"Novel pulse-width modulated AC choppers", 1997.
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Article : [ART399]

Info : REPONSE 33, le 06/04/2003.

Titre : Novel pulse-width modulated AC choppers, 1997.

Cité dans : [DIV393]  Recherche sur les SINGLE PHASE AC CHOPPER, mars 2003.
Auteur : Byung-Duk Min
Auteur : Tae-Woo Kim
Auteur : Bong-Hwan Kwon

Source : Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (May 1997) vol.46, no.5, p.691-8. 7 refs.
Published by: Korean Inst. Electr. Eng
ISSN : 0254-4172
SICI : 0254-4172(199705)46:5L.691:NPWM;1-#
Document_Type : Journal
Treatment_Code : Theoretical
Info : Country of Publication : Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Language : Korean
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Switches :
Power :
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Abstract :
Novel topologies of pulse-width modulated (PWM) AC choppers for single-phase and three-phase systems are proposed for buck,
boost, and buck-boost types. A PWM AC chopper has important advantages as compared with the phase-controlled AC controller
using thyristors. The AC chopper has sinusoidal current waveforms, better power factor, faster dynamics, and smaller input/output
filter. In improved topology of AC choppers, a bypass RC snubber must be used for minimizing the high voltage spike during the
dead-time in the gating signals of complementary switches. In the proposed topologies, the commutation problem causing high
voltage spike is resolved by the intelligent gate switching patterns using the information of the input/output voltage. This switching
pattern always provides a current path for all operation modes without any bypass RC snubbers. Since bypass RC snubbers
causing power loss are eliminated the efficiency of the chopper is increased. Thus, advantages of the proposed topologies include
high efficiency, and high power capacity. The paper describes the operational principle and analysis of the proposed topologies. It is
shown via experimental results that the proposed topologies give good performance for AC choppers.

Accession_Number : 1997:5711573 INSPEC

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