International Rectifier, "IGBT Characteristics", AN-983 (v.Int), 16 pages.
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Titre : International Rectifier, IGBT Characteristics, AN-983 (v.Int), 16 pages.

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Auteur : International Rectifier.

Info : HEXFET® is a trademark of International Rectifier. AN983, AN 983.
Pages : 1 - 16
Lien : AN983m.pdf - 117 Ko, 16 pages.

Topics :
How the IGBT complements the MOSFET
Silicon structure and equivalent circuit
Conduction characteristics and "switchback"
Switching characteristics
Safe Operating Area
How to read the data sheet
Families of IGBTs

Switching speed, peak current capability, ease of drive, wide SOA, avalanche and dv/dt capability
have made power MOSFETs the logical choice in new power electronic designs. These advantages, a
natural consequence of being majority carrier devices, are partly mitigated by their conduction
characteristics which are strongly dependent on temperature and voltage rating.
Furthermore, as the voltage rating goes up, the inherent reverse diode displays increasing Qrr and
Trr which leads to increasing switching losses.
IGBTs on the other hand, being minority carrier devices, have superior conduction characteristics,
while sharing many of the appealing features of power MOSFETs such as ease of drive, wide SOA, peak
current capability and ruggedness. Generally speaking, the switching speed of an IGBT is inferior
to that of power MOSFETs. However, as detailed in INT-990 Sec VIII, a new line of IGBTs from
International Rectifier has switching characteristics that are very close to those of power MOSFETs,
without sacrificing the much superior conduction characteristics.
The absence of the integral reverse diode gives the user the flexibility of choosing an external
fast recovery diode to match a specific requirement or to purchase a "co-pak", i.e. an IGBT and a
diode in the same package. The lack of an integral diode can be an advantage or a disadvantage,
depending on the frequency of operation, cost of diodes, current requirement, etc.

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