

Design of an Integrated Electromagnetic Levitation and Guidance System for SwissMetro
Dakyo B. Curea O. Raharijaona J. Barakat G.

Complex Signal Processing with Neural Network Based Singularities Recognition for Converter Fed Electrical Machines
Däubler Christian

Mechanisms of Generation adn Corrective Actions Against conductive EMI in the Line Current of the E 402 B Locomotive for the Italian State Railway
Dawidziuk Jakub

Comparison of the Efficiency of Soft and Hard Switching Inverters
De Bernardinis A. Meibody-Tabar F. Laporte B.

An Original Battery Charger for Embarked Systems
de Freitas L.C. Nascimento Acrisio J. Jr. Farias V.J. Vieira J.B. Jr.

PWM Control for Parallel Converters in the current sharing Mode
de Freitas Luiz Carlos Dias Célio Padua Pereira Adriano Alves Vieira Joao Batista Jr. Farias Valdeir José
Three Self-Resonant PWM Forward Converter Presented in a Comparative Form
de Haan S.W.H. de Visser C.B. Bauer P.

Comparison of Methods of Control for Three Phase PWM Step-up Rectifier Connected to an Asymmetrical Supply
De Paola Enrico

A Frequency Analysis Investigation of Digitalized Models Useful in Real-time Applications
De Paola Enrico Mantero Simone

An Optimised Control Strategy for Double Star Motors Configuration in Redundancy Operation Mode
De Paola Enrico Malacalza Filippo Monti Antonello

Frequency Behavior of a VSI 3-Phase Motor Drive fed by Synchronous Modulations
Dehong Xu Wei Feng

H Control of Electromagnetic Suspension for non-contact Conveyance of Thin Steel Plates
Deihimi Ali Farhangi Shahrokh

A Conceptual Optimal Design of Switched Reluctance Motors under Similar Asynchronous Motors Constraints
Dell’Aquila A. Liserre M. Zanchetta P.

An Overview on Nonoptimal, Optimal, Preoptimized and Fuzzy Current Regulated PWM Techniques
Dell’Aquila Antonio Liserre M. Zanchetta P.

A Fuzzy Logic Calculation of the Duty Cycle for the Space-Vector CRPWM
Delmotte Emmanuel Vulturescu B. Semail B. Bouscayrol A.

Comparison Between Two Analytical Determinations of Reduced-order Observer for Induction Machine Rotor Flux
Depenbrock M. Foerth Ch. Koch St.

Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Motors at Very Low Stator Frequencies
Deplazes R. Stemmler H. Steiner M.

Three-star Induction Motors in a New Transformerless Drive Topology for Traction Systems
Deur Josko Peric Nedjeljko

Design of Polynomial Speed Controller for Electrical Drives with Elastic Transmission
Dijkhuizen F. R. Dufarte J. L.

Optimal Drive Control Timing in Soft-Switched Nested-Cell Inverters
Dittrich Andreas Julen Eric

Synchronous Multi-Motor Drive with Field Oriented Position Control for Windpower Pitch Drive Application
Dobroslav Kovac

Measuring of the Non Harmonic High Voltage by Measurement Transformer
Dobrucky Branislav Pokorny Michal Racek Vladimir Havrila Rastislav

A New Method of the Instantaneous Reactive Power Determination for Single-Phase Power Electronic Systems
Doenitz S.

Comparison of Disturbance Suppression for Servo Drives
Doht Christian Unterlass Franz-Josef Hilscher Martin Prescher Klaus

Design and Performance of a Superconducting Energy Management Systems (SEMS) for Industrial Power Quality Applications
Dolezel Ivo Skramlik Jiri Valouch Viktor

Parasitic Currents in PWM Voltage Inverter-Fed Asynchronous Motor Drives
Drabek Jiri Valuska Jan

Software Systems VLAK for Computerized Traction Calculations
Drozdowski Piotr

Field Oriented COntrol of the Induction Motor Fed by a 3x3 Matrix Converter
Drümmer R. Reimann T. Berger G. Petzoldt J. Lorenz L.
On-Line Calculation of the Chip Temperature of Power Modules in Voltage Source Converters Using the Microcontroller
Drzewoski Ryszard Jelonkiewicz Jerzy Mendrela Ernest

Gearless Drive for Light Vehicles
du Toit J. A. Wilkinson R. H. Enslin J. H. R.

Evaluation of Converter Topologies for Module Based Control
Duarte J.L. Batchvarov J.S.

Wide-Bandwidth Current-Source Converter Based on Interleaved Power Modules
Dubowski Marian

Study of Stability of Indirect Field-Oriented Drive Systems
Duerbaum Thomas

Layer Based Capacitance Model for Magnetic Devices
Dumbrava St.

Linear Velocity Observers for Robot Motion Control
Dupuis S. Crappe M. Trécat J. Lo K.L. Ma T.T. Karoui K. Study of the Optimal Location and Control of UPFCs in a Standard Power System by Simulation with Eurstag
Dzieza Jerzy Czarkowski Dariusz

On H Control of an Induction Motor

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name1 name2 name3 name4 paper title
Eckert Sven Flannery John Meinhardt Mike Cian O Mathuna Sean Influence of Power Electronic packaging on Losses of DC/DC Converter in 50W to 200 W Range
Egger Andreas Schmid Martin

Double-Layer Capacitor Short-Time Storage Device in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Eikateb M.M. Li Ruomei Johns A.T.
Performance of Parallel Hybrid Filters in Damping Harmonic Resonance
El-Barbari Said Hofmann W.

