LT1615/LT1615-1, "Micropower Step-Up DC/DC Converters in SOT-23", Linear Technology.
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Titre : LT1615/LT1615-1, Micropower Step-Up DC/DC Converters in SOT-23, Linear Technology.

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Low Quiescent Current:
20µA in Active Mode
<1µA in Shutdown Mode
Operates with VIN as Low as 1V
Low VCESAT Switch: 250mV at 300mA
Tiny 5-Lead SOT-23 Package
Uses Small Surface Mount Components
High Output Voltage: Up to 34V



The LT®1615/LT1615-1 are micropower step-up DC/DC
converters in a 5-lead SOT-23 package. The LT1615 is
designed for higher power systems with a 350mA current
limit and an input voltage range of 1.2V to 15V, whereas
the LT1615-1 is intended for lower power and single-cell
applications with a 100mA current limit and an extended
input voltage range of 1V to 15V. Otherwise, the two
devices are functionally equivalent. Both devices feature a
quiescent current of only 20µA at no load, which further
reduces to 0.5µA in shutdown. A current limited, fixed
off-time control scheme conserves operating current,
resulting in high efficiency over a broad range of load
current. The 36V switch allows high voltage outputs up to
34V to be easily generated in a simple boost topology
without the use of costly transformers. The LT1615’s low
off-time of 400ns permits the use of tiny, low profile
inductors and capacitors to minimize footprint and cost in
space-conscious portable applications.



LCD Bias
Handheld Computers
Battery Backup
Digital Cameras

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