IAS'96, "1996 Annual Meeting - IEEE Industry Application Society ", San Diego.
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Titre : IAS'96, 1996 Annual Meeting - IEEE Industry Application Society , San Diego.

Cité dans : [CONF017] IAS, World Conference on Industrial Applications of Electrical Energy, octobre 2003.
Cité dans : [DIV003]  Liste des actes de congrès par années, février 2003.
Organisation : Industrial Power Converter Committee
Date : 1996

Vers : Control and Modeling I
Vers : PWM Modulation Techniques
Vers : Power Converter I
Vers : Utility Interface
Vers : Converter Special Topics
Vers : High Frequency Converters
Vers : Control and Modeling II
Vers : Power Converter II

Control and Modeling I


SESSION ORGANIZER : Chingchi Chen, Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, MI
SESSION CHAIRMAN : Trzynadlowski A., University of Nevada, Reno, NV

1. A Novel Power Factor Control Scheme For High Power GTO Current Source Converter
Author(s):Wu, B.
2. An Improved Control Scheme For A Series Capacitive Reactance Compensator Based On A Voltage Source Inverter
Author(s):Harley, R.G.
3. A Comparison of a Modified Boost Converter with Continuous Inductor Current Mode and Ripple Free Input Current with Conventional Converters
Author(s):Dunford, William G.
4. Adaptive Signal Processing Based Control of Active Power Filter
Author(s):Fukuda, Shoji
5.A Simple Spreadsheet-based Converter Performance Model Reduces Analysis and Design Time
Author(s):Dunford, William G.
6.Sensorless Current Control for Active Rectifiers
Author(s):Spee, R.
7.Implementation of a Direct Digital Predictive Current Controller for Single and Three Phase Voltage Source Inverters
Author(s):Holmes, D.G.

PWM Modulation Techniques


SESSION ORGANIZER : Olorunfemi, O., Tennessee Technical University, TN
SESSION CHAIRMAN : Olorunfemi, O., Tennessee Technical University, TN

1.A PI Type Dead-time Compensation Method for Vector Controlled GTO Inverters
Author(s):Nam, Kwanghee
2.Unified Voltage Modulation Technique for Real Time Three-Phase Power Conversion
Author(s):Sul, Seung-Ki
3.A New Method to Linearize Sinusoidal PWM by Reshaping the Modulation Command
Author(s):Kaura, Vikram
4.A Combined Artificial Neural Network and DSP Approach to the Implementation of Space Vector Modulation Techniques
Author(s):Bakhshai, A.
5.New Control Strategy of PWM Converter without Power Source Voltage Sensors
Author(s):Noguchi, Toshihiko
6.Analysis of a Hybrid PWM Based on Modified Space Vector and Triangle Comparison Methods
Author(s):Blasko, Vladimir
7.Optimal Space Vector Modulation and Regular-Sampled PWM : A Reexamination
Author(s):Sun, J.

Power Converter I


SESSION ORGANIZER: T. O'Gorman, ONAN Corporation, Fridley, MN
SESSION CHAIRMAN: Joos Geza, Concordia University, Montreal, CANADA

1.A Multi-level Thyristor Rectifier with Improved Power Factor
Author(s):Zargari, Navid R.
2.A Novel Three-Level ZVS PWM Inverter Topology for High-Voltage DC/DC Conversion Systems with Balanced Voltage Sharing and Wider Load Range
Author(s):Song, In-Ho
3.A Novel Multi-Level VSI Configuration with a Minimal Number of Capacitors and Diodes for High Power Static VAR Application
Author(s):Xu, Longya
4.A Four Level Rectifier-Inverter Drive System for Drive Applications
Author(s):Sinha, Gautam
5.Multimodular Multilevel Converters With Input/Output Linearity
Author(s):Mwinyiwiwa, Bakari
6.Influence of the Cabling Geometry on Paralleled Diodes in a High Power Rectifier
Author(s):Clavel, Edith
7.A Thyristor Controlled Static Condenser With New Double Firing Phase Control
Author(s):Park, Gyu

Utility Interface


SESSION ORGANIZER: Jaison, Lai, Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., Oak Ridge, TN
SESSION CHAIRMAN: G. Holmes, Monash Univ., Melbourne, Autralia

1.Dynamic Performance and Control of a Static Var Generator Using Cascade Multilevel Inverters
Author(s):Peng, Fang Zheng
2.Performance Evaluation Of Three Phase Three And Four Wire Active Filters
Author(s):Haddad, Kevork
3.A Passive 24-Pulse Diode Rectifier System Provides Clean Power Utility Interface and Employs Low kVA Components
Author(s):Enjeti, P.
4.Parallel Active Filter System Implementation and Design Issues for Utility Interface of Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
Author(s):Bhattacharya, S.
5.An Approach to Harmonic-Free AC/DC Power Conversion for Large Industrial Load: The Combination of a Double-Series Diode Rectifier and a Series Active Filter
Author(s):Hideaki, Fujita
6.Near Unity Power Factor Single Phase Trapezoidal Ac Power Supply With Minimum Dc Bus Capacitor
Author(s):Kaushik, N.
7.A Simple Three-Phase Boost-Mode PFC Rectifier
Author(s):Nishida, Yasuyuki

