Failures-tolerance and remedial strategies of a PWM multicell inverter
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Article : [ART377]

Titre : Failures-tolerance and remedial strategies of a PWM multicell inverter

Cité dans :[REVUE391] IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Volume 17, Issue 6, November 2002.
Auteur : Richardeau, F.
Auteur : Baudesson, P.
Auteur : Meynard, T.A.

Adresse : Lab. d'Electrotechnique et d'Electronique In-dustrielle, ENSEEIHT, Toulouse;
Lien : private/RICHARDEAU2.pdf - 8 pages, ko.
Source : This paper appears in: Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Pages : 905 - 912
Volume : 17
Issue : 6
Date : Nov 2002
ISSN : 0885-8993
INSPEC_Accession Number : 7497920

Abstract :
The aim of this paper is to explain the intrinsic short-circuit
tolerance of an IGBT multicell inverter when a commutation failure
occurs. Such a failure may either be a wrong gate voltage
(malfunctioning of the driver board, auxiliary power supply failure,
dv/dt disturbance) or an intrinsic IGBT failure
(over-voltage/avalanche stress, temperature overshoot). IGBT
stresses are studied and show that no opening of the bonding can
appear and consequently no risk of explosion. That is why, owing to
the imbricated cells structure, an IGBT short-circuit failure may be
withstood for a few switching periods, with nevertheless
nonoptimized output waveforms. The design, the lab-test of a sensor
able to perform monitoring as well as the failure diagnosis are also
presented. This real-time diagnosis allows either a safe stop or a
remedial control strategy based on the reconfiguration of the PWM
modulator. The reconfiguration strategy enables decrease of internal
stresses and optimization of the output shape. A fail-safe operating
may be gained for high power applications.

Index Terms:
PWM invertors commutation failure analysis insulated gate
bipolar transistors short-circuit currents switching convertors
IGBT multicell inverter IGBT stresses PWM modulator
reconfiguration PWM multicell inverter auxiliary power supply
failure commutation failure driver board malfunctioning dv/dt
disturbance failure diagnosis failures-tolerance imbricated
cells structure intrinsic IGBT failure intrinsic short-circuit
tolerance lab-test nonoptimized output waveforms
over-voltage/avalanche stress remedial control strategy remedial
strategies short-circuit tolerance switching periods
temperature overshoot wrong gate voltage

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