Digital Control of a Three Phase 4 Wire PWM Inverter for PV Application
Empringham Lee Wheeler Patrick W. Clare Jon
Bi-directional Switch Commutation for an IGBT Matrix Converter
Endrikat Christian Krafka Peter Richter Steffen
MITRAC Drive Control Unit for Safe Motor Control
Enslin J. Malengret M. Mather
Weak Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems
Escalante Miguel F. Vannier Jean-Claude

Logic Approach for Balancing the Voltage of the Floating Capacitors of a 5-level Flying Capacitor Converter
Escané P. Lochot C. David M. de Fornel B. Electromechanical Interactions in a High Speed Railway Traction System Comparison Between Two Drive Control Structures
Espi J.M. Dede E. Maset E. Ramirez D. A Generalised Method to Obtain Large and Small-signal Equivlent Circuits of Resonant Inverters and Converters
Etique Michel Mondada

A High Performance Windows NT and DSP Based System for electrical Servo-Drives Teaching
Evans M. Wakeman F. Alderton W. Irons R. Design Concepts of a Bondless Pressure Contact IGBT
Evers W. Henneberger G.

A New Linear Drive for a Magnetic Levitation Transport System

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 name7 paper title
Farhangi Shahrokh Akmal Amir-Abbas Shayegan

A Simple and Efficient Optimization Routine for Design of High Frequency Power Transformers
Fedyczak Zbigniew Strzelecki Ryszard

Three-phase PWM AC Line Conditioners Using the Cuk Converter Topology: Study of the Basic Eenrgetic Properties
Fernandes B. G. Bagewadi M. D. Subrahmanyam R. V. S.

A Novel Quasi-Resonant DC Link Inverter Using Coupled Inductors
Fernao Pires V. Fernando Silva J.

Sliding mode Controller for Single Phase AC/DC Buck-boost Converter
Fernao Pires V. Amaral tito G. Fernando Silva J.

Fuzzy Logic Control of a Single Phase AC/DC Buck-boost Converter
Ferraris Luca Griva G.

Positive Line Inductance Effects on the harmonic Content Limiting the Single-Phase Thyristor Rectifier Adoptability in the Respect of the Low Frequency EMC Standards
Ferreira J.A. de Rooij M.A. van Wyk J.D.

Pulsed DC Bus Composite Converters
Ferreira Pinto Sonia Fernando Silva J.

Sliding Mode Control of Space Vector Modulated Matrix Converter with Sinusoidal Input/Output Waverforms and Unity Input Power Factor
Ferreres A.F. Carrasco J.A. Navarro E. Dede E.J.

A Full Regulated Two Output Forward Converter with a Novel Parallel Regulation Technique
Feuerstack Peter Orlik B.

EMC Filter for PWM Inverter-fed Motor Drives to Suppress Travelling Waves on Long Power Lines between Inverter and Motor
Fick Herbert J.

Standard Test Method for the Measurement of Thermal Resistance and Thermal Conductivity of Thin Insulating Material
Flach Erich

Design of a Kalman Filter for Direct Mean Torque Control
Flannery John Zacharias Peter Leonavicius Vytenis Meinhardt Mike O’Mathuna Cian

Impact of Encapsulation on the Reliability of Module Integrated Converters for Photovoltaic Applications
Forrai A. Hedesiu H.

Efficient Neuro-fuzzy Control Based on Virtual Instruments
Fortuna Stella Palazzoli Nicola

ASM Double Star System Instability in DC Line
Foussier P. Calmon F. Carrabina J. Fathallah M. Jorda X. Contrand C. Retif J.M. Practical Examples of Algorithm Integration for Electrical Machine Drives
Frackowiak Leszek Gwozdz Michal Ryszard Porada

The Active Differential Current Compensator Controllyed by Digital Signal Processor
François B. Bouscayrol A.

Design and Modelline of a Five-Phase Voltage-Source Inverter for Two Induction Motors
Frank W.

Multiple Mode Interrupt for On-Line Operation of Inverter Drives Using Personal Computer
Franke Torsten Zaiser G. Otto J. Honsberg-Ridel M. Sommer R.

Current and Temperature Distribution in Multi-Chip Modules under Inverter Operation
Fratelli Luigi Giannini G. Cascone B. Busatto G.

Reliability Test of Power IGBT’s for Railway Traction
Frederiksen Thomas M. Larsen Niels B. Andersen Michael A.E.

Comparison of Methods for Power Loss Reduction in the Vertical Deflection Power Amplifiers in TV-sets
French C.D. Acarnley P.P.

Real-time Thermal Management of Power MOSFETs in a Motor Drive System
Frenzke Thorsten Hoffmann Frank Langer Hans Georg

Speed Sensorless Control of Traction Drives - Experiences on Vehicles
Friedrich Thomas Fuchs Andrea Marquardt Rainer

Advanced Multi-System Locomotives using 6,5 kV-Power Semiconductors
Fukuda Shoji Yoda Takehito

Investigation of Current Controller for SIngle Phase PWM Converters based on the Internal Model Principle
Fukuda Shoji Ito Tomomichi

Modelling and Control of Three-Phase Voltage Souce Rectifier with Buck-Boost Operation

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 paper title
Gadoura Idris Suntio Teuvo

Internal Model Control for DC/DC Converters
Garcìa Cerrada A. Garcìa Gonzàlez

Control System for a UPFC in a Transmission Line
Garcia Melero Manuel Fernàndez Cabanas Manés Alonso Orcajo Gonzalo Cano Rodriguez José Manuel
An Automated Insulation Failure Detection System for Working Induction Motors
Garcia Melero Manuel Fernàndez Cabanas Manés Rodriguez Faya Francisco Hiram Rojas Carlos Solares Sariego Juan Electromagnetic Torque Harmonics for On-Line Interturn Shortcircuits Detection in Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Geitner Gert-Helge Schönfeld Rolf

Distributed Motion Control - Use of Function Chart a SIMULINK 2.2 Add-on Block Library
Gerling Dieter

Design of a Single-Phase Reluctance Actuator with Large Linear Stroke
Germano Paolo Macabrey N. Jufer Marcel

Contactless Power Transmission: Linear Positioning of the Moving Element
Gerstenmaier Y.C.