Converter Special Topics


SESSION ORGANIZER: Kutkut N., SofSwitching Techn. Inc., Madison, WI
SESSION CHAIRMAN: Guenther, R., NWL, Bordentown, NJ

1.Full-Bridge, Series-Resonant Converter Supplying the SAE J1773 Electric Vehicle Inductive Charging Interface
Author(s):Hayes, J.G.
2.Measurement and Reduction of EMI Radiated by PWM Inverter-Fed AC Motor Drive System
Author(s):Ogasawara, Satoshi
3.A Novel Decoupled Current Controller without Overshoot for PWM Converters
Author(s):Lee, Jin-Woo
4.A Novel PWM Strategy to Minimize Surge Voltage for Current Source Converter
Author(s):Matsui, K.
5.Voltage and Current Sensing in Power Electronic Converters Using Sigma Delta A/D Conversion
Author(s):Mertens, A.
6.Precharge Circuit Utillizing Non-Linear Firing Angle Control
Author(s):Skibinsky, Gary
7.Control of Square-Wave inverters in High Power Hybrid Active Filter Systems
Author(s):Bathacharia, S.

High Frequency Converters


SESSION ORGANIZER: G. Venkataramanan, Montana State University
SESSION CHAIRMAN: J.D. Van Wyck, Energy Lab, Rand Afrikaans University

1.Mitigation of Conducted EMI in Quasi-Resonant DC-DC Converters by Frequency Modulation
Author(s):Vilathgamuwa, M.
2.A Novel Full Bridge Zero-Voltage-Transition PWM DC-DC Converter Using a Saturable Core Reactor
Author(s):Yuvarajan, S.
3.A Review of Soft-switched DC-AC converters
Author(s):Ehsani, M.
4.Improved Zero-Current Transition Converters For High Power Applications
Author(s):Mao, H.
5.Bidirectional Soft Switching Arm Topology for a Non-Resonant HF Link Converter
Author(s):Matsui, Mikihiko
6.Soft-switching Forward-flyback Converter with one Magnetic Component and Current Doubler Rectification
Author(s):Frshleke, N.
7.Design Optimization of Soft-swithced Insulated DC/DC Converters with Active Voltage Clamp
Author(s):Spiazzi, G.

Control and Modeling II


SESSION ORGANIZER: Chingchi Chen, Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, MI
SESSION CHAIRMAN: V. Stefanovic, Consultant, Afton, VA

1.Space Vector Analysis and Control of the Passively Clamped Quasi Resonant DC Link Inverter
Author(s):Lipo, T.
2.An Effective Feedforward Fuzzy Algorithm for Current Regulation in Stationary Reference Frame
Author(s):Xu, Longya
3.Single Current Sensor Technique in the DC-link of Three-phase PWM-VS Inverters
Author(s):Blaabjerg, Frede 4.Complete State FeedbackControl of Quasi Direct AC/AC Converter
Author(s):Profumo, F.
5.A Comparison Between Two Proposed Boost Topologies and Conventional Topologies For Power Factor Correction
Author(s):Dunford, William G.
6.A Switching Matrix Analysis of Three-Level Boost Rectifier
Author(s):Milanovic, Miro
7.Harmonic Reduction Techniques for Single-Switch Three-Phase Boost Rectifiers
Author(s):Sun, J.

Power Converter II


SESSION ORGANIZER: T. O'Gorman, ONAN Corporation, Fridley, MN
SESSION CHAIRMAN: D. Borojevic, Dept. of EE, Virginia Tech., VPEC

1.Control and Performance of a Zero-Current-Switched Three-Phase-Inverter Equiped with Resonant Circuits on the AC-Side
Author(s):Fujita, Hideaki
2.The Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole Matrix Converter - A New Topology for High Power Applications
Author(s):Bernet, S.
3.An Improved Voltage Source Inverter with 18-Step Output Waveforms
Author(s):Iida, Shoji
4.A Novel Scheme for Harmonic Reduction on the Source Side of a 12-Pulse Thyristor Rectifier Having an Interphase Reactor
Author(s):Tanaka, T.
5.Nonlinear High-Frequency Switching Filter for the DC-Side of AC/DC Power Converters
Author(s):Deib, D.A.
6.A PWM VAR Compensator Based on Phase-Shift-Controlled Multiple-Bridge Superposition Harmonic Elimination Technique
Author(s):Yanchao, Ji
7.A Novel Unity Power Factor Low EMI Uninteruptable Power Supply
Author(s):van Wyck, J.D.

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