Recherche sur l'auteur "Christian GLAIZE", juin 1998.
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Titre : Recherche sur l'auteur Christian GLAIZE, juin 1998.

Cité dans : [DIV096]  Recherches bibliographiques diverses, janvier 2019.
Auteur : Thierry LEQUEU

Recherche : du 4 juin 1998, STN - INSPEC - © 1998 IEE
Resultat : 13 réponses dans COMPENDEX, 33 réponses dans INSPEC

Titres de INSPEC :


01 : Improvement of intelligent battery controller: state-of-charge indicator and associated functions.
02 : Insulated battery charger with sinusoidal line current.
03 : Numerical simulation in power electronics: variable topology method.
04 : Use of the MOSFET channel reverse conduction in an inverter for suppression of the integral diode recovery current.
05 : On the utilisation of the transformer parasitic capacitances as a resonant component in high voltage converters operating above resonance with variable frequency.
06 : Operation improvement of a high voltage series resonant supply.
07 : Study of a switching cell with doubly controllable bidirectional switches.
08 : A new method to eliminate the effects of the high voltage transformer parasitic elements in a static resonant supply.
09 : Elimination of current harmonics in direct AC-AC converter.
10 : Analysis of charge transfer in mixed turn-off thyristor (TOM).
11 : Drivers for insulated gate bipolar transistors.
12 : Investigation on forced-commutated GTO-thyristors: the mixed turn-off thyristors.
13 : Variable speed drive for an axial air-gap reluctance machine.
14 : Investigations of a large power reluctance motor supplied by a force-commutated inverter.
15 : Research and development of urban commercial electric vehicles.
16 : Variable topology: a new approach in CAD.
17 : Study of power bidirectional switches using MOS-transistors.
18 : Feeding optimisation of reluctance machines with magnetic coupling between phases.
19 : Reluctance motor fed by a force commutated invertor: 150 kW, 500 rev/min, 200 HZ.
20 : Optimisation of the size of the supply convertors feeding reluctance machines.
21 : Amelioration of the resolution of a shaft position sensor.
22 : Experimental study of a converter for high speed axial air-gap reluctance machines.
23 : Optimal forms of current supply of reluctance machines.
24 : Digital simulation of variable reluctance machine-thyristor assemblies.
25 : Numerical simulation of a reluctance machine-converter set-variable speed drive application.
26 : A DC-DC convertor with intermediate HF stage using asymmetric thyristors.
27 : Digital control of a variable reluctance machine-converter assembly.
28 : Reluctance machine supplied with thyristor converter.
29 : Systematic study of the control of a pulsed supply for high-power magnetic systems.
30 : Tests of an axial air gap variable reluctance motor supplied by a solid state converter.
31 : Microprocessor-based universal control card for the speed regulator.
32 : Study of a DC motor with excitation controlled by chopper: application to a reversible transmission for electric vehicles.
33 : A low cost 3 kW chopper.

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