A New Procedure for the Calculation of the Temperature Development in Electronic Systems
Gheraia H. Berkouk E.M. Manesse G.

PWM Strategies of a Seven Levels NPC Source Voltage Inverter. Application to the Induction Machine Drive
Gijs M.A.M. Dezuari O. Gilbert S.E. Belloy E.
Development of a New Hybrid Technology for Inductive Device Applications
Giuclea R. Burtea V. Kreindler L. Dumitrescu A. Antognini L. Sensorless Control of Brushless AC Servomotor
Godfroid H. Tnani S. Jones S.R.

Technical Evolutions and Industrial Applications of Active Filters
Göhler L. Kelting K.

A Unified Compact Model for Depletion MOSFETs in Smart Power Applications
Goldemberg Clovis de Arruda Penteado Aderbal Jr.

An Experimental and Computational Tool for Teaching Induction Motor Drives
Gonthier Laurent Duclos Franck Mathias Joël

A Novel Overvoltage Protected Logic Level AC Switch Thanks to Functional Integration
Gontrand Ch. Villard B. Chante J.P. Pedron Th.
Monolithic Integration of High Voltage Devices Compatible with a Standard 5-V CMOS Technology
Gonzalez D. Gago Javier Balcells Josep

Experimental Method for the EMI Source Impedance Estimation in Power Electronics
Gow J A Bleijs J A M

A Modular DC-DC Converter and Maximum Power Tracking Controller for Medium to Large Scale Photovoltaic Generating Plant
Green Simon R. Atkinson D.J. Mecrow B.C. Jack A.G.
Fault Tolerant UPF Converters Operating from a Variable Frequency Supply for an Aerospace Application
Grigore Vlad Kyyrä Jorma

Topologies for Unity Power Factor AC/DC Conversion with Reduced Conduction Losses
Grüning H.E.

Design and Manufacturing of Application Specific High Power Converters
Grzesiak Lech Beliczynski Bartlomiej

Dynamic Neural Network Architecture for Estimating of Stator and Rotor Flux Vectors
Grzesiak Lech M. Koczara Wlodzimierz da Ponte Manuel

Load-adaptive Variable Speed Generating System - Behaviour Analyse of Step Load
Grzesik B. Kaczmarczyk Zbigniew Kasprzak Marcin

Maximizing of Output Power of Parallel REsonant Inverter by means of Frequency and Amplitude Control
Guérin P. Miègeville L. Bizien A.

Optimal Placement and Size of a Singl Harmonic Filter
Guffon Séverine Bacha Seddik Davoine Jacques

Sliding Mode Control for Active Filtering with Improvement of the High Frequency Range Spectrum
Guidchon Jean-Michel Retiere Nicolas Gerbaud Laurent Schaeffer Christian
Simulation of an Induction Motor Drive under Inverter Leg Short-Circuit Operations
Guillaud X. Vandecastelle F. Wulverick M. Hautier J.P.
New Concept of Controller for the Control of Alternative Quantities
Guinee Richard A. Lyden Colin

Accurate Modelling and Simulation of a High Performance Permanent Magnet Adjustable Speed Drive System for Embedded Industrial Applications
Guitton Fabrice Magnon Didier

Use of a “Normally On” GTO in a Linear Mode to Commute Lower than 1 kW Powers on 240 V/50 Hz
Guitton Fabrice Magnon Didier

Determination of DI/DT Allowing to a Solid Switch to Commute on the Mains While Fulfilling the EMC Conducted Standards
Gupta R.A. Tiwari H.P.

Simulation of Load Diturbances on Saturated Cage Induction Motor Drive Fed From 3/6 Pulse Cycloconverter
Gutierrez-Alcaraz G. Fuerte-Esquivel C.R.

Incorporation of a HVDC Link in a Power Flow Rectangular Formulation Based on the Variable Elimination Method

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 paper title
Ha In-Joong Ahn Byoung-Gyo

Flux-Weakening Control of IPM Motors with Nonsinusoidal Back-EMF
Hadjidj D. Kauffmann J. M.

Modelling and Simulation of a New In-Wheel Motor
Hadzimejlic Nijaz Sabanovic Asif Behlilovic Narcis

Electrical Vehicle Main Drive Control System
Hakan Akpolat Z. Asher Greg M. Clare Jon C.

Equivalence of Fuzzy and Classical Controllers: An Approach to Fuzzy Control Designs
Halasz S. Zaharov A.

Analysis of Two-Phase PWM Technique In Inverter AC Drives
Hamada Daisuke Uchida Kenji Yusivar Feri Haratsu Hiroyuki Wakao Shinji Onuki Takashi Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor using Linear Reduced Order Observer including Disturbance Torque Estimation
Hamill David C. Tavakoli Bina Mohammad

A Classification Scheme for Facts Controllers
Hanitsch R.E. Rolim L.G.B.

Soft Switching Converter and Switched Reluctance Motor
Hansen P. Blaabjerg F. Madsen K.D. Pedersen J.K. Ritchie E.
An Accurate Method for Power Loss Measurements in Energy Optimized Apparatus and Systems
Harada Kazurou Shigemoto Hiromitsu Ishihara Yoshiyuki Todaka Toshiyuki Ueda Kiyoshi Nakamura Hideji Zero-Voltage-Switching Boost Converter for On-Board EV Charger
Harnefors Lennart

Instability Phenomena in Sensorless Control of Induction Motors
Hasan S. Atout M.M. Al-Dhalaan S.M.S.

