APEC'2004, "19th Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition", February 22-26, 2004, Anaheim, California.
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Titre : APEC'2004, 19th Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, February 22-26, 2004, Anaheim, California.

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Organisation : IEEE Power Electronics Society, IEEE Industry applications Society, The Power Sources Manufacturers Association
Site : http://www.ieee.org et/ou http://www.apec-conf.org
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Number : 19th
Site : http://www.apec-conf.org
Site : http://www.apec-conf.org/2004/APEC04_Home_Page.html
Lien : APEC/2004/APEC04_Home_Page.html - le 21 février 2003.

Date : February 22-26, 2004
Date : The Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California.
Deadline : 28 juillet 2003
Notification : 3 octobre 2003
Final_paper : 1 décembre 2003

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Announcement and Call for Papers
February 22-26, 2004 The Disneyland Hotel Anaheim, California
APEC 2004 will continue the tradition of focusing on the practical aspects of the power electronics profession. Presented papers,
Professional Education Seminars and a comprehensive exposition will address the specification, design, manufacture and
marketing of power electronic components, products and systems. Presentations that address new and emerging topics are
welcome. Papers of practical importance are solicited in the following areas of power electronics:
1. AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC
1.1 AC-DC Power Supplies, Single-Phase
1.2 AC-DC Power Supplies, Three-Phase
1.3 DC-DC Converters, Hard-switched
1.4 DC-DC Converters, Soft-switched
1.5 Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs)
2. Utility Interface
2.1 Power Factor Correction, Single-Phase
2.2 Power Factor Correction, Three-Phase
2.3 Utility Interface and Power Quality
2.4 Distributed Energy Systems
3. Lamp Ballasts and Lighting Systems
4. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
5. Motor Drives and Inverters
5.1 AC Motor Drives
5.2 DC Motor Drives
5.3 Inverters, Single-Phase
5.4 Inverters, Three-Phase
5.5 PWM Techniques
6. Devices and Components
6.1 Semiconductor Devices
6.2 Magnetic Components
6.3 Capacitors
6.4 Batteries and Chargers
6.5 Interconnects
7. System Integration
7.1 Packaging
7.2 Thermal Management
7.3 EMI and EMC
8. Modeling, Simulation, and Control
8.1 Systems
8.2 Converter Circuits
8.3 Devices and Components
8.4 Parasitic Components
8.5 CAD /CAE Tools
8.6 Digital Controls
9. Manufacturing
9.1 Production Processes
9.2 Quality and Quality Systems
9.3 Design for Manufacturability
9.4 Material Procurement
9.5 Supplier Qualification
9.6 Technology Transfer
10. Power Electronics Applications
10.1 Automotive and transportation
10.2 Distributed Energy and Generation
10.3 Telecommunication
11. Regulatory Agencies and Standards
12. Marketing, Sales and General Business
Deadline for Submission of Abstract and Digest is July 28, 2003.
Notification that a paper was accepted or declined will be e-mailed no later than October 3, 2003.
Final papers are due no later than December 1, 2003.
Preparation of Abstracts and Digests: Prospective authors of technical papers are asked to submit a 50-word Abstract and a three to five-page
Digest (including figures, tables and references) of their planned presentation. Digests for APEC 2004 must be submitted in electronic format no
later than July 28, 2003. For details, please visit www.apec-conf.org. All authors should obtain company and governmental clearance prior to
submission of Abstracts and Digests. Abstracts and Digests will be sent to multiple reviewers; therefore, “Confidential” and “Proprietary”
information should be omitted. Please note that papers presented at APEC must be original material and not have been presented at
previous conferences or previously published. Manuscripts not received by the deadline above may not be published in the Proceedings
and will not be presented at the conference. Finished manuscripts exceeding seven pages will be subject to publication page charges.
A peer review process will be used to evaluate all papers submitted for consideration. Anyone interested in becoming a reviewer is encouraged to
register at www.apec-conf.org. The principal criterion in reviewing papers for acceptance will be the usefulness of the presentation to the
practicing power electronics professional. The reviewers value evidence of completed experimental work.
Professional Education Seminars at APEC are typically three hours in length and can range from broad to narrow in scope, introductory to
advanced in level. If you are interested in presenting a Professional Education Seminar at APEC 2004, please download the Prospective Seminar
Speaker’s Guidelines from www.apec-conf.org.
Website: www.apec-conf.org APEC 2004
Email: apec@courtesyassoc.com 2025 M Street
Phone: +1-202-973-8664 Suite 800
Facsimile: +1-202-331-0111 Washington, DC 20036
APEC 2004 is sponsored by the IEEE Power Electronics Society, the IEEE Industry Applications Society and the Power Sources Manufacturers

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