AN1112, M. DI GUARDO, G. GRASSO, M. LO PRESTI, "Three-Phase Motor Control by using ST52x301", APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, January 1999.
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Titre : AN1112, M. DI GUARDO, G. GRASSO, M. LO PRESTI, Three-Phase Motor Control by using ST52x301, APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, January 1999.

Cité dans : [DIV009]  Application Note ST Microelectronics, juillet 2005.
Cité dans : [DIV362]  FIVE, FIVE Intelligent Controller Unit (ICU) - Motor Control Applications, APPLICATION NOTE, STMicroelectronics, édition 2002.
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Auteur : M. Di Guardo
Auteur : G. Grasso
Auteur : M. Lo Presti

Lien : AN1112.pdf - 22 pages, 270 Ko.
Date : January 1999
Vers : Bibliographie

Introduction :


Induction motors with squirrel-cage are widely used in industrial environments because of their low cost
and rotors rugged construction.
The induction motor is a simple and robust machine, but its control migth be a complex task. When ma-naged
directly from the line voltage, the motor operates at nearly a constant speed. To obtain speed and
torque variations, it is necessary to modify both the voltage and the frequency, by using an electronic
converter must be used to perform this operation.
The best way to run the motor is by using a PWM sine-wave modulation, but in many applications this
can result very expensive for the complex implementability.
The six-step modulation (square wave) is a low-cost solution that allows to run the motor at various
The aim of this application is to describe how ST52x301 can easily work to obtain frequency and voltage
variations in the Inverter Driver and how to perform a closed loop control.



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