Prtection of the Modified HVDC Converters Using an Ultra Fast Hybrid Circuit Breaker
Hashimoto Shin-ichi Tanaka Koji Miki Ichiro

An Autotuning Method for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives Considering Stator Core Loss
Hatanaka Yoshihiro Kirihara Akio Shimajiri Satoru

Novel Zero Current Switching High Frequency Inverters with Constant Frequency Power Control
Hattori Hiroshi Yamamoto Hisaaki Nakaoka Mutsuo

A Novel Prototype of Three Phase Voltage-fed Soft-switching PWM Inverter Using resonant Snubbers
Hauck Bernhard Hexamer Bernd

Testbench for Electric Vehicle Drives
Henning U. Kamp P. G.

Static Frequency Converter of the Transrapid Propulsion System - Results of Operation
Herminjard J. Zimmermann C. Monnier R.

Three-Phase Unity Power Factor AC/DC Converter with Dual Isolated DC/DC Converter for a Battery Charger
Hernandez Pablo Monterde Fernando Burdio José M. Garcia José R. Martinez Abelardo
About the Power Losses Distribution in Inductors for Induction Cooking Appliances
Hernando Marta Villegas P. Sebastian Javier Fernandez A. Cardesin J.
Using the Zeo Voltage Transition Sepic Converter in a 1 kW aC-to-DC Power Factor Correction Application
Hertel Lars Hofmann W.

Design and Test Results of a High Speed Bearingless Reluctance Motor
Hexamer Bernd

Implementation of Closed-Loop Controllers for Switched Reluctance Drives on Microcontrollers and DSP Controllers
Hidalgo Francisco M. Pérez Heredia Larrubia Juan R. Vargas Merino Francisco

Harmonic Reduction in DC Link Current of a PWM Drive by Direct ripple Reinjection
Hilpert Gerald Marquardt Jörg

IPM: A Power Electronic Switch for Modular High Power Traction Converters
Hissel D. Maussion P. Faucher J.

Robust Pre-established Settings for PID-like Fuzzy Logic Controllers
Hocenski Zeljko Martinovic Goran

Fault Detection Evaluation of Microcontroller Dyad Control System
Hoene E. Simsek A. Reichl H.

Simulation of Conducted Electromagnetic Interference of Inverter-Fed Induction Motors
Hofmann Blümel Roland

Mitigation of Torque Transients of Power Enhanced Alternators Produced by a Novel Windings-Turn-Over-Converter for Automotive Applications
Hofmann W. Tenberge P.

Design and Control of an Hybrid Transmission with Electrical Power Splitting
Holtzhausen H. N. Enslin J. H. R.

Evaluation of a New Controller for a Shunt Active DC Power Filter in HVDC Systems
Hopfensperger B. Atkinson D.J. Lakin R.A.

Position Sensorless Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Machine
Hövermann M. Orlik B. Schumacher U.

Operation of Sensorless AC Drives at Low Frequency
Hrabovcova V. Rafajdus P. Licko M. Janousek L.

Losses in Switched Reluctance Motor
Hubé J.M. Flieller D. Louis J.P.

Modeling of a Phase Loop Lock Controlled Resonant DC-AC Converter
Hui S. Y.R. Tang S. C. Chung H.

An Isolated Low Profile Power Converter Using Coreless PCB Transformer
Hui S. Y. R. Tang S. C. Chung H.

Coreless Printed Circuit Board Transformers- A New Concept for Energy and Signal Transfer
Huisman H. Smits E. J. F. M. Knaapen R. J. W. Thoolen F. J. M.

Using the Emafer Flywheel for Power Demand Smoothing in the ULEV-TAP Light-Rail Vehicle
Huisman H. Smits E. J. F. M. Veltman A.

Control Design for a Hybrid City Bus
Huppunen Jussi Pyrhönen Juha

Sine Wave Filter for PWM-Inverter Driven Medium-Speed (<30000 rpm) Solid-Rotor Induction Motors

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name1 name2 name3 paper title
Ida Shoji Fujikawa Hiroyuki Masukawa Shigeo PWM Schemes for Three-Phase Current Source Inverter in Photovoltaic Power System
Iden Stefan Vaupel Gustav
Harmonic Distortions in Power System of Diesel Electric Propelled Ships
Iglesias I. J. Lafoz M.
Experimental Results of a bi-directional SVM Current Source Inverter Induction Machine Drive
Iglesias I. J. Agudo A.
Analysis and Simulation of Three-Level Voltage Source Inverters and its Application to Flywheel Energy Storage Systems
Inderka R. Menne M. De Doncker R.W. Generator Operation of a Switched Reluctance Machine Drive for Electric Vehicles
Ioinovici A. Axelrod B. Berkovichi J. A Novel Induction Heating AC-AC Converter with Unity Power Factor and Soft Commutation
Ivanov I. Huba M. Zalman M. Minimum Time Pole Assignment Control of a DC Motor

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name1 name2 name3 paper title
Jagiello Andrzej Nowacki Zbigniew
The Technological Requirements in Paper Industry Refer Multimotor Drives
Jankovic Marko Ninkovic Predrag
A New Current-mode Control Method for the Constant Frequency DC/DC Converters
Janning Jörg Schmidt R.
Standardized Back-to Back Converter for the Flexible Energy Exchange between the 50 Hz Public Grid and 162/3Hz Railway Grid
Janßen M. Steimel A. Wu X. Q. A Double Three-Level GTO Inverter Drive for High Performance Applications with Stator-Flux-Oriented Control
Januszewski Stefan Zymmer Krzysztof
An Overcurrent Portection Coordination in Converters with IGBT Transistors
Jàrdàn Rafael K. Nagy Istvàn Raaijen Evert Power Factor Correction in a Co-Generation System
Jayne M.G. Ludtke I.
Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors
Jeannin P.O. Akhbari M. Schanen J.L. Influence of Stray Inductances on Current Sharing During Switching Transitions in Paralleled Semiconductors
Jelonkiewicz Jerzy Przybyl Andrezej
Efficiency Optimal Control Method of Induction Motor Drive for Light Vehicles
Jeong Seung-Gi

