Catalogue BC Components, "Passive components - Capacitors", mars 2002.
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Titre : Catalogue BC Components, Passive components - Capacitors, mars 2002.

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Adresse : BC Components - 3939 Beltline Road, Ste 710 - Addison, TX 75001
Phone : (972) 406-9739
Fax : (972) 406-9793
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BC Components.
BC Components is built on the strong heritage of Philips, Beyschlag and Centralab, and is one of the major players in the passive components business today. In January 1999 BC Components was set up as an independent company, formerly belonging to Philips Components. Today BC Components is committed to service-demanding markets such as consumer, telecommunications, automotive and industrial applications. They offer one of the broadest ranges of passive components in the industry, but their main concern is to delight their customers with fully integrated design solutions that maximize the potential of their products.
BC's global presence is backed up by efficient and strategically positioned manufacturing facilities. These plants, coupled with BC's value-added logistics services, enable them to support their customers' high-quality operations. BC Components is ISO9001/9002 certified.

BC Components' product line consists of:

Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCC)
Class 1, NPO low voltage 10, 16, 25 and 50V
Class 1, NPO high voltage 100V to 3KV
Class 2, X7R low voltage 10, 16, 25 and 50V
Class 2, X7R high voltage 100V to 2KV
Class 2, Y5V low voltage 10, 16, 25 and 50V
Class 2, Y5V high voltage 100, 200, 250 and 500V

Ceramic Capacitors, leaded
disc capacitors 50V, 500V
disc capacitors 1-6kV
disc capacitors low loss types
disc capacitors safety
leaded multilayer, radial
leaded mulitlayer, axial
miniature plate capacitors

Film Capacitors
general purpose
starter capacitors
interference suppression
AC & pulse

Electrolytic Capacitors
solid aluminum (SAL)
screw terminal
AC motor start
energy storage (double layer)

Fixed Resistors, leaded
Fixed Resistors, SMD

NTC & PTC Thermistors, Varistors & Sensors
NTC for temperature sensing
accuracy line, leaded and naked
high temperature
long leaded sensors
molded sensors
PTC for overload protection
general purpose
test & measurement
PTC for picture tube degaussing
PTC for temperature protection
Humidity sensors
Zinc-Oxide varistors (ZnO) for overload protection

control potentiometers
preset potentiometers
high-voltage focus units

Authorized BC Components Distributors
Allied Electronics (800) 433-5700 Avnet/Kent (800) 845-8416
Garrett Electronics (800) 767-0081 Hammond Electronics (800) 929-2677
Newark Electronics (800) 463-9275 TTI (800) 225-5884

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BC Components is a spin-off from Royal Philips passive components. Products include electrolytic, ceramic, film and variable capacitors, advanced thin-film resistors and non-linear resistor technologies as well as leading-edge package innovations. With annual sales of US$ 500 million BC Components is the largest European supplier of passive components to the electronics industry.

From :
Monolithic Leaded Ceramic Capacitors
Plastic Film Capacitors
Electrolytic Capacitors
Leaded Resistors
Wirewound Resistors
Fixed Resistors
Variable Resistors

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