V. VLATKOVIC, D. BOROJEVIC, F.C. LEE, "Input filter design for power factor correction circuits", IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, January 1996, Volume 11, Number 1, pp. 199-205.
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Titre : V. VLATKOVIC, D. BOROJEVIC, F.C. LEE, Input filter design for power factor correction circuits, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, January 1996, Volume 11, Number 1, pp. 199-205.

Cité dans : [DIV353]  Recherche sur les auteurs BOROJEVIC et VLATKOVIC, septembre 2002.
Auteur : F.C. LEE - Corp. Res. & Dev., Gen. Electr. Co., Schenectady, NY, USA

Lien : private/Vlatkovic1.pdf - 591 Ko, 7 pages.
Source : Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
Date : JAN. 1996
Volume : 11
Number : 1
Pages : 199 - 205
ISSN : 0885-8993

Accession_Number: 5186619 INSPEC

Abstract :
The issues involved in the design of power factor correction circuit input filters are significantly different from those involved in the design of input filters for DC-DC power converters. In many cases, the EMI and power factor requirements are impossible to meet using the existing filtering technology. This paper proposes the use of high-order elliptic filters to achieve the required EMI attenuation and power factor. The new input filter technology provides a significant filter size reduction over the standard filter designs, minimizes the filter-power converter interaction, and maintains a good converter power factor. New active and passive filter damping methods that guarantee optimal filter pole damping, while virtually eliminating damping resistor power dissipation, are proposed. The filter design procedure that makes possible a simple and fast design of filters with an arbitrary number of stages is also presented.

power factor correction power convertors power filters electromagnetic interference elliptic filters damping power factor correction circuits input filter design EMI attenuation high-order elliptic filters size reduction interaction active filter damping methods passive filter damping methods optimal filter pole damping damping resistor power dissipation



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