The Capacity of Shunt Type Active Power Filter with a Thyristor Converter Load
Jezernik Karel

Torque and Stator Flux Control of Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle
Jones S. Mirzaian A. Manuelle P. Single Phase 25 HZ Converter for New York Subway
Jonsson Tomas Homberg Per Tulkiewicz Thomas Evaluation of Classical CCC and TCSC Converter Schemes for Long Cable Projects
Joyce J.C. Palmer P.R.
The Causes of Current Redistribution in IGBTs During Turn-Off

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 paper title
Kabzinski Jacek Wasiak Grzegorz

Speed Estimation Methods for Sensorless PM Synchronous Drives - Robustness against Flux Distribution Irregularities
Kabzinski Jacek

Neuro-Adaptive Controllers for Electrical Drives Applications
Kajioka Morimasa Watada Masaya Ebihara Daiki

The Study of Development for the Linear Magnetic Position Sensor
Kalachnikov S. N.

Direct Harmonic Control Method for Active Power Filters
Kaminski Nanado Francis Richard Ng Chiu Linder Stefan
1200V Merged PIN Schottky Diode with Soft Recovery and Positive Temperature Coefficient
Kamp P.G.

A High Power Multilevel Voltage Source Converter for the Power Supply of High Speed Trains
Kang Dae-Wook Lee Yo-Han Suh Bum-Seok Hyun Dong-Seok
A New Carrierwave-Based SVPWM for Multilevel H-Bridge Inverter
Kapoor A. K. Tripathi A. N.

PC Based Combined Harmonic and Power Analyser: An Educational Tool for Power Electronic Laboratories
Karmous M. Billod J.L. Décosterd J. Espanet C. Kauffmann J.M. Feeding and Control of a Brushless Triphase Motor for an Electric Bicycle with Energy Recuperation
Karrer Nicolas Hofer-Noser Patrick Henrard Daniel

A New Current Probe with a Wide Bandwidth
Kataoka Teruo Murota Isamu Nishikata Shoji

A PWM Rectifier Wtih The Function of an Active Power Filter
Kaukonen Jukka Niemela M. Puyhönen O. Luukko J.
Current Model Accuracy in Synchronous Motor DTC-Drives
Kawabata Yoshitaka Nishiyama Yoshihiro Asai Hiroyuki Ejiogu Emenike Kawabata Takao High Efficiency Drive System Using Three Level Inverter and Two Level Inverter
Kawkabani B. Simond J.-J. Sapin A.

Modelling and Transient Simulation of Facts in Power Systems
Kennel Ralph Kobs Gerhard Weber Rupert

Digital Control of Industrial Servo Drives for Machine Tools
Khatir Zoubir

Implementation of 1-D Physical Models of High Power Semiconductor Devices in the Saber Simulator
Khatir Zoubir Lefebvre Stéphane

An Educational Simulation Tool for High Power Bipolar Devices
Kikuchi Shinki Ishikawa Kazumi

A New Linear Induction Motor Utilizing a Parametric Oscilaation
Kim Jeongha Kubota Hisao Matsuse Kouki

Stable Identification of Rotor Time Constant for Induction Motor Using Fixed Trace Algorithm
Kim Rae-Young Lee Yo-Han Hyun Dong-Seok

SVPWM for Small Fluctuation of Neutral Point Currenbt in High Index Modulation Region of the Three-Level Inverter
Kimura Noriyuki Tanaka Kazunori Morizane Toshimitsu Taniguchi Katsunori Irie Hisaichi Analysis of HVdc Converter with Immittance Conversion Link
Kisck Dragos Ovidiu Bucurenciu Sorin Bucurenciu Mariana Sirbu Gabriel Kisck Mariana Real-time Parameter Estimation of Vector-Control induction Motor Fed by CR-PWM Using Extended Kalman Filter
Kjellqvist Peter Carlsson Frederick Östlund Stefan

Linear Electromechanical Actuators for Traction Applications
Klaassens J.B. Lomonova E. A. Volsky S. I.

Bi-directional Electrical Drive of a Linear Movement with Improved Characteristics for Spacecraft Applications
Kleveland Frode Undeland Tore M. Langelid John K.

How to Make an IGBT Faster in Soft Switching Applications
Klima Jiri

Analytical Solution of Space-Vector PWM-Fed Induction Motor under Steady-State and Transient Conditions
Koczara W. Dakyo B. Protin L.

End-user Active Filter of Utility Voltage Distortions
Koczara W. Seliga R. Matraszek J.

Sine-Wave Voltage Inverter for Variable Speed Cage Induction Motor Drive System
Koczara W. Matraszek J. Seliga R.

Three-Phase Four-Quadrant Sinusoidal Voltage dc/ac Converter as Non-polluting Interconnection Link to Utility
Konishi Yoshihiro Nakaoka Mursuo Ishibashi Masaki Baba Naoya
Three-phase Current Source Soft Switched PWM Converter with Resonant DC Link Snubber
Köpken Hans-Georg Eckardt Dieter

Enhanced Sigma-Delta A/D Converter for High Performance Variable Speed Drives
Krafft E. Steimel A. Steinke Jürgen

Three-Level High-Power Inverters with IGCT fand IGBT Elements Compared on the Basis of Measurements of the Device Losses
Kragset Vidar Nilssen Robert

A PWM Converter for Excitation of Induction Generators
Krautstrunk Alexander

Remedial Strategy for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
Krüger Michael

Integrated Traction and Charging Unit for Battery Fed Vehicles
Kuert Ch. Germano P. Jufer M.

Automated Test Bench for Electric Drives: Modular Layout of Soft- and Hardware
Kuniomi Oguchi Toshiharu Karaki Nobukazu Hoshi

Space Vectors of Output Voltages of Reactor-Coupled Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage-Source Inverters
Kyyra Jorma

Simulation of Phase-Shift controlled Six-Pulse Converters Based on Switching Vector

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 name7 paper title
Lai J. C. S. Wang C. Pulle D. W. J.

