A. HAMIDI, S. KAUFMANN, E. HERR, "Increased lifetime of wire bonding connections for IGBT power modules" APEC'2001.
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Article : [ART243]

Info : REPONSE 3, le 13/05/2002.

Titre : A. HAMIDI, S. KAUFMANN, E. HERR, Increased lifetime of wire bonding connections for IGBT power modules APEC'2001.

Cité dans : [DATA240] Recherche sur l'auteur E. HERR, mai 2002.
Cité dans : [DATA146] LTN, Laboratoire des Technologies Nouvelles, INRETS, Arcueil, France.
Auteur : A. Hamidi (ABB Corporate Research Ltd., CH-5405 Baden-Dattwil, Switzerland)
Auteur : S. Kaufmann
Auteur : E. Herr

Meeting : 16th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition.
Location : Anaheim, CA, United States
Source : Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC v 2 2001.p 1040-1044
Année : 2001
Info : Meeting Number : 58061 - Document Type : Conference Article - Treatment Code : Theoretical; Experimental
Language : English
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Abstract :
In power transmission, industrial and traction applications, IGBT
modules are required to reach a high lifetime while operating under severe
working conditions and in harsh environments. Therefore, ABB is taking
care of reliability and lifetime requirements at the early stages of the
modules' packaging design and development. This paper deals with the wire
bonding interconnection technology used in power IGBT modules and the
specific failures related to thermal fatigue phenomena. A technology
comparison will be done for wire bonding: with and without a polymer bond
coating as well as bonding on strain buffer. The potential of these
different technologies to enhance reliability and lifetime will be

Références : 4 Refs.

Accession_Number : 2001(22):6162 COMPENDEX

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