AN521, M. Melito, A. Galluzzo, "An introduction to IGBTs", STMicroelectronics, décembre 1993.
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Titre : AN521, M. Melito, A. Galluzzo, An introduction to IGBTs, STMicroelectronics, décembre 1993.

Cité dans : [DIV009]  Application Note ST Microelectronics, juillet 2005.
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Lien : AN521.pdf - 124 Ko, 10 pages - An Introduction to IGBTs.

In the low and medium power range, Bipolar
Junction Transistors (BJTs) have up to now
been the most commonly used power semi-
conductors, and they still hold a large part of
the market, despite some limitations due in
part to the current drive (which can be un-
economic in terms of the number of
components and the dimensions of the
resulting circuits), and also the fact that
minority carrier conduction places a limit on
the maximum frequency of use.
The introduction of Power MOSFET (Metal
Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)
devices allowed much simpler voltage drives
to be used, and made operation at much
higher frequencies possible, as conduction
occurs with majority carriers. The use of this
device has grown rapidly in low voltage
applications, but the dissipation
characteristics in conduction have limited its
use in high voltage.
IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)
are a newer class of high voltage devices
which combine the simplicity of drive of the
MOS structure with the ability to handle high
values of current typical of a bipolar device.
This paper includes a brief description of the
structure and the physics of the device,
followed by an analysis of the principal static
and dynamic characteristics. Aspects of the
device which must be considered to obtain
maximum performance are also discussed,
in particular the robustness in forward bias,
reverse bias and short circuit, and the
influence of gate polarisation.

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