A Statistical Method for the Prediction of Acoustic Noise Radiation from Induction Motors
Lai Yen-Shin

Sensorless Vector-Controlled Induction Motor Drives Using Random Switching Technique for Inverter Control
Lamaison-Urioste R.M. Esquivel A. Bordonau J. Peracaula J.

A Generalized approach to Obtain the Steady-State Characteristics of DC/DC and DC/AC Resonant Converter
Lampersberger Markus Weiss Helmut Ebner Peter

Improving the Performance of a Rotating System Tie Frequency Converter Control
Lanfrachi V. Depernet D. Goeldel C.

A Study of Harmonics Reduction by Active Filter in PWM VSI Induction Motor Drvies
Lara Jorge Guzman Victor Manuel Gimenez Maria Isabella Restrepo José Aller José Manuel Bueno Alexander
Comparative Analysis of Voltage Regulators Based on Thyristors and IGBT Switches Applied to AC Machines
Latkovskis L. Rashevits K. Stabulnieks J.

Maximum Power Transfer in Small Wind Energy Conversion Systems with Permanent Magnet Generator for Heating Purposes
Laur J.-P. Sanchez J.-L. Austin P. Jalade J. Marmouget M. Breil M. Roy M. New Integrated Device for Units Protection: Circuit-Breaker Structures
Lausenaz Yvan Chatroux Daniel Villard Jean François Lafore Dominique Li Jean-Michel

Serial Connected Active Voltage Clamping
Le Claire J.C. Siala S. Saillard J. Le Doeuff R.

A New Pulse Modulation for Voltage Supply Inverter’s Current Control
Lecocq Daniel Lataire Philippe

Direct Torque Control in Symmetrical Double Fed Asynchronous Motor Drives
Lee Yo-Han Suh Bum-Seok Hyun Dong-Seok

Instantaneous current Control Scheme for Neutral Point Voltage in 3-Level PWM Rectifier/Inverter System
Lequeu Thierry Gonthier Laurent Mathias Joel Cheron Benjamin

A New Design of Commuttion Cell for AC/AC Conversion
Lesage P. Pulle Duco W.J. Alaküla M. Gertmar L.

Modular Vector Drive System: Implications for Magnetic Motor Desing
Lettner Ernst Dietwart Morlang Holger Endrikat Christian Oom Peter

MITRAC Drive Control Unit for Adtranz Product Platforms
Levi E. Liao Y.W.

Rotor Flux Oriented Induction Machines as a DC Power Generator
Levi E. Wang M. Jovanovic M.

Main Flux Saturation Compensation in Sensorless Vector Controlled Induction Machines for Operation in the Field Weakening Region
Li Yaohua Jiang Lu

Sensorless Control of PMSM with an Adaptive Observer
Ligot Dominique Rousseau Jean-Jacques Allard Bruno Morel Hervé Renault Denise

From the Modeling of Magnetic Comonenets to the Simulation of Converters
Lindemann A.

Electrical Behaviour of a New Gallium Arsenide Schottky Diode for Power Applications
Lindgren Björn

Topology for Decentralised Solar Energy Inverters with a Low Voltage AC Bus
Lindström J. Luomi J.

A 100 kW Electric Drive for a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Lipphardt Götz

A New Field Supply Concept for Industrial Adjustable DC Drives
Lisik Zbigniew Michalski Tadeusz Szczepaniak Zbigniew

Thyristor Intelligent Power Module (IPM) with Temperature Protection
Lopez Lapena Oscar Garcia de Vicuna Luis Matas Jose Castilla Miguel Lopez Mariano

A New Unity Power Factor AC/DC Converter Based on Energy Recirculation
Lopez Lapena Oscar Garcia de Vicuna Luis Matas José Lopez Mariano Castilla Miguel

A Sliding Mode Control Design of an active Power Filter With a Low-pass Filter as Input Stage
Lopez Mariano Garcia de Vicuna Luis Castilla Miguel Lopez Oscar Matas José

Sliding Mode Control Strategy Applied to Parallel-connected Converters
Lopez Mariano Garcia de Vicuna Luis Castilla Miguel Matas José Lopez Oscar

Sliding Mode Control Design for Modular Power Systems with Line Filters Using Lyapunov’s Direct Method
Lorenz Leo März Martin

CoolMOS - A New Approach Towards an Idealized Power - Switch
Lorenz Robert D. Aime M.L. Degner M.W. Tice N.

The Effects of Saturation on Flux Angle Estimation for Sensorless, Direct Field Oriented Control of Induction Machines
Lorenz Robert D. Nagel N.J.

Rotating Vector Methods for Analysis and Control for Smooth Torque and Self-Sensing Motion Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
Luk Patrick Chi-Kwong Jinupun Poramaste

A Novel Scheme for Sensor-less Control of switched Reluctance Motor Drives
Lüttin Thomas Herbst Ingo

Modular Power Converter (MPC) IGBT-Converter Series for High Power Applications in Electrical Tractiona
Luukko Julius Tunkkari Ilkka Purhönen Juha

A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drive for a Miniature Hydro Power Station

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name1 name2 name3 name4 name5 name6 name7 paper title
Maaziz M. K. Boucher P. Dumur D.

A Nonlinear Predictive Control Strategy for Induction Machines
Maes Jehudi Melkebeek Jan

Adaptive Flux Observer for Sensorless Induction Motor Drives with Enhanced Dynamic Performace
Magalhaes de Oliveira Marcio Ekstrom Ake

Applying Switches and Compensators Based on Power Electronics for Mitigating Voltage Interruptions and Sags in Distribution Systems
Magzan Ante Marijan Sinisa Ungarov Josip

Railway Passenger Coach Multi-System Feeding Converter
Magzan Ante Peric Nedjeljko Petrovic Ivan

Generalized Predictive Controller Applied in Boost Converter Input Current Control
Mahlein J. Simon O. Braun H.

