J.-L. SANCHEZ, "MEMS-Based Magnetic Coils Exceed The Limitations Of Optical Couplers", Cellule Intégration, L'intégration au LAAS, 2001.
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Titre : J.-L. SANCHEZ, MEMS-Based Magnetic Coils Exceed The Limitations Of Optical Couplers, Cellule Intégration, L'intégration au LAAS, 2001.

Auteur : J-L Sanchez (CIP)

Vers : Cellule Intégration - L'intégration au LAAS
Vers : MEMS-Based Magnetic Coils Exceed The Limitations Of Optical Couplers
Vers : Process for manufacture of micro electromechanical devices having high electrical isolation
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MEMS-Based Magnetic Coils Exceed The Limitations Of Optical Couplers


Source : Electronic Design - July 24, 2000 - MEMS-Based Magnetic Coils Exceed The Limitations Of Optical Couplers
Implementing surface-micromachined-based magnetic coils in a standard semiconductor process, Analog Devices is readying a
new class of ICs for industrial automation, motor control, and data acquisition. MEMS, acting as a post-processed
superstructure, has been added to the silicon die to produce the ADuM1100 digital isolator.
This device is designed to provide accurate and fast data-transfer rates in noisy industrial environments. Compared to
conventional optical data-transmission methods that employ optocouplers, the isolator substantially improves power
consumption and lowers cost. It also uses the magnetic-based approach to digital isolation--or µmIsolation, as ADI calls it--to
overcome the inefficiencies associated with electro-optical devices.
The ADuM1100 can support data rates as high as 100 Mbits/s. ADI's business development manager, Ronn Kliger, says that the
magnetic coupling technique provides the same level of isolation as optocouplers. Yet it also comes with a threefold
improvement in power consumption, propagation delay, pulse-width distortion, and transient immunity.
This isolator comprises a driver that's magnetically coupled to a receiver, which in turn uses a MEMS-based transformer
consisting of high-Q micromachined primary and secondary coils. "With 100 nH in inductance, the spiral coils are tightly
coupled to achieve high mutual coupling," says Geoff Haigh, senior staff scientist at ADI. "In essence, the design uses two
MEMS-based transformers, separated by an insulating layer, to generate a differential signal for the receiver chip."
Other salient features include 2.5-kV (rms) input-output isolation and 25-kV transient immunity. It has less than 2 ns of pulse-width
distortion, and it consumes 30 mW of power at 25 Mbits/s. Designed for 3.3- and 5.0-V operation, the device is pin-compatible
with some existing optocouplers.
Two grades are available. The ADuM1100A delivers a 25-Mbit/s data rate, while the ADuM1100B offers a 100-Mbit/s rate.
Both come in 8-lead SOICs. Sampling now, production is slated for this fall. Model A costs $2.50 and model B is $3.50, both in
10,000-unit quantities.
Analog Devices Inc., Two Technology Way, Norwood, MA 02062; (781) 461-3732; http://www.analog.com/umic
Auteur : Ashok Bindra

Process for manufacture of micro electromechanical devices having high electrical isolation


Patent Number: EP0955668
Publication date: 1999-11-10
Requested Patent: EP0955668 g f e d c
Application Number: EP19990109110 19990507
Priority Number(s): US19980075008 19980508
IPC Classification: H01L21/00
EC Classification:
Equivalents: JP2000210900 (JP00210900), US6159385 g f e d c g f e d c
Abstract :
The present invention relates to a fabrication process for manufacture of micro electromechanical
(MEM) devices such as cantilever support beams. This fabrication process requires only two
lithographic masking steps and offers moveable electromechanical devices with high electrical
isolation. A preferred embodiment of the process uses electrically insulating glass substrate (102) as
the carrier substrate and single crystal silicon (108) as the MEM component material. The process
further includes deposition of an optional layer of insulating material (110) such as silicon dioxide on top
of a layer of doped silicon (108) grown on a silicon substrate. The silicon dioxide (110) is epoxy bonded
to the glass substrate (102) to create a silicon-silicon dioxide-epoxy-glass structure (200). The silicon is
patterned using anisotropic plasma dry etching techniques. A second patterning then follows to pattern
the silicon dioxide layer (110) and an oxygen plasma etch is performed to undercut the epoxy film (120)
and to release the silicon MEM component. This two-mask process provides single crystal silicon
MEMs with electrically isolated MEM component. Retaining silicon dioxide insulating material (110) in
selected areas mechanically supports the MEM component.
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Cellule Intégration - L'intégration au LAAS


Contributeurs :
R. Alami (RIA)
C. Bergaud (TMN)
S. Bonnefont (PHOTO)
M. Briot (RIA)
G. Juanole (OLC)
J-C Hennet (OCSD)
Y Queinnec (MAC)
F. Morancho (CIP)
Ph. Owezarski (OLC)
F. Roubellat (OCSD)
J. Tasselli (MIS)
E. Tournier (CISHT)

1.4.1 Ingénierie des exigences 7
1.4.2 Maîtrise de la dynamique du processus de conception 8

2.1.1 Modélisation et co 10
2.1.2 Technologies. 11
2.1.3 Réalisation de démonstrateurs 12
2.1.4 Caractérisation. 17
2.2.1 Modélisation et co 18
2.2.2 Démonstrateurs 18
2.3.1 Modélisation et co 20
Info : Les travaux relatifs d'une part à l'intégration de la fonction thyristor dual et d'autre part aux structures micro-disjoncteur nous ont permis de mettre en évidence le caractère générique de ce mode d'intégration.
2.3.2 Filières technologiq 22
2.3.3 Démonstrateurs . 23
2.4.1 Modélisation et conception optimales. 26
2.4.2 Intégration avancée 28
2.4.3 Démonstrateurs 30
2.4.4 Caractérisation. 31

3.1.1 Modèles. 33
3.1.2 Stratégie et règles de conception. 34
3.1.3 Ingénierie des systèm 34
3.1.4 Plateforme de téléingénierie coopérative . 35



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