"Reliability in large area solder joint assemblies and effects of thermal expansion mismatch and die size xi.
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Article : [ART517]

Info : REPONSE 82, le 31/03/2004.

Titre : Reliability in large area solder joint assemblies and effects of thermal expansion mismatch and die size xi.

Cité dans : [DATA035] Recherche sur les mots clés thermal + fatigue + semiconductor et reliability + thermal + cycle, mars 2004.
Auteur : He, Jun (Rockwell Science Cent, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA)
Auteur : Morris, W.L.
Auteur : Shaw, M.C.
Auteur : Mather, J.C.
Auteur : Sridhar, N.

Source : International Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging v 21 n 3 1998.p 297-304
ISSN : 1063-1674
Année : 1998
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Theoretical
Language : English
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Abstract :
Current applications for high power electronic devices such as microprocessors, communications devices and power transistors demand solder joints with well known reliability under a wide range of conditions.This reliability represents a major design challenge requiring detailed information about the constitutive response of the solder joints and the manner in which they impart stress to the overall module assembly.In this paper, the investigators will describe some recent progress on the relationships between CTE mismatch, die size, and the expected reliability of the package.An experimental test matrix has been constructed of specimens comprised of direct die bonded Si test vehicles to include various 1) solder alloys; 2) silicon `die' sizes; 3) substrate CTEs.The absolute magnitudes and spatial distributions of thermal residual stress in silicon dice are measured directly by Raman piezospectroscopic techniques.The measured stress profiles are critically compared with both analytical models and Finite Element results.Based on these comparisons, a number of common assumptions in stress analyses and their applicability are addressed.Finally, the implications of these findings on the device and the solder joint reliability are discussed.(Author abstract) 9 Refs.

Accession_Number : 1999(28):2300 COMPENDEX

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