A Matrix Converter with Space Vector Control enabling Overmodulation
Mamo M. Oyama Jun Abe T. Higuchi T. Yamada E.

Carrier Frequency Method of Interior Permanent Magnet Motors Rotor Position Determination
Manjrekar Madhav D. Lund Richard Steimer Peter Lipo thomas A.

Control Strategies for a Hybrid Seven-level Inverter
Marchesoni Mario Mozzone Domenico

An Innovative Power Train with Integrated Management System for Road Vehicles (Vans, Trucks and Buses)
Marion-Pera Marie-Cécile Robert B. Goeldel C.

Quasiperiodicity and Chaos in a Step Motor
Marongiu L. Damiano A. Gatto G. Perfetto A.

An Improved Look-up Table for Zero Speed Control in DTC Drives
Martin J.A. Pernia A.M. Fernandez F.M. Nuno F. Diaz J.

Intelligent and Universal Fast-Charger for NI-CD and NI-MH Batteries in Portable Applications
Martins Antonio P. Carvalho Adriano S.

Fuzzy Logic Based Control for Power Electronics - A Case Study
Martins Ronan Marcelo de Oliveira Aloisio de Paula Silva Sergio Ferreira

Fuzzy Logic to Correct Power Factor Considering Power Quality
Martinsen Frank Eretveit Ragnar

Modeling Simulation and Measurement of Harmonic Distortion in Ship Power Network with Large Content of VSD
Masmoudi A. Derbel N. Ouali A.

Fuzzy Logic Based Stator Flux Oriented Control of the Doubly Fed Synchronous Machine
Matas José Garcia de Vicuna Luis Lopez Oscar Castilla Miguel Lopez Mariano

Sliding Control Design of Switchging Regulators Based on Ackermann’s Formula
Matas José Garcia de Vicuna Luis Lopez Oscar Lopez Mariano Castilla Miguel

Sliding-LQR Based Control of DC-DC Converters
Matos R. Esteves N. Esteves J. Verdelho P.

PMSM Drive with Bi-directional Power Transfer Capability
Matsuda H. Miwa J. Yanagisawa S. Tsuchihasi S. Iwano Y. Tsunoda Y. Iesaka S. High Power (4.5kV, 4kA Turn-off) IEGT
Matsui Nobuyuki Kosaka Takashi Sanada Masayuki Takeda Yoji

Comparative Evaluation of Torque/Radial Force for Switched Reluctance Motors
Matsuse Kouki Fushimi Taketo Natsume Hidekatsu

A Method of Speed Sensorless Vector Control of Parallel Connected Dual Induction Motor
Maxim Gheorghe Maxim Adrian Andreu Danielle Boucher Jacques

Power Pin Diode Electro-Thermal Spice Macromodel with Forward and Reverse Recovery
Mazgaj W. Mikulik J.

The Influence of an Excitation Frequency and Material Parameters on an Induction Distribution and Eddy Currents in Ferromagnetic
Mazzucchelli Maurizio Marchesoni Mario Tenca Pierluigi

Analysis of DC-link Voltages Balance in AC-DC-AC Diode-clamped Capacitors Multilevel Converters
Meinhardt Mike Alderman Arnold Eckert Sven Flannery John Cheasty Philip O’Mathuna Cian
STATPEP - Current Status of Power Electronic Packaging (PEP) for Power Supplies
Meinhardt Mike Flannery John Cheasty Philip Byrne Patrick Briggs Ken Barrass Pete Drury Bill State of the Art of Integrated Power Modules (IPMs) for 0.75kW and 2kW Drive Applications
Meinhardt Mike Duffy Maeve O’Donnell Terence O’Reilly Steve Flannery John O’Mathuna Cian
Integration of Inductor and Transformer using Standard Planar Cores
Melito M. Belverde G. Galluzzo A. Musumeci S. Raciti A.

High-voltage Cascode Monolithic Switch in QRC Applications
Melito M. Belverde G. Galluzzo A. Musumeci S. Raciti A.

Performance Evaluations of Series Connected IGBT Switching
Mendes A.M.S. Marques Cardoso A.J.

Fault Diagnosis in a Rectifier-Inverter System Used in Variable Speed AC Drives by the Average Current Park’s Vector Approach
Meo Santolo Attaianese C. Perfetto A.

Voltage Feeding Algorithms Oriented to Vectorial Control of Induction Motor Drives: Comparison among Different Strategies Based on State Feedback Approach
Mertens Axel Bruckmann M. Greif T. Sommer R. Spitz M.

Medium Voltage Inverter Using High-Voltage IGBTs
Millet C. Pierquin J. Bergmann C.

Identification of a small Power Induction Machine. Application to Compare a Parameter Identification and Some New Classical Test to Measure the Saturation
Millour Claude

10.5 KW Degaussing Power Amplifier Characteristics Last Improvements Futur
Millour Claude Poupard Sandrine Teyssier Emmanuel Hincker François Ohanessian Hagop

Digital Control and AC Multilevel Converter
Milosavljevic Ivana Borojevic Dusan Celanovic Ivan

Modulareized Communication and Control Architecture for power Converters
Miti G. K. Renfrew A. C.

Micro-Processor Implementation of a Current Profiing Scheme for Field-Weakening Performance Enhancement in Brushless DC Motors
Mitti G. K. Renfrew A. C.

Analysis and Simulation of a Current Profiling Scheme for Field-Weakening Performance Enhancement in Brushless DC Motors
Mobin Ulhaq Syed Nakaoka Mutsuo Takano Hiroshi

State-Variable Equation Based Simulation Technique for Power Electronic Circuit and Systems
Mohan Ned

First Course on Power Electronics Simplified by Unifying Analysis of PWM Converters as Cycle-by-Cycle Averaged Two-ports and by PSpice-based Simulations
Mohan Ned

Explanation of De-tuning in Vector-controlled Induction-motor Drives Simplified by Physical-principles-based Analysis and Modeling Using PSpice
Mohan Ned Ayyanar Rajapandian

Extensions of a new full-ZVS-range DC-DC Converter with Reduced Magnetics Requirement
Moinuddin Siddiqui A. S. Sharma A. K. Gupta J. P.

A Multi-Level Fuzzy Rule Based Control Strategy for Maglev System
Molcrette Vincent Kotny Jean-Luc Swan Jean-Paul Brudny Jean-François

Using of the Virtual Air-gap Technique for Active Filtering of Non-linear Load Powered by Transformer
Moldoveanu Florin Cernat Mihai Comnac Vasile

Torque and Speed Control of Inverter-fed Synchronous Motor with Permanent Magnet Excitation Using Sliding Mode
Mollov Stefan Forsyth A.J.

Modelling and Control Design Issues for the Modified Series Resonant Converter
Monmasson E. Hechelard E. Louis J.P.

Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture Dedicated to the Test of PWM Algorithms
Monterde Fernando Hernandez Pablo Burdio José M. Garcia José R. Martinez Abelardo

Comparison of Control Strategies for Series-REsonant Full-Bridge Inverter for Induction Cookers
Monterde Fernando Hernandez Pablo Burdio José M. Garcia José R. Martinez Abelardo

Multiple-Output Series-Resonant Inverter for Induction Cookers
Morcos Medhat M. Mersman Curtis R.

On the Design of a Novel Microprocessor-based Ferroresonant Battery Charger for Electric Vehicles
Moreno Goytia Edgar L.

Measurement of Electrical Quantities with a Novel Digital Measuring Device Which Incorporate Recently Propoused Definitions of Powers Under Sinusoidal and Non-Sinusoidal Siturations based on Hartley’s Harmonic Domain
Moreno-Eguilaz Peracaula Juan

Selective Harmonic Tracking Algorithm for Harmonic Power Evaluation in a Field Oriented Control Drive with Flux Reduction
Morimoto Shigeo Sanada Masayuki Takeda Yoji

Efficiency Improvement of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in Constant Power Speed Region
Moubayed N. Meibody-Tabar F. Davat Bernard Rasoanarivo I.

Study of Double Stator Induction Machine Fed by Two Independent Voltage-Source Inverters
Moynihan Finbarr Mrgio Alessandra Frederiksen Anders L

Highly Flexible Motor Control Possible for the Appliance Market
Mucko J. Strzelecki R. Kozakiewicz J. Lutomirski S.

Resonant Inverters with Improved Output Characteristics in Application for Corona Discharge Treatment
Muni B.P. Saxena S.N. Pillai S.K.

A PC Based Fuzzy Logic PI Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
Munteanu Radu Todoran Gheorghe Copindean Romul

Virtual Technic for Measuring the Circuit Parameters through a Method of Phase Sensitive Demodulation
Murali Krishna P. Kannan N.

Brushless d.c. Motor for Antenna Scanning Mechanism
Mutschler P. Bachmann G.

Comparison of PWM Operated Resonant DC-Voltage Link Inverters
Myrzik Johanna

Analysis and Design of Transformerless Inverters for Low Voltage Generators

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Nagao Michihiko Nakahara Masatoshi Matsumoto Riki Harada Koosuke
Novel One Stage Forward-type Power Factor Correction Circuits and its Control Methods
Nagel A. De Doncker R.W.

Separating Common Mode and Differential Mode Noise in EMI Measurements
Nagy I. Korondi P. Suto Z. Ruzsanyi T. Moricz J. Transient Effects of Long Cable on Field winding of Turbine-generator Supplied by Static Exciter
Nam Kwanghee Hur Namho

A Model-Based Dead-Time Compensation Scheme for a Voltage-Source PWM Inverter
Napoli Ettore Strollo Antonio G.M. Spirito Paolo

Desing Criteria for PiN Diode Using Multiple HE Ion Implantation for Local Lifetime Control
Napoli Ettore

Numerical Evaluation of Bidimensional Lifetime Control as Design Technique for PiN Rectifiers
Nascimento Souto Olivio Carlos Oliveira José Carlos Martins Neto Luciano

Power Quality Impact on Thermal Behaviour and Life Expectancy of Three-phase Induction Motors
Naunin Dietrich Wu Zhihong

Some New Fuzzy Control Strategies in an Induction Machine Position Servo System with Nonlinear Load
Navarro A.E. Carrasco J.A. Ferreres A. Dede E.
A New Conception of a Battery Regulation Unit for Mini-Satellites
Neacsu Dorin Donescu Victor Alexa Dimitrie

Computer Aided Optimization of a Quasi-Resonant Chopper Converter for High Efficiency DC Motor Drives
Neacsu Dorin O.

Harmonic Performance of Space Vector Modulation Algorithms for AC/AC Matrix Converters
Neascu Dorin O. Gitlan Clarissa Gitlan Leonard

A Three-Phase Sinusoidal Current Rectifier with Three Unidirectional Switches and Input Transformer
Ngandui Eloi Olivier Guy April Georges-Emile

Application of Dual Kriging to Real Time DC Harmonic Distortion Minimization of Thyristor Converters under Unbalanced Voltage Supply
Niemelä Markku Purhönene Juha Luukko Julius Kaukonen Jukka
Drift Correction of Stator Flux Linkage in DTC-Drives
Ninkovic Predrag Jankovic Marko

A Novel Current-Mode Control Method for PWM DC/DC Converters
Ninkovic Predrag Jankovic Marko

Fast Voltage Regulation of single-phase High-power-factor Rectifiers
Nunez Ciro Cardenas Victor Oliver Marco Quintero Enrique Echavarria Rodolfo Es